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Canadian Tire Service Department

By Anne

I have also had trouble with the service department at Canadian Tire, my car wasn’t working (it was still on the driveway) so I called tow it to the Richmond Hill Store for repairs. After paying $600 Plus for repairs, I went out to start the car and found it still didn’t even turn over let alone start. I went to the service manager and complained he sent a mechanic????? to start the car. After several minutes it started, I asked if it would start again without trouble as I had other errands to run with my young son. He laughed and said “we can only hope so”. I went home without running my errands as I didn’t trust the car to start again. My husband was furious and we demanded and GOT all of our money back, but C.T. still thought it was a joke-well the joke is on them as we tell everyone that we know never to take their cars there.


Rude Behaviour at Canadian Tire

By Winsome Phillips

On March 17th, 2011 my sister and I visited the store at Rylander Blvd in Toronto at approximately 5.30p.m. She had taken in her SUV lexus for repair, and was treated with such desrespect by some of the employees. There was a young man who was assisting another customer, so another indian young man came to the counter and I asked him if he could help he said it’s not his area, I jokingly said I will train you and he responded very politely, the one who was helping the customer into a loud outburst, telling him to go back over get away from here. My sister, my husband and I told him he shouldn’t speak to the staff like that, his respond to us very rude telling us to shut up he wasn’t tallking to us, we insisted he was rude at the same time another one came from the shop and asked what was the matter, we asked to speak to a manager, but he insisted on finding out what was the matter he said we won’t be speaking with one but we should get out of his shop. We went to the same young man who was insulted earlier to ask for a manager, but another young man (white) came and ask what was wrong and begin to take us to who was suppose to be manager, at the same time the one from back came through the shop shouting that he should not talk to us but that we should leave the shop immediately. The young man push him through the door where he was working and tell him to be quiet and he shouldn’t be speaking like that. The supposedly manager who was on duty was sitting in his office throughout all this so when we approach him he just listened and responded that he didn’t hear anything the only person he heard was me. I then realize that Canadian Tire has no leadership and that it was individually owned by these two black men and this so called manager Mike. I asked him for the number of a manager he gave me the name of a lady who I could speak with the following morning. We left without the vehicle being looked at. My sister had an encounter with Mike before when she took her maxina there for repair and a peice of tool was left in car engine accidentally, when she took the car back and voiced her dissatisfaction that same Mike again was very rude asked her if she ever owned a new car before. I have being a regular customer at that location along with all my other sisters, but will never go back there. I honestly thought Canadian Tire has it all together never knew it was privately run by these undesirablles. Shame on Canadian Tire to have such staff respresenting your company, a small shop would not have their staff speak to a customer like that. If  you so desire I will submit to you our names and vehicle to see how many times we have been there and even send customers there.


Rude Service at Canadian Tire in Burlington, ON

By KellyJ

My husband and I where shopping for lamps for our bedroom today. My husband spots one he likes and points it out to me. I mention that the lamp shade looks a little to big and he takes the lamp by the base to turn it around a bit. As he does I notice the lamp is kinda of wobbley and tell him we don’t want a lamp that is that tippy…he says yes it seems it is and then barely lifts the lamp up so he could look to see why the bottom is so wobbley and the complete left side of the shelf falls down. I grab the other two lamps and he is hold the one we where considering and we both holler help here please! then the 2 old guys on staff …right on the other side of the aisle start hollering at us! WHAT are you doing!!..bellowing at us like we are 2 punk kids tearing the store apart…(we are 50). They come around the corner and tell us we have no business touching the lamps. I said …pardon me we can’t touch something we are considering buying???? Where are the signs that say we can’t touch the lamps??? He said well they are not there but it should be understood you don’t touch them??? excuse me??? no gee we are sorry we did a crappy job of attaching the shelf brackett….

What if a child in a shopping cart reached up and touched the shelf? It would have fell on them…we have no idea what caused the shelf to tumble….but I can assure you it wasn’t because we where hanging off them….does this mean I should touch anything in CT? I could understand if I picked up the lamp and dropped it and broke it…yes I would have been at fault…but the shelf fell down from under the product we were looking at and that is no reason to verbally attack my husband and I. We were was so shaken up I couldn’t even stop to talk to a manager…we left the store and purchased nothing.

To the two old guys that hollered at us…shame on you…time to retire gentleman, stay home!


Called a Thief at Canadian Tire

By Kim

So my son had his eight year birthday and received a camcorder. Just so happens that he has the exact same one. I go to the Canadian Tire store fully expecting only to receive a credit however I was told very rudely that they don’t take anything back without a receipt and I could have just taken that from the shelf? So not only did I get no credit but I was called a thief. No wonder they can not compete with customer service like that. I will never buy anything at CT again which is to bad as I like to support Canadian companies but not when they treat their customers like that.


