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Shocking Customer Service From Sears Canada

By Unhappy Customer

sears has gone downhill very fast their customer service is shocking they are rude disinterested show no respect no interest in customers practically non-existent sales staff in departments who disappear as soon as they appear–you have to call for service they treat you like garbage this store is in promenade mall thornhill– do not go by what is on their website—they never have stock

besides all this, I was looking at a comforter, took it to the bed section to see if it would fit my bed sales assistant said I could, opened it up then asked the woman in bed section to please help me put it back in package she did within 5 minutes some woman comes charging over to me like a bull grabs the comforter out my hands opens it says I took pillow shams from another one I said I could not have and the sales assistant put it back!! she was so rude disrespectful didnt show courtesy “may I please open it up look inside” for example, grabbed it like a mad bull I flew out that store–anyway never go there because they never have stock, no assistance and bloody rude!! what a joke of a store and we are in Canada–where are ethics professionalism politeness manners customers come first customers come first a plesant shopping experience TRY TO RETURN as well to sears–what a nightmare anyway there are other stores who sell brands much cheaper and who are pleasant to deal with


Credit Card Issue at Sears

By julian kim

I pre ordered over the phone some products from the Clinique Counter. The sales associated told me that I will charged in two weeks when my order is sent out. More than two weeks goes by so I call. Apparently, the sales associated did not have the products in stock even though she assured me she did. And that over the two - three week period she was never going to call me to let me know lol. Whatever I said no big deal, I’ll just go in person then and pick out some other products. After picking them out the Sales associated me assured me that my other order over the phone was null and void because I had decided to come in person. Feeling uneasy I called them and reminded them to make sure my credit card would not be charged for a double order. LOL well today guess what I got. The order I had placed over a month and a half ago. So apparently even though my order was null and void they still kept my credit card information. A warning to everyone, just shop somewhere else. This was my fault, I know that Sears sucks and have been practicing shady business for a while. But I still went ahead and gave them my business. I’m just gonna keep the double order it isn’t worth returning because I could always use them in the future. What really has me pissed off is that my order was cancelled, I called twice to remind them and was assured and promised it was cancelled (they thought I was a crazy girl for repeatedly calling lol). But if it was cancelled how did they still have my credit card info to charge me. That is telling me that they keep your information. I called and left a message with a manager, not to yell at her or anything like that. I just really want my credit card information to be destroyed and not kept by them to charge me “cancelled orders”.


Sears Canada Customer Service

By angelkake

After having purchased a fridge and stove which lasted about 20 years and a washer and dryer that lasted 30 years from Sears, I once again trusted the Kenmore brand and bought a new fridge, washer and dryer. So far the dryer is the only decent purchase. After 2 years I have paid over $300 to fix my fridge plus another $300 for the extended warranty. My washing machine works on only one of the 4 cycles it has but I won’t have Sears in to fix it, I’ll use a local repairman. I tried to get help from their head office but no luck. Pretty bad when you spend all that money and they make you feel like an idiot for not purchasing the extended warranty. What happened to pride of product?


Sears Appliances

By Andrea

We had built a new house in December of 2007 and purchased all brand new appliances from sears,in total there was $12,000.00. The first year the computer went on our dryer and we had to get a service call for our dishwasher. Between the 2 1/2 - 4 year mark our self clean on our oven does not work, microwave doesn’t work at all, our washer needs servicing as well plus after having our de-humidifier a little over a year it doesn’t work either. Calling customer service has not gotten me anywhere. I have told alot of people about our appliances and suggested never get kenmore elite products and not from sears. When I told then my problem they basically said oh well out of warranty. I totally agree with them if it was one product but when you have 6 out 7 products that have issues then there is a problem. I think I have talked and e-mail 5 people with only one of them who agreed with me regarding what u felt was fair in rectifying the problems. I’m asking for sears to send a repair person out and fix the problems at no charge. I’ve been in customer service for over 20 years and I don’t feel this is unreasonable.


Horrible Customer Service from Sears Canada

By Charlie

Like many Canadian consumers, I recall that Sears Canada was once one of the very best appliance retailers in the marketplace. They stood behind their products, provided consistently reliable customer service and behaved like true long-term partners to generations of my family that bought appliances - and many other consumer goods - there.

Now, that once proud brand name has degraded to a pathetic joke, weaseling out of warranties, employing a bunch of incompetent service technicians, nickel and diming its long-term, loyal customers and treating complaints about shoddy service as an imposition on their time.

This once proud company is dying and it’s time for all of us to accept that and abandon this brand. There are new players out there, ready and willing to serve us with respect, courtesy and attention.


