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Shocking Customer Service From Sears Canada

By Unhappy Customer

sears has gone downhill very fast their customer service is shocking they are rude disinterested show no respect no interest in customers practically non-existent sales staff in departments who disappear as soon as they appear–you have to call for service they treat you like garbage this store is in promenade mall thornhill– do not go by what is on their website—they never have stock

besides all this, I was looking at a comforter, took it to the bed section to see if it would fit my bed sales assistant said I could, opened it up then asked the woman in bed section to please help me put it back in package she did within 5 minutes some woman comes charging over to me like a bull grabs the comforter out my hands opens it says I took pillow shams from another one I said I could not have and the sales assistant put it back!! she was so rude disrespectful didnt show courtesy “may I please open it up look inside” for example, grabbed it like a mad bull I flew out that store–anyway never go there because they never have stock, no assistance and bloody rude!! what a joke of a store and we are in Canada–where are ethics professionalism politeness manners customers come first customers come first a plesant shopping experience TRY TO RETURN as well to sears–what a nightmare anyway there are other stores who sell brands much cheaper and who are pleasant to deal with


Great Customer Service From ConAgra Foods Canada

By Pameth

I had a faulty can of PAM cooking spray. Emailed the company and got a response in less than 24 hours. They called me to confirm my address. They will be sending replacement vouchers. This is the quickest customer service I have ever received.


Mr. Efficient in Ottawa Not Honouring Vouchers!‏

By Angie

I spoke with Noreen from Mr. Efficient 3 times throughout April and May and was never informed by them that they would not come out to my home to clean my cars. In fact we made two different appointments.

This morning my husband stayed home and they were supposed to be here at 10 a.m. to clean our cars and he just called NOW to say they are not coming and he doesn’t care that we bought the vouchers and he told us to just call Kahoot and get our money back.

I told him that he never informed me in the 3 times that I talked to them before that they would not honour the vouchers, why now?? Why 10 minutes before you are supposed to be at my home???


I told him this was no way to run a company and that I was going to post it all over the internet so that people will now know not to deal with Mr. Efficient in Ottawa!

Unbelievable! I’ll be calling to get our money back. What a pain in the A$$!!


Moldy Buns at Quizno’s

By lyn

My son works at Yonge and Shepperd in Toronto, he went to Quizno’s for lunch, after eating most of his sandwich he found that the bun was moldy and blue underneath, I said did you complain he said the person behind the counter didn’t seem interested and was still serving customers, thankfully my son didn’t get ill eating it. Never going there again.


St. Catherine’s Walmart

By sherbear609

I had no choice but to buy the baby his car seat ( 20 + pound one) I went to find someone for some help with it. (should have stayed home!) First person was really busy & tried to help…but when you have 5 ppl waiting for help, I gave up.

Found someone who said ” I am going on my lunch break, You should go across to the states right now, They are on for $40.00″

I could not believe it… I was in shock that they even said that, I wonder how long Wal-Mart Canada will have that “macy’s” appeal to go somewhere else…lol not even a mention of what store either… So needless to more Wal-mart for me… I wonder if they knew what the staff said would they agree?? I am kinda wondering what store though :)


Horrible Service and Client Support from Weed Man

By jane

Do not trust anything you hear from Weed Man Sales or service. When we were deciding on which lawn care service to hire this summer we picked Weed Man because the sales representative told us that if the weeds were not dying that all we had to do was call their office and an inspector would be out within 24 hours. (not true) As well, we were told that they would begin the weed control service right away (we hired them in mid April and they did not apply weed control until May 16th, and that was only after I threatened to cancel their service after multiple calls wondering when they would start. ) After the first application - that did not work - an inspector came out, looked over the job and agreed that it needed to be treated again. He promised that it would be done by yesterday (which was 3 days after his inspection) . When I got home yesterday) it was clear they had not done the job so I called the nasty customer service person who finally let me speak to the office manager. She was unbelievably rude and told me that the reason I had weeds was because my lawn was not thick enough. SHE’S NEVER BEEN TO MY HOUSE. I never had weeds last year!! and all my neighbours are weed free because they were smart and went with a competitor. We fertilize and seed our lawn on a regular basis.