Canadian Tire Car Service Complaint

By Teresa

I brought my suv in to see what a noise was under the car, they evaluated the car and said it was a wheel bearing. They said they had the time to fix it. I said then go ahead. When I picked up the car there was a terrible noise with the breaks that I could not drive it out of the parking, When I went back inside they took it out for a test drive and the guy came back and said that it was the breaks and he did not want us to take it because it was to dangerous. The guy working on it was gone and would not return until 4 days later. That I had to wait. The manager there just said well sorry about that but they did not have a cell number so he was unreachable. He was trying to explain to me that it was the tension spring on the car, and that when he put the spring back he had to put more tension on it.

I was trying to tell him that he took it out, he knew there was a problem with his work. He should have taken it back in to fix it.

I was told by my new neighbors don’t ever go to Canadian Tire because you car always comes out worse then when it went in. I regret not taken their advice. It’s true, I feel that they hire anyone who can hold a wrench. They have no idea what the heck they are doing, and in the meantime I am out of work for 3 days.

This is really unacceptable, and as for the manager shame on you for not doing anything more then an apology and nothing you can do about it….


Denied Purchase of a Sale Item Without a Deposit at Canadian Tire

By  george lessard

When I approached an employee at canadian tire to obtain a rain check for an item that was not displayed or available (out of stock) which I was told a day earlier that only one of such items had recieved & it was sold. I went a day later & there was none. I requestaed a rain check & was told that I would have to prepay 30% of the price in order to have it brought in. I have in the past experienced a lack of availabity of advertised items. I simply bought them elsewhere, I am getting pissed off at the lack of concern @ this store.


Lousy Mechanics at Canadian Tire

By Ian

Went to Crappytire for a safety and asked them to check my headlights that had no low beams……they just took the bulbs out said they werent a body shop and said come back when they’re fixed to finish the safety. Funny they didnt TELL me i had no lights on my car at all cause there mechanics are incompetint so I would caution anyone going to CRAPPYtire for anything


Pricing Misprint at Canadian Tire

By irish

Store mislead by specifing a product that was on sale, when I went to purchase they told me that wasn’nt the product on sale. I stated to show me the product to which the assistant manager showed me a completley different product. When asked if she was the manager she stated yes. After approx 10 minutes of talking about the 7 tags that represented the product I originally had she stated she would contact the store manager. I stated you told me you were the store manager. This is another misrepresentation of Canadian tires part with assistant mangers that lie. She then contacted the little trogladite who was the store manager. When I brought up the issue of the product on sale in question being a reasonable customer who read the sale tag he stated that it was a misprint and it was not the actual product on sale. I laughed and stated he should take the 7 tags down and print them properly. Well he must have little man syndrome because he stated we will not! I stated you are then misrepresenting us as customers to a product that is not even on sale, furthermore I stated if I was to go and get any customer in the store they would also pick the item described in on the sale tag. The “manager Gord” stated that I was the 4th customer today to which I scarached my head and said well doesn’t that show you. I asked him to let me purchase the item at cost of sale price to which he said I can’t and won’t while the “assistant female manager began to laugh. I am so dissapointed as a loyal canadian tire shopper that this will discourage me from shopping there in the future. Customer service from the manager and lying assitant manager has gone downhill and I can only imagine the poor staff and angst they must feel working for two idots like these! I would have been fine if they noted the misprint and took it down to fix but not being the first customer to notice this and the mangers having attiude?? Good luck to this stores future treating people like this when walmarts around the block!


Rude Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By Robert Chisholm

I went into Canadain tire at Dundas and Trafalger road in Oakville). to see if Canadian tire sold cb stuff.Ron was no help I had to ask him to chexk other stores.He Said maybe 403 and Dundas store might have it. So i drove over to that store at 5.30 pm on sunday to check it out I ask the guy at automotive counter were I could find cb and antenna’s. his answer was in the cage over there ? I ask him were He said over there? I told this guy he great customer service i would like is help to show me were cb radio s are.I waiting for 15 minutes then left. this employee was a total jerk. I will will will never shop at Canadain tire Again I had to many bad expreince with your staff members, you have lost a lot off sales from customers. I talk to people they rather go to parts source or walmart. and pay the price for good service.try shopping at a store your employees piss off a lot people. you should trying doing that show Under cover boss.. I bet you $200.00 your employess would piss you off and you would fire them

sincerly Bob

Never shopping at Canadain tire Again I can buy else were


Bad Experience at Canadian Tire

By Pissed

This store sucks, teller number 7 today looked like a 12 year old moron who had zero customer knowledge whatsoever. I spent 1 hour gathering over $100 worth of canadian tire crap to buy including a $2 salt shaker. After the child punched in all the items the salt shaker had no bar code on it. She called out for help and made us wait for about 5 minutes, then she called for a price check over the intercom, now been about 8 minutes waiting, she decides she will now cancel my items and without talking to me or anything she starts processing other customers in the line. I am now not only waiting with my wife and kids but i am now in the way of the other shoppers as I am still waiting to pay. I told the child working that I was not waiting any longer and would never return to Crappy tire EVER AGAIN


Good Experience at Canadian Tire

By glowworm2k

I went to the Canadian Tire on Coventry Road in Ottawa for the Boxing Day sale on the 26th. Luckily for me, since the sale had started on the 24th, the store wasn’t too hectic.

