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Bad Experience With a Return at Canadian Tire

By Pokey

My husband and I went to Canadian Tire to return some sandwich makers that you use on the fire.  We used them one time and they melted.  We do have another one that we bought years ago that was just fine.  So we took them back to get our money back as it was obvious that they were defective.  We went to the Customer Service desk and we were given a slip of paper and told to go to the department manager.  We went to the department and the department manager looked at them then and she went to speak to another associate.  She spoke with another associate and he would not come to talk to us but told the “department manager” that they have never been returned before therefore they would not refund us.  My husband asked to speak with another manager.  Another manager came and asked us if we had a reciept and we said no.  He then asked us how we paid and we had paid cash.  He told us that they cannot track cash payments and that they would not take them back.  My husband asked to s
peak with the Store Manager.  The Store Manager came and was totally igmorant yelling at my husband and telling him.  Telling him that if we did not have a reciept he did not know when we bought the item and that we would not be getting a refund on the items.  Needless to say that we are not going to be ever going to Canadian Tire again…..


Poor Service at Canadian Tire

By Cookie

I went to the store at 1:20pm  this afternoon to purchase a stainless steel microwave oven. There was only one on the shelf so  I went to the head desk and asked if I could get some help over  in appliances.  She told me that the lady who works in appliances was gone to lunch and wouldn’t be back until 2o’clock. I was in a hurry and couldn’t wait that long. I asked her if there was anyone else in the store who could help me and she said no.  Needless to say I was flabbergasted!!!   Canadian Tire will not be getting my business again!!  In 2010 this is the service we are getting????


Ripped Off at Canadian Tire

By Robert Rohloff

My wife and I was having problems with a strange squeak beneath the hood of our 1996 Chrysler caravan.  We bought some belt dressing from Canadian Tire at
1655 Leckie Ave, Kelowna - (250) 860-5744. Once out in the parking lot, I sprayed the stuff on the belt and the belt came off.  We went back into the store and complained what the dressing did. They said they would bring in the Van and have a look. After about an hour they informed us that the Belt Tensioner was bad and needed to be replaced along with the belts needed cleaned of all the belt dressing. We gave them our go ahead to do the job. Cost us 216.00 dollars this was on September 16, 2010.

We don’t drive the car much but the squeak started again a few days later, and we put off taking it back hoping the squeak would go away. October 18, 2010 we decided to go back to Canadian Tire for the squeak was getting worse. They took in the car, inspected it and came out and said now it needed a new water pump that would cost over 800 dollars. I asked maybe that’s what it was in the first place instead of the Tensioner, They said that was impossible and the tensioner and water pump was two different things. I told them to give me back the van for I felt I had been not treated right and talked to as if I was a child.

Today, October 21, 2010, we took the van to a different mechanic. He said he could not help us about if the Tensioner needed replaced or not when we got it done for he never seen if the tensioner was wore out, but he checked over the Van and informed us that there was nothing wrong with the water pump. After cleaning the belts that Canadian Tire said they cleaned, the van ran real quiet, the squeak was gone. Cost us 30.00 dollars saved ourselves over 800 dollars. We are wondering if this is how Canadian Tire does business. We feel we were ripped off, and when we went back to complain, they tried to rip us off again.


Canadian Tire Banned Me From Store‏

By Down in the mouth mom

I live in a small town where word of mouth is big. I coordinated the Billy Graham Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Shoe Box gifts - which go to countries worldwide - for this region, including yearly donations from this Canadian Tire for over 12-years.

I go to the largest church in this region & although I am on disability myself - do nothing but try to help others. I shop exclusively at this Canadian Tire & the only credit card I have is Canadian Tire Mastercard & I make my payments @ this store on a weekly basis. I get my car fixed there & have had wonderful relations with the salespeople.

I have gone through a ‘rough patch’ in my life & was trying to return a product perfectly intact & unused, when I was rude to the saleslady. I tried to apologize to no avail & the new manager demanded I step outside where he told me I was banned from the store. I know my behaviour was inconsiderate, but I am so embarrassed & ashamed I cannot sleep. He showed no mercy & really belittled me with his apparent power. I don’t feel I’d want to go back even if I could. I don’t feel writing their Head Office or talking to owner would help.

