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By angelkake

After having purchased a fridge and stove which lasted about 20 years and a washer and dryer that lasted 30 years from Sears, I once again trusted the Kenmore brand and bought a new fridge, washer and dryer. So far the dryer is the only decent purchase. After 2 years I have paid over $300 to fix my fridge plus another $300 for the extended warranty. My washing machine works on only one of the 4 cycles it has but I won’t have Sears in to fix it, I’ll use a local repairman. I tried to get help from their head office but no luck. Pretty bad when you spend all that money and they make you feel like an idiot for not purchasing the extended warranty. What happened to pride of product?


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    lori says...

    I bought a fridge and stove from Sears 3 and 1/2 years ago and they are Kenmore my fridge sticks gives off a funny smell.I have had someone come to look at it tosay he has no idea whats wrong $75 latter.It’s so bad we have scrubbed and everything it’s coming from the door frame outside the door it a very bad smell.

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    john patterson says...

    I bought a new pressure washer on line from USA and asked about warranty and infact says inside owners manual warranty is covered in USA AND CANADA but sears won’t honour it and in fact could not produce any policy at the service to that effect so had to talk to some guy in Quebec who said he would’t honour it then next day new posting at their service centre says the won’t honour any product purchased fronm USA even if it says in print in the service manual that they do. Too back handed for me , won’t buy anything from them any more. Having said all that I’m 57 years old and my wife and I have bought from sears for more than 30 years. This wasn’t the only time they’ve let me down there are others , just not enough time to get into it now. Sears has sure changed over the years , they used to be the best, now they don’t care about their custmers, just a fast buck.

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    K Keenan says...

    I too bought 4 appliances from Sears. I bought them for a new home and had them shipped 3 months later… to find out that the warranty started the date of purchase NOT the date of delivery. Each piece has broken down. The fridge repairman read the instructions while fixing it. I even had to help the stove repairmain put the stove back together. When the freezer control panel went, I ordered a new panel, called back 3 times to ensure the repairman would show up with the panel. he walked in, banged on the panel and said, “you need a new panel”. That would be $80 and I had to take another day off work to have them come back.

    I would get a local repairman to fix it HOWEVER Sears puts a patent on their parts and won’t publish them to outsiders.

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    crafty_grandma says...

    Kenmore used to make good solid appliances about 50 years ago. They lasted forever and never needed repairs. Sears on the other hand, hire salespeople that have bad attitudes and have no service. I had a problem with my appliance after only 6 months and when I called on an extended warranty some foreign service person answer who did not speak English or French….he was in some foreign country!!! So much for hiring and buying Canadian!!

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    Roche Runo says...

    Having worked at the Call Center for Sears in the parts and service I can provide some corrections to the above posts and offer some guidance.

    You can order any part for any machine. Just call the call center.
    Kenmore is not a manufacturing company. It just a name Call the call center and find out who made your machine. This way you know to avoid the company that made the machine that caused you problems.

    When calling the Call Center be patient and do when you have a lot of time to spend. Ask for a manager right away. Just keep repeating that in a pleasent manner. Dont say anything else. The rep you are talking to doesnt have the power to give you what you what.

    The refrigerator smell is a manufactures defect. Sears doesnt look after Manufacture warrenty until it expires after one year. As such it needs to be handled by the manufacture. If I remember correctly its caused by mildew building up inside the door.
    Now about the warrentee

    Essentialy if any other person repairs it other than an authorized repair man your are okay unless that person causes a problem or damange. You wont be covered.

    I would double check on delayed delivery. As far as I remember the warrenty starts the day it is delivered to your house.

    Warrentees cover only mechanical problems not cosmetic. Essetially this means if the machine is not doing the job is was designed to do by one of the parts failing you are covered. The way it looks or smells is not covered by the warrenties. Even it the machine itself is cause the change in looks.

    The only way warrenty cover is if the part was defective when the machine was built. User created problems are never covered even if by accident.

    One more thig to expect: The new part thats covered by warrentee may not be new at all. You may be getting a rebuilt or refurbish part if there are no new parts available at the time. You warrentee does state this.

    As to the call center being answered by non english speaking people, here’s why. In 2009 Sears shut down the Regina Call Center and outsourced the work to the phillipines. The also laid off most of the staffed at the ontario called center. This included both parts and repair and catelogue services. I was one of those was laid off.

    For future purpose at any company, I would advice you read the warrentee before you purchase. As all retail stores sell the same products no matter where you go you will get treated the same as fall as warennty goes.

    Hope this helps and please ask any questions. I will asnwer back

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    nosmallmeasures says...

    I am chiming in as a most unhappy Sears customer. Also sad that the Kenmore brand has been sullied by the terrible customer service. We have a Sears Central Vacuum. Placed a call 2 weeks ago for service. The service tech came a week later. New motor was ordered. Today (10 days later) he came back with the wrong motor. My husband and I just spent 2 hours each on separate phones trying to get an answer re: when will the part arrive. Finally!!! spoke to a service rep who tells us that although the part is being shipped from Belleville, it will take another 10 days. We are ready to scream. I have placed a call to the corporate office. I am going to suggest that the CEO perform an experiment: call Customer Service anonymously and ask to speak to a supervisor. I wonder what he will do after 2 hours of hang-ups, being left on hold, and nasty service agents.

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    Debbie says...

    In shock. Sears customer service is a nightmare. We bought a new condo this year with 3 Kenmore appliances. We had no idea the CS was so bad. Dishwasher will not work and its been 2 months, but worse than the timeframe is the cancelled appointments, lying about appointments, etc. etc. Unbelievable. I can only see that buying a new dishwasher is the answer (after paying $200 for a new “pump.”) I have to say this is the worse customer service I have ever experienced.

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    Stacy Godard says...

    The worst experience dealing with a company in my life. First delivery…late but at least they showed up. After receiving the wrong stove/microwave eight different delivery dates on both it and the dishwasher. Of course they blamed KitchenAid, which was what we had gone with…so middle of the line in terms of price….however we purchased and paid for them in June…..on the first delivery we were told the dishwasher was on backorder….eight confirmed delivery dates with calls received twenty two times from the delivery call center…..(one a survey..haha!!) and finally on the ninth date we received the wall oven…but no dishwasher. After many phone calls, and emails we can and do 100% confirm that Sears will say one thing on the phone and quite literally send an e-mail stating something completely different….after wasting nearly fifty hours waiting for things that never arrived, having to bring our electrician back in to set up the oven and never getting the dishwasher at all, they thought a three hundred dollar gift card would settle the issues, For some people that might do it, however our time waiting, standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes and the rude treatment they gave us I can honestly say I can totally understand why they are going under. Extended warranties from a company that won’t exist shortly is a total waste of money. We went through our salesman, the store manager and then finally Head Office in Toronto, not once were we given a satisfactory response, or reason for all of the calls, delays etc. Finally after cancelling the dishwasher someone mistakingly told us in an email the dishwasher was never available, but they made no satisfactory offer to correct the situation at all. Yes the people at the call center say everything right, but have no meaning at all. Every word out of there mouths is untrue and meaningless. I am so disappointed I am going to write about it on every site I find. I hope I can make some people consider going anywhere but Sears Canada for their purchases. Not the Sears I grew up with for sure…I get better treatment at a dollar store.
    Stacy Godard

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