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By Andrea

We had built a new house in December of 2007 and purchased all brand new appliances from sears,in total there was $12,000.00. The first year the computer went on our dryer and we had to get a service call for our dishwasher. Between the 2 1/2 - 4 year mark our self clean on our oven does not work, microwave doesn’t work at all, our washer needs servicing as well plus after having our de-humidifier a little over a year it doesn’t work either. Calling customer service has not gotten me anywhere. I have told alot of people about our appliances and suggested never get kenmore elite products and not from sears. When I told then my problem they basically said oh well out of warranty. I totally agree with them if it was one product but when you have 6 out 7 products that have issues then there is a problem. I think I have talked and e-mail 5 people with only one of them who agreed with me regarding what u felt was fair in rectifying the problems. I’m asking for sears to send a repair person out and fix the problems at no charge. I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years and I don’t feel this is unreasonable.

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    MJ says...

    I agree with you in regards to the customer service issue, however, keep in mind that Kenmore is not an appliance brand. Sears purchases bulk appliances from major manufacturers and puts the Kenmore logo on them, so your Kenmore appliances are really GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG etc…..I work in the appliance parts and repair industry so I thought I’d let you know for the next time you need appliances….Good luck with your repairs and I really hope they do come repair them for you, from what I hear almost daily, Sears customer service has really gone downhill…..

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    Ashley says...

    That really sucks but another point to consider when buying appliances is that manufactures want you to update them frequently so they don’t make them to last 20 years (like the good old days!) so buying very expensive appliances doesn’t mean that they will last longer.

    Also, the more features they have the more expensive it is to get your appliance fixed (due to the computer components) so you really are better off going with something a little more basic.

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    Valarie says...

    Ya it’s a shame that sears doesn’t pay people to be customers anymore.

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    Roche Runo says...

    I have heard your story so many times. Customers buying a lot of product from Sears and then run into the Warrentee blockade.

    Not that it will make you feel better but the reason Sears wont cover those problems is that the manufactures wont pay Sears to fix them.

    Also When it comes to manufactures factures, there are not very many of them. Thats why all retail stores are behind the 8 ball. Sears Brick etc have no choice to sell the product. The only time they take a product off is if the get enough complaints. 1000s of appliances are sold each year. If only a couple of complaints arrive in on a product the product will remain for sale.

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    Tanya says...

    This really supports the “saving of the planet” by Ontario - charging us an arm and a leg for a plastic bag but allowing manufacturers to create garbage. Yes I do know a lot of the parts are recycled (which IMO is one reason they don’t last or run to begin with) but I will bet there is more “waste” produced by 1 fridge than a few plastic bags!
    Of course we get to pay for the plastic bags and recycling fee….

    Andrea: Yes I do agree that Sears SUX but I have found a worse place: Home Depot.

    My *new* fridge has not worked from day yet (Came - 12/28/11) Today is 1/1/12): And I am still waiting for someone to call (I reported it well before the 48 hour deadline)

    I never went through with Sears but at least they did reply to a few of my emails.
    Happy New Year

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    Doug says...

    Household appliances, Sears or not, are going the way of all other cheap consumer electronics. People need appliances and if companies can squeeze more money out of you more often then its a win for the manufacturer and one for the retailer! Its a great system. It was harder to pay share holders back in the day when an appliance lasted 20 years. I think we should have a national I Hate My Fricken Deadbeat Appliance Day in North America where we would all get the day off and could gather at teh fairgrounds with our neighbours, their aggravation and piece of crap appliances. We could bring placards with the names of the places we bought them and the companies that have our money, make a big pile of the whole lot and then set it ablaze!

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    Gina says...

    The same thing just happened to me, I purchased a washer/dryer set, expensive convection stove, fridge and dishwasher - all elite models in 2007 - this year within two weeks the washing maching broke down - had to replace it, the stove element quit working which is $200 dollars to replace and the bottom mount freezer handle broke just about in half where the screws are placed which if you can believe it, they want to charge to my door around $70.00 dollars for a plastic piece ! Not at all impressed and will never buy another large appliance from Sears again - I think appliances should last longer than that especially the more higher end models - complained to sears and got nothing back - no surprise

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    Adam Memos says...

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