Anyone’s comments or suggestions would be most welcomed. Am I completely alone in this experience?


Canadian Tire Automotive: Cheaters

By Liu

I recently attempted to do an engine oil change and oil filter changed for my 09 Corolla at Candian Tire, as was told they don’t have the tools to do the filter change so they didn’t do anything. Then I brought the car to the dealer and got the information that whoever did the oil change last time, broke the oil filter housing which cost $80 to replace. Then I called Canadian tire and they completely denied doing anything to the car because they don’t have the tools.
My advise, stay away from Canadian Tire because they are all liars and cheaters !


Canadian Tire:Can’t return SH*T!!!‏

By Sandy

I suffer with Scoliosis & Fibromyalgia therefore comfort & support while seated at my computer are paramount. A friend ’surprised’ me with an ergonomic computer chair he purchased at Canadian Tire & assembled it for me as he knew I would be unable to.

Unfortunately, the chair did not provide the adequate support I needed so we promptly tried to return it to the Canadian Tire store where it was bought with our explanation for its return. Because my friend had inadvertently discarded the box which the unassembled chair was purchased in, Canadian Tire refused to offer a refund in return for the chair - even though the receipt was dated for the day before!

I could understand if they could only offer a store credit, but no. I’m stuck with a $100.00 chair I can’t use & one of us is out the money: If you’ve never known anyone who is trying to eck out an existance on Disability benefits, I can tell you that it’s well BELOW the poverty line!
A few months back I also tried to return a wind-up flashlight which only worked for a few minutes when I first brought it home - never to work again, but, because it wasn’t in its original packaging Canadian Tire would not honor the product they sold to me.
I have been a faithful customer of Canadian Tire most of my life - even worked as a cashier in the original location on Sheppard Ave. at Leslie St. in Willowdale while I attended school back in the 70’s, but if this is how Canadian Tire treats its loyal customers I can assure you that there will not be a THIRD time that I purchase a product which is not suitable or dysfunctional from you as I will cease to shop at Canadian Tire from this day forward!

I will get my car serviced at WALMART because I am treated with courtesy & quality work plus it’s cheaper. Anything that Canadian Tire sells, I can also get at WALMART for less!

Below is a picture of the chair I am stuck with as even posting an ad for it at HALFgetattachment the price on craigslist & kijiji is generating no response.


Canadian Tire Port Hawkesbury NS-Ridiculed and Rejected‏

By Upset

I purchased a CAST IRON Urn/planter, for planting flowers, or small shrubs, at Canadian Tire in August 2009. I purchased the iron planter as opposed to plastic, because of the durability of cast iron. Of course the cost of a cast iron planter was probably 5 to 6 times greater than a plastic one which fades, cracks and deteriorates in sunlight.
We had the planter out from Aug 2009 until we stored it in our shed in Dec 2009. When we took it out of storage on April 9th, 2010, the planter had a round 2.5cm (1 inch) hole in the side of the casting. It was also cracked 3/4 of the way around the base. This is not a 6 inch planter, it is 74cm/29 inches high and weighs more than 23kg/50 pounds. When one buys such a lasting garden decoration, one does not keep the receipt, because one expects it to last more than 4 months. I immediately got assistance to load the planter on my truck, and went to Canadian Tire in Port Hawkesbury NS,, where I’d purchased it. the Customer Service lady seemed to think it strange that I had no receipt. She would not agree that an Iron Planter should last longer than 4 months of use. I never complained when she denied my request (after phoning her supervisor) for an exchange or refund. What upset me the most was the feeling of being ridiculed because I had the audacity to try to return the object.
I hadn’t even taken 2 steps away from the counter when she started commenting to another customer about people who didn’t have receipts. I was almost tempted to tell the customer to mind his own business. Her idle chatting could have caused quite a stir, had I not kept my composure and ignored her comments. It did ruin my evening, as I still sit here fuming over her ignorance. I never ridiculed her, so why should she ridicule me because I didn’t have a receipt. Does Canadian Tire now find it good business practice, and socially acceptable for their Customer Service Clerks to look down on paying customers?


