HBC The Bay Canada: Furniture Nightmare

by Jen

We recently bought a new house and therefore had to order $8000 in new appliances.  We got quotes from about 5 different sources (The Brick claimed they were “too busy” to quote…all righty then).  The Bay came up with the best quote.  However, the day before the stove was to be delivered we got a phone call saying it would be sometime in August (supposed to be July 25).  The dishwasher arrived as promised on July 30.  But we had paid for installation - and the delivery driver told me that “someone else” would be installing and he had no further information.  Looking at the pile of dirty dishes on the top of the counter, which I had let pile up in anticipation of this glorious day (I have four kids), I wanted to cry.  When my husband phoned, they said that the delivery driver was indeed supposed to install - but that since it was their last delivery of the (very hot) day, they probably just wanted to go home.  Um.  The customer service rep agreed to send someone on Saturday, between 12-6.

So now, we had to stay home on the Saturday of a beautiful long weekend.  As 6PM approached, I started to get nervous.  Again my husband phoned and was told it was a 3rd party company so have no idea whey they didn’t show up.  I rolled up my sleeves and started in on the dishes.  After 30 minutes and a lot of negotiating Bill got the rep to agree to send someone today (Sunday), again,  ”between 12 and 6″.

So we’re homebound AGAIN. And if the dishwasher is not installed TODAY…urghhhhhhh…My biggest complaint is that they don’t have an excuse.  I mean, I hate excuses, but don’t just say, “it’s a subcontractor” as if that’s an excuse.

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    Nik says...

    Sorry to hear that you have had issues with Sears, and so did I.

    But when there are dirty dishes around, I pull up my sleeves and do them myself. Not every single thing should be put in dishwasher. Hope you know that by now.

    And having 4 kids is not an excuse. If you can’t handle them, why having them in the first place?

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    TooTrue says...

    I’m sorry for your experience jen. I hve four kids too! I have not purchased a thing from HBC in about 11 years. Their service SUCKS. There will be 12 women spritizing perfume in the cosmetics department and not one salesperson in the childrens wear or mens wear dept. I simply will not shop there EVER! I don’t do Zellers either!

    NiK…kiss my tootie… you can’t read! HBC v SEARS….?!? Perhaps you should stick to dishwashing. If you can’t handle reading…why post in the first place?

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    Emily says...

    Wow Nik, really uncalled for.
    Jen, sorry about your experience. That would really frustrate me!! I think I would let the dishes pile up in anticipation too, not just because I didn’t want to do them but because I would be so excited and want to use my dishwasher right away! I hope everything has been resolved now.

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    Marissa says...

    I have worked for the Bay for 9 years. And proudly although the company makes odd choices at times but we’ve learned to roll our eyes.

    We recently ordered a whack of appliances and a bed and got amazing service from our delivery drivers. The Bay used to have so many furniture issues because they employed their own delivery drivers. Now they use a third party and the service has quadrupled in awesome. Because the third party company is held responsible for complaints like this. I am sorry you had this unfortunate incident but I hope you received everything as you ordered and are happy with your savings (and HBC reward points). We had an issue where our stove was ordered as a tiny apt version of the one we really wanted but I was really happy with the quick response to get me the right one and I get it this afternoon - woohoo!

    As for the 12 girls in perfume vs none elsewhere. I get a lot of complaints about that. It comes down to them hiring people who work on commission and bonuses (so it pays to come to work) vs minimum wage young employees who don’t really need to work - so they call in sick or just don’t show up.
    As I say to everyone who tells me that in the store - I can’t control who calls in sick after they went drinking the night before. I can only control the customer service I can give you today :) I often go wandering outside my department to make sure people get the perfect luggage, housewares or children’s wear item. It’s like I am vicariously shopping through them…

    As for dishes piling up I understand that…our dishwasher can’t be installed until we put in new cupboards..I’ve been sort of in denial and allowing them to pile up…I mean..it’s sitting right there…looking at me…all shiny and waiting to wash dishes…

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    Dave says...

    HAHAHAH NIK THAT IS A HILARIOUS POST AND I AGREE!! Too many people are having kids when they can’t take care of them, not sure if the original poster falls into that category but there are plenty of those people around.

