Horrible Customer Service from Sears Canada

By Charlie

Like many Canadian consumers, I recall that Sears Canada was once one of the very best appliance retailers in the marketplace. They stood behind their products, provided consistently reliable customer service and behaved like true long-term partners to generations of my family that bought appliances - and many other consumer goods - there.

Now, that once proud brand name has degraded to a pathetic joke, weaseling out of warranties, employing a bunch of incompetent service technicians, nickel and diming its long-term, loyal customers and treating complaints about shoddy service as an imposition on their time.

This once proud company is dying and it’s time for all of us to accept that and abandon this brand. There are new players out there, ready and willing to serve us with respect, courtesy and attention.

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    M@ says...

    Absolutely spot on. We bought appliances from Sears for years and were continually surprised and frustrated by their terrible post-purchase service.

    In fact, their service was so bad that now we refuse to buy anything at Sears, other than filters for the Kenmore vacuum cleaner we purchased there some time ago. I don’t anticipate ever going back to Sears for a purchase of any other kind.

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    Evy says...

    I can’t agree with you more. I hired Sears Home Central to reshingle my roof and make sure there was proper attic ventilation. I had always trusted Sears.

    Things have changed. They botched my roof job and absolutely refuse to face up to it. I complained to the BBB. The local installation manager simply lied his way through it and BBB eventually closed the case. I received no satisfaction at all. Here is how the BBB rated them at the time:…..Am I surprised?

    BBB Rating April 17, 2010

    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

    Reasons for this rating include, among others:

    669 complaints filed against business in the last 36 months

    11 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.

    Failure to respond to one complaint filed against business.

    One serious complaint filed against business.

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    Roche Runo says...

    I would encourage you to take that information and mail to the president of sears. Send it signature required so he has to sign for it.

    If he get that information he should have the contracter investigated.

    You should be able to get the name and mailing address at Sears.ca website

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    Jake DeNiro says...

    I had a problem with a VERY EXPENSIVE Treadmill I bought from SEARS..$2900 and their customer service was the worse I ever seen. It took forever to solve the problem and they ended up giving us a $100 gift certificate….BIG DEAL after almost 2 months of BS.

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    Mathew says...

    I ordered the Bosch Tassimo T65 brewer at the Sears Store for $139.99 on the 10th of December as the product was out of stock and picked it on the 16th. Walmart is selling the same for $118 and Canadian Tire for $99.99. I took the flyer to the Sears store and requested a price match. The customer service staff at the counter refused. The supervisor, a lady by name of Lisa was dismissive and rude and when I asked for five minutes of her time said “you have one minute”. Sears is really ripping of customers; not to mention disrespectful of them.

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    Fedup says...

    Sears.ca horrible! I thought I would give it a chance and order an item that demands that you choose a day for pickup. You cannot proceed unless you choose a date. I choose the first available date, today! Sears email says that I can check the order online if I create a profile. I create a profile, paste the order code and receive a continual message that there is not information available at this time. The email also said that I would receive an email letting me know of pickup when item is received…no email, today is date of pickup as the site forced me to choose, and her I sit with no item and yet I know I will be billed on my credit card including delivery to the store and it will come or may come, when Sears is good and ready.

    Nothing has changed with Sears, things have deteriorated over the years and still it goes downhill. No one at Sears could care less. I can’t wait for Sears Canada to go out of business and then Canadians can be but out of their misery in dealing with this large message of a corporation.

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    Juandfuca says...

    Boy, do they ever suck. I got absolutely nothing from these *##$ after recently spending $3300.00 on new appliances. I’m baffled why I obliged their sales person and signed up for the Sears MasterCard for its points. Because its the most puny points program in the history of those scams!

    Recently I moved, and even though I’ll never ever use their obscene card, all of their junk is still being delivered to my former address. Tonight I tried to change my address on their equally obscene automated telephone service, and it gave me nothing but grief, not recognizing any words I spoke, asking me to split my postal into three pairs (if you’re aware, in Canada, we split the cadence in half like H3A 8A6 when saying it phonetically. And not H3 A8 A6). It’s impossible when you’re in the middle of the conversation and the automaton keeps interrupting, stating it did not hear a response - because I’m stymied, trying to respond to such a foreign request! I hung up fuming at them.

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