Canadian Tire Car Service Complaint

By Teresa

I brought my suv in to see what a noise was under the car, they evaluated the car and said it was a wheel bearing. They said they had the time to fix it. I said then go ahead. When I picked up the car there was a terrible noise with the breaks that I could not drive it out of the parking, When I went back inside they took it out for a test drive and the guy came back and said that it was the breaks and he did not want us to take it because it was to dangerous. The guy working on it was gone and would not return until 4 days later. That I had to wait. The manager there just said well sorry about that but they did not have a cell number so he was unreachable. He was trying to explain to me that it was the tension spring on the car, and that when he put the spring back he had to put more tension on it.

I was trying to tell him that he took it out, he knew there was a problem with his work. He should have taken it back in to fix it.

I was told by my new neighbors don’t ever go to Canadian Tire because you car always comes out worse then when it went in. I regret not taken their advice. It’s true, I feel that they hire anyone who can hold a wrench. They have no idea what the heck they are doing, and in the meantime I am out of work for 3 days.

This is really unacceptable, and as for the manager shame on you for not doing anything more then an apology and nothing you can do about it….


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    Katie says...

    This is unacceptable! I say file a complaint with the head office and see what they will do. Especially with 3 days out of work, Canadian tire should pay for the damage.

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    Eric says...

    I had a nail hole in my tire that I had to get fixed, I brought newer ford ranger to Canadian Tire located here in Langford, Victoria BC. I later received a call from the store, service manager saying that the tire was fixed. After walking to the store to pay for the repair the service manager said that he mixed up the invoices and that the tire was unrepairable after they looked at the damage from the inside. I trusted his advice and ordered a new tire. A few days went by so I dropped by the store to get my tire. I then asked if I could see the damaged and the person behind the desk rolled my tire and rim still installed out and pointed out some chalk marks where the puncture was. I then grew suspicious and took the tire with rim attached to a different shop.
    The tire shop where i took the rim (Big-O-Tire), lol said that the tire had 95% tread left on it and it was perfectly safe to plug and patch.
    Go figure.

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    Oleg says...

    I was working for Canadian Tire at rylander.General manager Jason Donavan sexually harrases people, very rude and unfair to his employees in every way. He is destroying the reputation of the store and good people that work there.

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    Guess who says...

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    Hasan says...

    Appointment was taken well ahead of time to do an Oil Change only and it took them 2hrs and 30 mins to get to the car. No respect whatsoever for people’s time and this is not the first time. I guess it’s my fault that I didn’t learn from my previous mistakes. Also employees have no sympathy or even courtesy to apologize for wasting time. Canadian Tire Sarcee Trail Location; Calgary.

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    Syed says...

    I have the story as Mr Eric. Only difference is I did not ask for the old tire rather I told them to replace with a new tire for which they charged me $313 and replaced with a winter tire rather all season tire. When I asked them why did they do it ? They after so much discussions agreed to replace it but after 3 weeks almost in 2013. When I told them it could be dangerous to drive with one one winter tire and three all season tire they don’t care about anything. I would like to mention one more thing that I told them to replace lower beam lamp which they did but after that all my dashboard light and fog lights are not working. When I complain they are not going to accept there fault.

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    Once a customer at Cdn Tire says...

    Just took my car in to patch a tire. Was told it was too close to the sidewall, so they would need to replace all 4 tires (AWD).

    I laughed, took it to Wal-mart and no issues. Patched the tire and saved $1100….

    BTW, the nail was 4 inches away from the sidewall.

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