    Also I hope your dish washer is working by now!!!!


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    karen says...

    same thing happened to me with couches from HBC. I complained directly to the salesperson who sold it to us and we were credited 300$ on our HBC credit card. I called HBC credit to send us a cheque for the credit card balance, then cancelled my card. A bit of a long process but encountered no resistance from he salesperson or the credit bureau.

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    Jessie Hollman says...

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    Richard says...

    Same kind of thing here…

    Ordered a dishwasher from the Bay June 3rd, It’s now august 5th and still have no date for delivery.

    The Bay states it’s LG that is stalling.. I Called LG and they do have stock.

    The sales rep told us it was a computer error, because they are changing their system.

    Called the customer service (in India of course) they keep telling me the computer has no information on our delivery date… I Know that, they all use the same computer!!!
    You just can’t talk to anyone responsible in this company. They are all hooked up to the same crapy database and if this “GOD” database is wrong, no one can do anything about it.

    Somewhere along the line, no one can just pick up the phone and call LG, in Toronto to get our dishwasher.

    I could just get my money back, but heres the catch. The dishwasher was on sale from 1499 to 899.00. We figured we could use our credit card point from RBC Royal Bank Visa. So we converted all of our point into The Bay gift cards to pay for it.

    At the time, same dishwasher was also on sale elsewhere, but it’s not anymore…

    So we buy elsewhere at full price using our money, or wait until next year to have the Bay deliver one already payed with the RBC points!

    We just got a call from the rep, offering us a deal on a lower cost unit…. It’s not the type of specs we want, but this is the only thing they can do! we purchased a 1500 for 900, with the functions we want, including an ultra whisper quiet operation. They are offering us a $800 unit for $600!!!
    salesman: “They look similar and they both have stainless steel front”

    ( you order a red Ferrari, and they offer you a red Honda… “they are both red with 4 wheels!!!”…)

    Nice try salesman!!!

    In my opinion, The Bay is in financial dificulty, and is probably on gredit hold at every supplyer. Why would everyone else in the city be able to get one but the Bay?

  10. Great site! keep it up, it helped me alot.. :)

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    Ley says...

    Same thing happened to me when I bought a sofa there. It has been an ordeal (yes, hasn’t finished yet) In brief I bought the sofa in October and it’s January and I don’t have the sofa yet. more than once I have been about to cancel and reverse the purchase, but as Richard did, I “took advantage” of a sale.
    I think a compensation is the least thing HBC has to offer me.What would you guys recomend me to ask in exchange of all the frustration, including having to check the delivery of an item I don’t have yet, but I was already charged with interests in the credit card during the holidays…

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    Miriam says...

    We purchased a new suite of furniture in November 2010 for delivery beginning of Feb 2011. We received on armchair on due date and we were informed the rest of the furniture was delayed until end of the month. As it happened we needed to purchase a washer and dryer and decided to go through the Bay and have it delivered with the furniture. While we were in the store we saw an ottoman that matched our furniture (yet to be delivered) and asked if they had it in stock, and when we were informed it was, we went ahead and purchased it. Everything was to be delivered on Feb 27th. It’s now the beginning of June and the good old ottoman is still in transit. We’ve written to the Bay, but they blame the supplier. Never Again will we purchased large items from the Bay. It’s just unacceptable.

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    Kuldeep says...

    I ordered two counter chairs from HBC last month, after assembly it was found that the chairds were defective. Since I had liked the chaired I ordered replacement. Now the second time around too the chairs had defects. On top of that what’s irritationg is that for further correspondence one has to wait 48-72 hours. It’s been a month that these chairs have created a headache for me, and I don’t think the store is going to offer any compensation. No more furniture from this store for me again!

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    Wendy says...

    We have similar experience back in 2005. We eventually cancelled most of our orders with the Bay (a dinning room set and bedroom set) and got our furniture from a mom and pop shop in Aurora. The service was superb and we got our furniture much sooner than otherwise.

    I can’t believe this is still happening! I agree.. never again.

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    spidercatte says...