She finally said “what can we do to solve this?” I said I wanted service yesterday and she said “impossible” but that she would send someone today - Saturday, but that would only be weather pending. Another lame attempt to drag this service out over a long weekend ultimately not doing the work until mid to late next week! How can the competition still get the work done in the same weather conditions??


Credit Card Issue at Sears

By julian kim

I pre ordered over the phone some products from the Clinique Counter. The sales associated told me that I will charged in two weeks when my order is sent out. More than two weeks goes by so I call. Apparently, the sales associated did not have the products in stock even though she assured me she did. And that over the two - three week period she was never going to call me to let me know lol. Whatever I said no big deal, I’ll just go in person then and pick out some other products. After picking them out the Sales associated me assured me that my other order over the phone was null and void because I had decided to come in person. Feeling uneasy I called them and reminded them to make sure my credit card would not be charged for a double order. LOL well today guess what I got. The order I had placed over a month and a half ago. So apparently even though my order was null and void they still kept my credit card information. A warning to everyone, just shop somewhere else. This was my fault, I know that Sears sucks and have been practicing shady business for a while. But I still went ahead and gave them my business. I’m just gonna keep the double order it isn’t worth returning because I could always use them in the future. What really has me pissed off is that my order was cancelled, I called twice to remind them and was assured and promised it was cancelled (they thought I was a crazy girl for repeatedly calling lol). But if it was cancelled how did they still have my credit card info to charge me. That is telling me that they keep your information. I called and left a message with a manager, not to yell at her or anything like that. I just really want my credit card information to be destroyed and not kept by them to charge me “cancelled orders”.


Walmart Gone Wrong

By mona

I went to the north shore Walmart,

I have to used coupons for the last 5 years I am one of the Canadians that supports an American store in Canada and I fully aware of all of walmarts coupon policies.

I am disgusted with how I was treated yesterday by the cashier and the store manager both which knew nothing about coupons , they could even read the coupon properly and were making a mess of my transaction the cashier was scanning my zip-locks I told her they were coming up at the wrong price and she continued to scan them all through and ignored me then my coupon stated buy 2 zip-locks and get 2 free she would only give me one free and she was writing the wrong price in the area on the coupon i explained to her 3 times what the coupon said she said no, I asked her to call the manager, she only called someone from the automotive department? Then she called for the manger Sahsa, this was yestirday May 22 2011 at 4:15, I told the manager about the coupon she said I was right, then I explained that the price came up wrong at the register, she went back to check on the price my friend followed her and watched from around the corner of the isle as she ripped off the sale price and brought the reg price tag up to show me. That’s deceiving and evil.

Also the toilet paper that I bought scanned at 10.98 I told the manager the price tag said 5.97 at this point i didn’t trust her so I went with her she said are you sure you selected this one i said yes she brought it back to the till didn’t even check my Toilet paper if it was the same then she instructed the cashier to change the price.

I should have received the SCOP on the toilet paper and the zip-locks ( I didn’t bother because the manager was starting to argue with me about my coupons) She looked at my disgustingly and ask if I printed some of these coupons.

I decided I wanted my coupons back and didn’t want to complete my purchase due to the hassle she was giving me. Then she said lets start over so we did and then the zip-lock coupon she said I cannot purchase the zip-lock bags i have picked out because they were the new zip-locks, I told her the coupon states any zip-lock, I told her a zip-lock is a zip-lock she walked away and 10 seconds later she returned and said I could use the coupon

I am pretty certain the manager and the cashier do not know there coupon policy. This was the worst checkout of my life with the manager raising her voice at me and giving me grief over nothing, I have every right to use my manufacture coupons.

I was so dissatisfied i did not purchase a single thing and my bill total was $110.00, I do not tolerate people who treat me with disrespect and discriminate against me for using coupons.

I had to ask the manager 3 times before she would give me her name, I told her I was going to write this letter to head office.

It was clear that she did not want to give me her name as she was in the wrong.


Canada Post Sucks Big Time

By Moe

I mailed some very important documentation using Canada post. The lady at the post office told me if I pay $ 65.00 my mail will reach its destination in 5 business days. I paid my money and its now 60 days and Canada post is unable to find my mail. The last information they got is Mississauga. I’ve spent over $200.00 to do those papers, all government documents.

Now I am afraid that the US immigration will cancel my papers because of the negligence of Canada post. This is wrong and I wish they close down and a better company opens.