I wanted to buy the Vulcan 13′ ladder that was on sale for $99.99 in the flyer. I walked around the store for a while and could only find ladders on sale for $89.99, $129.99 and $219.99. I checked the CTC product number in the flyer with the merchandise and found that the $89.99 ladder was the one I had wanted.

I took the ladder, plus my other purchases (mainly cans of the half-price Comet cleanser) to the cash, and the ladder rang up at $99.99. I told the cashier that there was a sign on the shelf saying that it was only $89.99. She called for a price check immediately, with no argument, before checking what the flyer said ($99.99 of course). When she saw the item in the flyer, she said that the cash was correct, but I asked her to wait for the price check, which she was quite willing to do. The hardware manager came to the cash with the discount sign and told the cashier to give the product to me at the cheaper price. He was very polite and friendly. The cashier gave me the item at the lower price right away.

I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised, especially as this all took less than 10 minutes and it was Boxing Day so I had expected to be waiting for a while and, from the reviews here, was expecting some kind of hassle or argument.


I Got Robbed at Canadian Tire

By Vlad

To whom it may concern

On December 12, 2010 at 1.40 pm my girlfriend and I went into Canadian Tire on 6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga, ON to install previously purchased winter tires. I have been quoted $199.99 ($50 per tire) to complete this work to which I objected questioning why it is this expensive. The response I have received was that this price was set for all Canadian Tire stores for low profile tires. My tire size is 205/55/16 and I said that my tires are not low profile. I was told that the Canadian Tire Corporation has recently changed its policy and now considers 55 to be a low profile tire as it is one of the most popular sizes and it allows Canadian Tire to make more money on it. I was a little surprised but the sales representative assured me that the Canadian Tire Corporation matches all the prices in every location and I would not be able to find a cheaper rate. I signed the quote and left my car.

My car is a company car, so I called my boss to tell about the charges. The response I got was “That is insane!”. I called several other Canadian Tire stores asking for the quote. The prices were ranging from $16.99 to $24.99 for a tire. I quickly returned to the store and asked to stop, however, the summer tires were already off the wheels. I started arguing about the prices and wanted to get my car back but the shop manager told me he will not let my car out of the shop unless I pay $199 + taxes. One of the store representatives made calls to several Canadian Tire Stores in the area but didn’t get a quote over $24.99. After that the shop manager told me that every Canadian Tire store sets its own prices. The sales representative refused that he ever said about matching prices for all the stores even though my girlfriend and I both heard it. I had nothing to do but to pay in order to get my car back.

I told the shop manager that I am going to call the corporate office and the branch manager but he replied that these calls will be unnecessary.

I am seeking reimbursement in the amount of $113.03 in order to regain my trust and ever for me and my family to do business again with any Canadian Tire.

I hope that the Canadian Tire Corporation closely review my case and reimburse the above mentioned amount.


Poor Customer Service at Canadian Tire

Author unknown

I went to canadian tire scott road to buy some paint. The lady was trying to help me was not sure what she was talking about because she was not from that department . So she called manager called Clare Woods . She called few times but she was keep saying that she is coming. But actually she was not. I went there to check that personally I was keep watching her she was not doing anything except talking and laughing with a staff member. Such a poor customer service. If the managers are like that what about the normal employees?


Return Refused at Canadian Tire

By Sela

I bought a treadmill a week ago. On the first hour of use I noticed that the running belt keep coming of center and the equipment makes to much noise. I tried to contact TEMPO the manufacturer. Initially there was a recording saying we are experiencing high volume calls please call us again in the next business days.

I tried again and again when I finally was waiting for the a representative. After waiting for 45 minutes my call was disconnected.In the next day after the purchase I went back to the Canadian Tire that I bought the equipment from. For my surprise the manager said that they wouldn’t do a refund!!!

They said that a RA (return authorization) was needed from the manufacturer and that would take fewdays. Now after many calls they are saying that I should deal this the manufacturer. No return for this item!!!


Car Battery Replacement at Canadian Tire

By Sheena Smith

I had my battery replaced in my car last night which took 3 hours. I was told that it usually takes around 20-30 mins to change a battery. I had a bar that they had to take off to replace the battery which I was charged extra for and it was only a matter of unbolting it. It took 1 1/2 hours to have the battery checked and then another 1 1/2 hours to put a battery in. This was my first visit to a Canadian tire auto centre and it will certainly be my last. One comment made by a customer service person was that the mechanic did not like to do that particular job and no one would tell him to do it. Great job having staff like that.