    I shouldnt have really ordered in the hbc after reading this post. I ordered the living room set and dining set with the bay for like more than a month ago however they still dont have it in their warehouse. we followed with the sales rep and customer service and until now i dont have a delivery date yet. and its also difficult to cancel the orders since you will be passed from one person to another. HBC sucks!!! I will even cancel my card because of this.

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    Adeline says...

    same thing happened with us for a couch! and we phoned them 2 days ago to make sure this wouldn’t happen!
    you’d think a big company like hudson bay would be more professional than this!

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    neverorderwithhbc says...

    I had the same complain. It’s just happen today. I expect our washer and dryer from ‘the bay’ to be deliver today between 1200-1800. So, I did not take any shift at work today and stayed at home for the whole day. I had 1 call missed while I am doing something in the kitchen and they left a message in my voicemail that they were the delivery people. Then, I called back on the last number who called because I barely hear the number he said on the VM. I called 3 times and no one answers. While calling d delivery man, d customer service called me and left a msg that they cannot deliver it today because i missed it. I was pissed off from hearing it. I called the customer service, and he just keep repeating these words “I’m sorry ma’am we understand your feeling but the delivery man called you and no answer so they called d customer service. I know it’s inconvenient for you but we can re-schedule the delivery after 48 hours.” I keep telling d man on d phone dat I called d number after few seconds and no one answers 3x. And why they will leave d place without waiting for a call back, to think i called back right after I got d message from my voice mail? And now, I have to compromise my work to wait for d next delivery? The CSR juz keep repeating above that adds to my frustrations. I told him, do you undestand what I am trying to tell you? he keep saying “yes ma’am I understand you.” But he did not get my point. He wanted to blame me that I did not answer d call dats y d delivery was missed. But he does not listen to what I’ve said that after few seconds I called back but no answer. It was totally useless talking to that CSR.
    So, I spoke to the manager that your people are not thinking about your customers they just think about theirselves, they juz want to go home early without thinking about d customer. Just imagine, I am also the last delivery and its just 1357 when they called. The delivery wait was supposed to be until 1800. They do not realize that the customers were waiting the whole time at home juz to wait for that delivery, and juz for few second to wait for a call back from d customer, they ca’nt do it??! Do you think it’s reasonable??! And I told d manager I wanted to cancel d order, she keep saying that “pls ma’am, let us try our best to re-schedule your delivery on d earliest date then if we cant you can cancel your order.” I was like, so what now you wanted me to wait again for a week or so and then your lazy delivery men will juz blame it to me again?? You know what I told her, its maybe because I was really upset and the customer rep. made me more mad, I told her, I do not want the delivery men who supposed to deliver my appliance today to deliver it next time. And do not expect a call back or an answer from my phone because I will be working starting tomorrow. Do not expect me not to go to work to wait for d next delivery, because you will not pay for my hours staying at home and then your delivery men will juz cancel it. I am d only person working for 6 people and I hope you understand that. They have to knock several times harder, ring the door bell to make sure my mom will hear it. And make sure the installment was properly done when I got home at work. Because if I see another mistake that will cause inconvenience on my part again. I will not pass this anymore. And I told her, these things should not happen again, not only to me but to all your customer.

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    jazzy says...

    This is why happens when companies try to save money by having scheduling overseas and delivery by another company. What I want is one person to call to have it all done not to deal with associate, customer service and then another person on the delivery truck.

    BTW- The delivery person was RUDE and actually asked me if he could walk through my house with his shoes ON. He would not wait 5 minutes for me to clarify an issue with the order.

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    Chelle B says...

    The Bay Delivery Service SUCKS! Their customer service is HORRIBLE!

    I would NEVER EVER again buy anything from the Bay that required delivery NOR would I recommend anybody to.

    We have waited at home 4 times for 6 hour time frames for them to come and pick up a couch that we are returning. Either the driver does call the correct phone number to alert us of the pick up OR the paper work is not in order OR….we just have had a host of idiotic excuses. Now that they have our money they are in NO rush to come back and pick up their defective merchandise.

    The Bay needs to hire a VP of Customer Service. Went to their website today…doesn’t tell you who’s IN CHARGE of Customer Service….it’s so apparent that that is not a part of their business model.


