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Walmart Canada: Seven F*cking cents?, are you F*cking kidding me?

by cheapskate101

I was at Walmart in Newmarket, ON and I had something come up the wrong price. It was only off by about a dime, but SCOP says if it scans higher than any advertised price so i wanted it for free. She said “Seven F*#king cents?, are you F&cking kidding me” She then went to check the price and said that one bin said 1.50 and the other said 1.57 (which is what it came up for) and said that she wasnt going to give it to me and was laughing in my face. I hate this woman. She is always rude to me everytime i got there and the fact that she is a Customer Service MANAGER is insane. She puts shame on Walmart and I am disgusted at the company due to the fact that they hired someone like this. I will NEVER return to that store AGAIN!

PS. I went back to see if she was right about the two different bins beside each other and she was lying, they were both marked as 1.50, and it wasnt a mark down bin, it was that price.

Clarification by Boo Radley

SCOP stands for Scanning Code of Practice. You can read more about SCOP here.


Future Shop: Good Experience Buying Wireless Router

by bearbait

I’ve heard horror stories about Future Shop, but I’ve had good experiences there. Most recently, I went in to purchase a new wireless router. I was looking at a $120 unit but the salesperson asked me a few questions about my needs and recommended the $90 unit from the same manufacturer. He was able to explain why the more expensive unit had features my set up would not use.

Very nice experience.