Great Customer Service from MBNA Mastercard Canada

By Ashley

I just dealt with MBNA mastercard and had excellent customer service when I called their 1-888 number.

The young gentleman I spoke to was very helpful with my issue (I forgot my stupid secure code for online purchases since I mainly use paypal) and he was able to quickly walk me through it.

I also asked him a question which I thought was genuinely silly but thought, hey if you don’t ask it, how will you know the answer.

I asked him if I could switch my sony mastercard for a Shoppers Optimum mastercard instead because I would get far more use out of it.

Now due to my somewhat inferior credit score due to an illness and some late payments I was unable to qualify for the optimum mastercard when I applied for it last year so I thought all hope was lost in ever getting to rack up my points even further!

BUT to my amazement I was informed that I was allowed to switch my existing card over!! What a glorious day!! Just when I was about to consent to the change over the phone he paused and said “Just wait one minute. You have enough sony points for $40 worth of merchandise, so why don’t you spend those points on the sony website and then switch your card after so that you do not loose out on those points.”

REALLY!? Someone from a credit card company was actually giving me advice on making money from my account?!

While their interest rate can be quite high, their customer service was indeed excellent today. That card got me through some rough patches and I was able to pay it off. Now I will be able to pay it off in full every month so I will not accrue interest AND I will be able to optimize my optimum points as well!

Thank you MBNA!

8 Responses to “Great Customer Service from MBNA Mastercard Canada”

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    dawn says...

    Just wait till they start calling and they will at all times . Due to this we dropped them and will never go back .

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    MJ says...

    This is the same company that just sent my deceased mother a credit card with a 5000.00 limit. Trying to call and explain to them that my mother’s been deceased for almost 2 years got me NOWHERE….they kept insisiting they had to talk to her…..really???
    I had to go through all my paperwork from 2 years ago to fax them a death certificate because they refused to discuss anything with me in regard to it, and I still haven’t heard back from them so I have no idea what they did with it, I cut the card up myself….
    I told them that sending an unsolicited c.c WITH the number to pick your own PIN # was ridiculous, a neighbour caught the mail and brought it to me otherwise they could have had a free credit card floating around with a 5000.00 limit that whoever got, could activate by phone???

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    jona says...

    Just curious why do they call?
    I’ve never had MBNA call except once to notify me of some suspicious transactions which was me booking a trip to Disney World.

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    jona says...

    are you sure this wasn’t a case of identity thief? I can’t remember where I read it but thieves are going after recently deceased people (with in 5 yrs) and trying to get credit cards in their names…..I would contact both credit monitoring companies in canada and explain the situation.. you will likely have to send in a death certificate but they will be able to find out if your mothers identity has been stolen. Good luck with this and I hope everything works out.


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    Ashley says...

    @ Dawn ….they used to call me from time to time about “offers” but I called the 1-888 number and asked them to stop and they did. I haven’t had any issues with them and since I don’t have my choice of credit card companies I am thrilled with their service so far.

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    dawn says...

    We did that and nothing and as you know you never get the same person at times they would call a few times a week and like I said we finally cancelled the card we still get mailings from them but they go in the shredder . with all the companies and cards we have MBNA was the worst .

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    MJ says...

    I did think of that and tried asking MNBA when she “applied” but of course they wouldn’t tell me anything.
    I think I may try to contact the credit bureau and see if there’s been any activity though, I didn’t think of checking there! Thank you……

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