Kenmore Oven Problems

By T

I want to add to the list of poor customer service from Sears.

Three years ago I needed new appliances for a new house. I had previously purchased appliances from Sears, so I had no problem going to them. I purchased a fridge and stove, that both arrived when they were supposed to. Shortly after a gas man was paid to hook up my stove we turned on the oven, there was a puff of smoke, then nothing. I spent three weeks calling Sears every day before I got a serviceman to come to the house. They only reason I got a service man was because I finally got in touch with the original salesman.

The serviceman informed us that our stove was not new, that it had been re-furbished for a problem with the control panel, and now this was the problem. A burned out control panel.

It took another 3 weeks to get a new stove. Sears gave me a $100 gift card to make up for 6 weeks of no oven. On a side note: a year later I went to use the card and found it had expired. I will admit that they did replace the card when I called to complain.

It has now been three years, and guess what happened last month? My control panel on my new stove burned out. It cost me $500 to repair it, as it was no longer under warranty. I had it serviced independently, then contacted Sears and Kenmore to see if there was some sort of problem with this particular oven. I got zero response from Sears.


Poor Quality Snow Blower and Service from Sears

By Alan Mackenzie

I bought a 2009 1550 30″ Sears snow blower in Oct 2009.

This machine had a 3 month return or exchange policy if not satified.

Due to lack of snow the machine was not used after the first 3months of purchose so the exchange ,return policy was void.

When snow arrived and the machine was used for the first time it was discovered that when assembled at the techs left a pulley bolt which had dropped down into the machine and istead of retreiving it replaced it with another.

The unretrieved bolt at some time during delivery jammed itself between the pully and belt mechanism which drives the auger.

This resulted in due to lack of slack in the belt the auger never disengaged and turned at all times.

Sears service department was notified and basicly an appology was given and stated a service person would be out to rectify the problem.

Other problems such as seased cables etc occured.

The main issue here is the length of time it takes to order parts and have the service man show up and repair the machine, 3-4 weeks on average.

With a pile of snow and a machine not working properly I am not a happy camper.

This will be my last service product.

PS While phoning the Sears service dept. to complain about the service the person I talked to tryed to sell me a snow blower cover and a sears master card !!!!!!!!!!!


Problem with Sears Warranty

By donbon18




By Unknown

I am so disappointed in sears warranty and customers service. I could not imagine that can happen in a country like CANADA!!!

My story is very simple and straight. I bought a high end Mattress (Sealy Posturepedic ) just thinking that sleep is the most important thing in our lives to get yourself ready for the next day and I paid through my mouth and nose to buy that Mattress and salesman (Liar A BIG Liar) told me that this mattress has 10 or 20 years warranty if it sags or bulge or anything goes wrong with the mattress. After buying that mattress— in 4 months it has started bulging and sagging from the sides. I GOT BACKACHE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE…I called sears customers service (MOST ILL MANNERED SERIVCE REPS…THEY JUST DONT ABUSE YOU OTHERWISE SAY EVERYTHING JUST TO FORCE YOU TO END UP THE CALL)…anyways according to their report mattress doesn’t have 2 inch depression so they can’t do anything——–CAN YOU BEAT THAT…I M HAVING BACK PAIN BECOZ OF THE MATTRSS and any blind person can tell you that mattress is sagging and bulging and has dents on both sides of the mattress…i mean that’s a limit…then they simply refuse to change or repair the mattress NO MATTER HOW BAD BACKACHE I HAVE!!! my wife has stopped sleeping on that bed and sleep on 2 inch mattress on floor bcoz of the pain…that’s sooo outrageous…I belong to India (A third world developing country) but sorry to say EVEN THAT DOESNT HAPPEN THERE…THERE IS NO HONESTY IN SEARS PEOPLE THEY ARE SIMPLY ROBBER AND LIARS …NEVER PURSHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM…


Sears Canada: Area Rug Issue

By Cynthia

I have called Sears at the Promenade Mall complaining for the last 2-months that my rug smells . I was told by an employee that her manager said it is the glue that has dried up. When I lifted the corner of the rug up there was all this white stuff (like sand) on the floor.

I have kept calling the manager to call me back and of course no call back. I have left another message yesturday that if he does not call me I will take appropriate action, and I gave him till the middle of next week to call me . This odor is not healthy.


Horrible Customer Service from Sears Canada

By Smorisso

Two months following the one year warranty expiry for our Kenmore 27″ wall oven, the oven door fell off and shattered. Thankfully, I was not holding my newborn at the time.

