Lousy Mechanics at Canadian Tire

By Ian

Went to Crappytire for a safety and asked them to check my headlights that had no low beams……they just took the bulbs out said they werent a body shop and said come back when they’re fixed to finish the safety. Funny they didnt TELL me i had no lights on my car at all cause there mechanics are incompetint so I would caution anyone going to CRAPPYtire for anything


2 Responses to “Lousy Mechanics at Canadian Tire”

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    Mark says...

    Yes, Canadian Tire is non-existent to me anymore. I used to love going there just to browse. The turn-around for me started with deceptive automotive repairs and then extremely poor service in their stores.

    I will go any where else on the planet for things I need that are Canadian Tire related - even if I have to drive miles out of my way.

    The straw(s) that broke my camel’s back were three fold. On the same visit a store rep. (which took 15 min. to find) refused to call another store on an item I needed. I then needed to use the restroom and no one could fing the key ! Walmart’s washrooms are always clean and open. Then, when leaving with a purchase I wanted cash back. The item was approx. $20 but in order to receive cash back you needed to spend $40 - I left the item there and went to Walmart in the same plaza to purchase the item.

    Canadian Tire is dead and gone in my mind.

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    Grover Mcelmury says...

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