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    Ray Silver says...

    Never Buy Furniture at the Bay,
    We have had alot of problems getting the furniture we bought from the Bay. The customer service centre is located in India, believe it or not. The deliver people keep showing up with the wrong items, or do not have the items we had purchased. Unfortunately, the Bay does not realize how bad this reflects on their business. If your going to buy furniture, DO NOT BUY IT AT THE BAY.

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    Ray Silver says...

    I feel your pain. We too have had the similar problems as you had. The fact that the Bay contracts their customer service out to India it is destroying their business. The quality of service at The Bay has gone down hill as evident by all the comments on this message board. So many horror stories! I’m sure the Bay will eventually fall and go bankrupt.

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    I am about to buy a mattress. says...

    Probably I won’t spend that 1000+ for the mattress and the total guard replacement plan now. I also want to keep away from my girl friend’s long complaint. She will blame everything on me. This helped me a lot. Thank you all for the the complaint. ^ ^

    Wish everyone enjoy the sunshine.

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    irma says...

    i wish i had seen these comments before i gave the Bay a second chance. ordered a sofa in october and by feb 2012 i still did not have the right item so i cancelled the order. they had delivered wrong colour then tried to deliver damaged sofa so now i am waiting for them to pick up the sofa. demanded and got a credit for the charge so now its their sofa and they dont seem to want it. i sit here today waiting for them to pick up the sofa…sounds like a familiar tune. went through similar experience in 2010 so what was i thinking to purchase from them again!

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    Liisa says...

    We are just going through this right now. A little over a month ago we bought patio furniture through the Bay and had it delivered. Delivery went great, got it two days after we ordered it and they showed up early. When we went to put together the loveseat the drill holes weren’t done properly. One of the chairs was also dented right out of the box. We called customer service right away and they said that we would hear back in 24-48 hrs about exchanges. Several days went by and nothing happened. I called back and was told that a third party company would be calling me to come a look at the products to see if they could fix them. More than a week later I finally heard from the third party, but he was so busy he couldn’t come until the next week. When he finally came, he couldn’t do anything and said he would file a report (with pictures attached) and state an exchange was needed. He said we would here in a couple days. Five days went by and nothing. I called the Bay and they said they didn’t have the report but they would look into it. I called the third party guy and he said he had sent it but had been having trouble with the Bay lately claiming not to get reports and that he would refile and request confirmation. Two days later we heard from the Bay saying they were doing and exchange.
    When I called back they said exchange was set for June 2. I said that that was not acceptable as this had been going on for a month. The woman I spoke to and I agreed to set up the exchange for today. My mother-in-law agreed to come down during the window so we could go to work. When I got home the Bay had called to about the delivery of the items on June 2nd and then told me there was no record of todays delivery, and that the item hadn’t been is stock until yesterday. I asked to speak to a manager and was told one would get back to me in 24-48 hours. I said that wasn’t acceptable and that I wanted one to call by 6pm tonight. So now I am waiting, and contemplating withholding payment of the Bill until this is solved.

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    Marilyn says...

    I ordered shutters for my whole house from the Bay hoping that i will get quality product at the same time good service since its such a reputed company. The shutters got delivered after 8 weeks of waiting and when it came they had messed up big time. And the blame Hunter Douglas for their mistake . Called customer service and all they have to say is we will fix it and now i will have to wait another six mths \, this is ridiculous. Would never ever purchase anything from the Bay nor will recommend it to anyone, Very bad service.

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    Pascale Landis says...

    I agree with some of you, if you can’t take care of your 4 kids, why are you having them in the first place? how did people do in the old time with no dishwasher ??? you poor little spoiled rotten brat !!! get off your bum and do the dishes, you are a spoiled rotten girl and so many women are like that these days, everything has to be perfect or everything falls apart, spoiled rotten ! for crying out loud, they are only dishes, are you healthy ? do you have a job ? oh wait ! probably not ! you are home and have a nanny who does everything for you even your bed and who knows what else !!! get off your bum and start realizing that there is more to life than a stupid dishwasher, silly girl….

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