My husband and I called the 1-800-number and after countless hours and about four telephone calls, we had them agree to have a service technician confirm that this was a product default and not due to negligent use on our part. The technician confirmed that this was the fault of the product.

He mentioned we were to await a call from customer service for details on next steps. We waited for 6 days until we had to finally call them. When i called them, they mentioned that we were responsible to pay for the fixing the oven and they were not going pay for fixing the wall oven door. The price to fix the door was just about the same price as we paid for the entire oven!!!

Sears customer service has been the worst service i have ever received. I mentioned asked them if they were ok with losing a customer for life over this issue and they said yes, they were ok with it. The end customer service and satisfaction did not seem at all important!! We will never buy anything from Sears again.


Issue with Mattress from Sears Canada

By Mari

I bought a mattress from sears brentwood about 5 yrs back

It was on of these you don’t turn over pillow top not one of these huge pillow tops.

Anyways after 3 yrs a bump developed in the middle of this king size mattress

So we found our bill called sears they sent some guy out who measured the mattress he said if the bump was 1/2 inch more we would be under warrenty. my husband and I vowed never to buy a mattress from sears canada again this mattress and boxspring was about 1300.00 dollars alot of money and it was my idea to deal with sears as I thought they were an honest company.

Now its been 6 yrs. and we are going to buy a new mattress and box spring cause its so uncomfortable, this time we’ll buy from costco.


Bad Experience at Sears

By Jackj

Washer - won’t spin -called sears - had to wait a week for a service call @ $99.00. They could only tell me they would be here between 10am - 2:00pm … I waited all day a whole day off work. I called my wife who looked up the sears number to aske were they were. 1/2 hr. latter I got a call from Sears service to tell me I needed to call the service person had come and I wasn’t there (this is my house number that she called to tell me I wasn’t there) I told her that I was there all day he must not have come to the right address - she said he did. I asked if he left a card etc. she said he did - I went to the door - no card in the door the mail box etc. I went back to the phone - told her that he wasn’t there - that I couldn’t take another day off work she said she’d check if he could come back and call me - I am still waiting for the call.


Awful Customer Service from

By Boyzmom33

I do most of my Christmas shopping online, it makes life easier as I can take my time to find the right gifts for people and I don’t feel so rushed.

I placed 4 online orders with Sears alone this year, plus other stores and had no problems EXCEPT one.

I placed one of my orders with Sears on Nov.25. Once my order was placed they sent me an email to state one of the jackets I ordered for my nephews was on backorder but would be delivered Dec.23. Pretty close to Christmas so I called to confirm and was told yes I would receive it at my house on Dec.23.

Today I called just to make sure once again, as they have no easy way to track your orders, and was told that my order was cancelled???

Apparently it was cancelled by their warehouse on Dec.1 as they realized they could no longer get stock. At NO time did anyone try to contact me or notify me. They never called or emailed me and they didn’t issue a credit to my c.c. either, which would have got my attention and prompted me to call.

I am very upset. Today is Dec.23 and I now have to try to find an equal gift for my nephew as his brother’s jacket came in from Sears no problem.

The part that I find most upsetting is they didn’t even care about not notifying me. No reason or excuse or apology and they only offered to issue me a refund? I think I am entitled to a refund on something I never received….they made no attempt to help me such as offering to call a store to see if they have it and I could go pick it up? I also asked if I could order a different jacket and pay extra to have it overnighted and was almost laughed at….she said are you kidding it’s almost Christmas?

Really??? I know that and am now in a dilemma because of your staffs incompetence…I will NEVER shop at Sears again, online, in store or by catalogue……Now I have to try to find an NHL jacket to match his brothers with less then 24 hours of shopping left….


Problem With Dryer From Sears Canada

By Aaron

Just over 3 years ago we bought a dryer from Sears. We noticed a couple of holes in some clothing, little nicks in the fabric about 2 or 3 months later. I thought is was my kids just being kids. Then we started noticing LOTS of little holes in the clothes, and I saw one article of clothing caught inbetween the drum and the door. We called the service dept and they sent a tech to fix the problem.

When we sold our house and moved the house we moved to had a dryer so we put ours into storage. We just got our dryer out again 6 months ago and it started to tear clothes again. Called for a tech and they said they would charge a call out fee. I said no, I would not pay it just as this is an ongoing issue. The guy shows up and tells us the original problem was not addressed and it will now cost $500 to fix the problem. Then we were billed for the call out. Now I am arguing with head office about the issue and they refuse to do anything about it. I am going to take the dryer to the local Sears, set it up on the side walk along with a sign and smash the dryer to bits. I think I will call the news people too…I will never buy another item from Sears, EVER!!