Bad Boy Furniture

By Northman88

I bought my furniture from Bad Boy in September with zero percent financing and zero payments for one year. The salesperson did not inform me of an annual $21.00 fee.

I had just recently moved and my address on my Driver’s License was my old address. I informed the salesperson of this, she took both addresses and noted that all bills, documents, etc. should be sent to my current address. She required verification of this address and I presented her with a letter from my workplace, which she confirmed with her supervisor was an acceptable document.

Bills for the $21.00 annual fee were sent to the old address and therefore I never received them.

TD finally called my house and left a message regarding the overdue payment. 

I called TD back unaware of the fee or that it was overdue. The woman on the phone told me she was going to change my address and send a new bill.

I received the new bill, phoned in for help setting up the payment online and paid it immediately upon receipt of the new bill. I made sure to ask the girl on the phone if I was required to pay anything else. She replied “No, you don’t have any other fees owing”.

In the new year, I received a bill for an overdue payment and interest charges. Not knowing what this could possibly pertain to, I called TD. The first female customer service representative told me that my account did not show that I have zero percent financing for one year. She instructed me to go into the store where I bought the furniture and assured me that they could fix the problem. 

I went to the store and they explained that not only could they not fix the problem but that I needed to call TD once again.

I called TD from Bad Boy and this time the male customer service representative told me that since the $21.00 annual fee was not paid within 30 days (even though I hadn’t received the notices), that the financing agreement is taken off and interest would accrue (another fact Bad Boy did not disclose). He explained that I needed to talk to Account Services but that they were not open after 12:00pm on Saturday and I needed to call back on Monday.

I called back on Monday and asked to be transferred to Account Services. I was on hold for one hour before I hung up!

I called back 20 minutes later and a new customer service representative reviewed my account and told me that I did not need to speak to Account Services but that I needed to fax this complaint. He repeatedly refused to transfer me to Account Services after several requests to do so.

Unsure of what to do, now that three different people offered three different solutions, I called Bad Boy again to see if they could help.

I explained my issue and the representative told me that I needed to speak to their Manager of Operations. She called me back today and informed me that she attempted to speak to TD who would not look at the account and therefore could not help.

My issue has been deflected by so many people and my major concern is my credit rating. I have worked my entire life to gain perfect credit and I should not be penalized for an error that I did not make. 

It is Bad Boy who: 

1. Did not follow through with providing the right address to TD
2. Did not inform me of the $21 fee
3. Did not inform me of the result of not paying it in 30 days

I'm currently waiting on a call back from the Manager at Bad Boy after informing their representative that this is completely unacceptable. I'm not holding my breath on getting a call back.

Buyer beware: Bad Boy is named that for a reason.

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    Nora says...

    Sorry to hear your story thanks for sharing…i would be very Mad as well.. good luck

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    Jeoff says...

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