Canadian Tire Sold Me USED Spark Plugs

By Suzuki

Recently I purchased a set of high quality spark plugs for my car.Later at home I noticed one package was taped up. As I inspected the plugs I saw dirt and grease on the threads. Canadian Tire was selling used spark plugs so I returned them to the store. Instead of an apology the person who sold me the plugs was asked by his coworker if the package was taped up when I purchased it.He said yes it was so they checked the shelf for another package and it also contained used spark plugs.I had enough and requested a full refund.Crappy Tire I do not forget.


Canadian Tire-Where Is The Customer Service In The Auto Department??‏

By Ms.Henry

Canadian Tire is supposed to be a community based store. What happened to it? The Windsor West store in Ontario needs to have new customer service skills. They stand around socializing with each other. This is the opening Saturday morning shift, making customers wait while they socialize on company time. They make you feel that you are bothering them ;that is why so many people are going elsewhere. The front desk auto service people I am speaking of. Went to buy windsheild wipers for my car like I did for years and the made me wait while they had fun. They where going to charge me for the wiper of course but they where going to charge me more for the service of putting them on the car than the price of the wipers . I guess I will go elsewhere where customer servces still means something in the Windsor community when u buy their product and I will surely express my exprience to my other working class friend. I won’t deal with your auto department any longer. Sad!


Canadian Tire - Bad Experience & Complaint

Canadian Tire

by Surfkate

Hello.  today,  i went into my neighbourhood canadian tire store - they would not honour their price as in the flyer and as posted on their shelves. The manager directed me to the “fine print” on the flyer and I have sincerely feel ripped off - So, be aware, check the fine print at Canadian Tire - i chose the only item on the shelf that was Dr. Sholls, there were about 6 of those shelf price tags, “sale tags”, saying Dr. Sholls foot spa 19.99  - when i objected to the 69.99 price i was charged at the check out and subsequently asked to see the manager, he approached me and said nothing, only looking at me, then saying “okay, okay, i’ll go look” - he then sent someone else out with a Sunbeam replacement, and the employee told me that there was a mistake: the price tags and flyer should have read : Lancaster and Sunbeam foot spa - not dr. Sholls foot spa - when I asked to speak to the manager (again) i was told I would have to wait, waited 10 more minutes and the manager approached and said “what now”, literally.  He was defensive and advised me to contact customer service, which I did, see below and I will keep you updated as/if this develops.  Won’t be going there again.


Best Cooler ever at Canadian Tire, and it even runs off of Propane! GENIUS!

by juniperjune

This is the best cooler ever! It will run off household current, a cigarette lighter or a bottle of propane. We plugged it in at home over night to cool it down first. In the morning we filled it up, loaded it into the car and plugged it in to the cigarette lighter. Once we were at the camp site we hooked it up to a small propane bottle. One bottle lasted over 24 hours. You can buy a hose adapter and hook it up to a BBQ propane tank. The tank should last at least 20 days.

This cooler cools up to 20°C below ambient temperature. It even comes with an ice cube tray! It really does make ice!

The only draw back is the handles. They are not recessed enough to get a really good grip on it. Plus it would be really good to have a lock on it. The raccoons at the camp site are really bad! What we did was we got a second hand dog cage. We placed the cooler inside and used a bungee cord around the top to keep the odors inside. Then we put a lock on the top of the cage. The raccoons did not even try to open it at all!

You can’t leave this cooler in your car overnight as it would drain the battery, and if it is running on propane, it needs to be properly ventilated. I would suggest the dog cage.

  • Three-way power source absorption cooler
  • Uses 12V DC or 120V AC, propane gas or 12V connector for cigarette lighter
  • Cools to 20°C below ambient temperature
  • A 1-lb cylinder of propane gas operates the cooler for 24 hours
  • 40L capacity
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)/weight: 52.0 x 51.0 x 45.0 cm / 19.5 kg

Canadian Tire has it Reg $279.99
3-Way Power Cooler, 40L : Product #37-0100-6