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Horrible Customer Service at Shell Gas Station in Montreal‏

By momof3b

I have been a smart canucks reader for a long time now but this is the first time I decided to join.

This morning ( Jan 2011) I pumped gas and paid for it with my credit card at Shell Canada on 1010 Jarry Ouest, corner L’acadie. The receipt did not come out of the pump so I went inside, said hi to the male cahier and told him in English I need a receipt for my pump purchase. He said in French, straight out I do not understand. He said do you speak French. I am perfectly bilingual but since he attitude was so crappy I said no. He said I do not understand. I said I need the paper receipt for the pump, he was angry now and said I do not understand and did not even try. What you think I am doing in the store after I pumped gas right in front of the window, I wondered. I felt as if I was on candid camera. I could not believe it, he was so rude. I saw someone in the back room and said it again loudly. The person in the back room came out and tried to smooth things over but in the meantime the cashier who refused to speak English was screaming and I mean screaming at me. I could not believe it! I said what is your name (In English) then he said I will not tell you my name (in French) and there it was, he understood everything I said!

He just refused to speak English. I can not believe Shell Canada would hire someone unilingual in an area which is known to have many immigrants who don’t know the language. Or any Shell station for that matter. Also, I get better service in English in the little French towns in Quebec.

I was shaking when I walked out because I could not believe it. I am appalled and will NEVER ever go back to that gas station, even if they sell gas at 5 cents a litre!


Rave Review for‏

By thatgengirl

My Brother all-in-one centre ran out of toner, and I wasn’t about to pay full retail for a new cartridge. After doing a Google search for the cartridge number, the company Excel Toner came up. I really liked their prices, so I did another Google search for reviews of the website. All were positive and I decided to give it a try.

I ordered on a Wednesday and the product was delivered on a Friday. Unfortunately, I’m a dummy and I ordered the wrong darn thing.

Pleased with the experience, I made a second order that Sunday, and the item was delivered today (Friday.)

As far as I’m concerned, that’s top-notch service.

Shipping is only $7.95, regardless of item, weight or quantity, and the prices are around 60% off retail. (Note: You are ordering compatible items, not the official brand name products.)


Lousy Customer Service from

By Jay

I recently ordered something for the kitchen from newegg - yes… they sell kitchen stuff as well!

I ordered it on a holiday weekend. The next day (about 6 hours later actually) I decided to cancel the order as the unit wasn’t really what I wanted. Newegg’s online system had already changed the status to “SHIPPED” and debited my credit card.

Once an item is in SHIPPED status it cannot be canceled.

However, the item ISN’T ACTUALLY UNTIL A BUSINESS DAY. This is a pretty sleezy and deceptive practice in my opinion.

I sent customer service a note right away saying please cancel the order - since it really hadn’t shipped.

They didn’t bother answering the email until several days later at which point the unit had actually shipped. I suspect this was also deliberate so they would not have to cancel the order.

They did finally respond to my complaints and promised an RMA refund - I would have to pay for the item to be shipped back though myself (for $25!).

I shipped it back and they received the item a day after I received it. I and even sent them the tracking information.

Their customer service dept. is now playing further games and delay tactics saying they don’t have any record of having received it!!! %@$#

This is the first time I’ve had to deal with their customer service, and it is pathetic! This will be the last time I shop at NEWEGG!

Buyer beware!


Poor Service From Primus Canada

By kathryn wentworth

I tried to cancel my primus long distance plan tonight. I have been on the phione continuously for 3 hours and still have not had any help. I managed to get help in the sales department within one minute and they refused to help me and put me back on the “hold”

This is shocking. I tried to cancel on line and they do not allow that option.


Great Service at Tommy Hilfiger Ottawa Train Yards‏

By Jared

My family has been purchasing Hilfiger clothing for years, outfitting everyone; parents, siblings and children. We have shopped many of their outlet stores and have nothing but rave reviews on service received at the Train Yards location. The staff is amazing, they were so busy over the holiday period, they had smiles on their faces and were amazingly efficient. They made our shopping experience as memorable as ever. Thank-you Tommy Hilfiger Train Yards for displaying what customer service is all about. You will continue to see us and our many friends and family members.


Horrible Customer Service from Sears Canada

By Smorisso

Two months following the one year warranty expiry for our Kenmore 27″ wall oven, the oven door fell off and shattered. Thankfully, I was not holding my newborn at the time.

My husband and I called the 1-800-number and after countless hours and about four telephone calls, we had them agree to have a service technician confirm that this was a product default and not due to negligent use on our part. The technician confirmed that this was the fault of the product.

He mentioned we were to await a call from customer service for details on next steps. We waited for 6 days until we had to finally call them. When i called them, they mentioned that we were responsible to pay for the fixing the oven and they were not going pay for fixing the wall oven door. The price to fix the door was just about the same price as we paid for the entire oven!!!

Sears customer service has been the worst service i have ever received. I mentioned asked them if they were ok with losing a customer for life over this issue and they said yes, they were ok with it. The end customer service and satisfaction did not seem at all important!! We will never buy anything from Sears again.


Aerie Canada

By Kyla

Anyone remember about a year ago Aerie had this program where every month you get your card punched you get a freebie? They used to give away towels, drawstring bags, handcream, perfume, underwear and more. And on your birthday you would get a special gift. Before this promotion I hadn’t even heard about this store. Whenever I went to get my freebie I would shop there, they have very comfortable undergarments. However since all the promotions ended I do not shop there anymore. It was a good way to attract customers.


Beware People’s Jewellers Online

By Nice Sass

This saga commenced on Boxing Day when I ordered a watch from Peoples online, at a nice discount. This was a gift for a family member we’d be seeing post-Christmas. Overnight delivery was free and the return policy excellent, so we ordered.

Several days later, the package hadn’t arrived and was overdue; when we checked the online status it was revealed that it was “in warehouse” and hadn’t left. The website further revealed that we could call a toll-free number and cancel the order.

We purchased a new watch elsewhere to have it for that night’s gift exchange, and called Peoples to cancel. Wife called with order in husband’s name. Customer Service: “I can’t talk to you; it’s not in your name.” Wife: “the credit card is in both of our names but your online order system only lets us name one person. Husband is at work. I am CANCELLING not purchasing, therefore far less risk.” Customer Service: “Can’t do anything. Have husband call”. Wife: “Please just put a note on the file for the warehouse not to pick/pack this until husband can call tonight when home.” Customer Service: “No can do”.

Husband returns home at end of day, calls Peoples. Customer Service: “You’re now too late. We picked the order today and shipped it.” -groan-. Customer service: “No problem though…just refuse the order from the delivery courier and we’ll process the refund when we receive it back; or your other option is to return it to any store.”

Next day, we’re both working. Return home to find box containing expensive watch sitting on our front door step - not protected; not signed for. Delivery refusal now imposssible; proceed to step 2.

Attend Peoples to return the watch. Store Associate: “Sorry…can’t accept online order returns in-store.” Husband: “Why…we were told to do this by telephone CSR”. Associate: “I know. We have no idea why they say that and we continually send messages to Head Office to tell them to stop doing this, but Head Office won’t do anything. I encountered this issue just yesterday and had a customer in here for over an hour trying to return something but there’s nothing I can do.”

We return home, check Peoples online return policy. Right there, in black and white: “RETURN TO ANY STORE”.

Email People and request explanation; what are we to do now. Sent that email on Sunday. It is now Thursday - no response. Zero; zilch.

Our only recourse will be to file a dispute with the credit card company, and not sure how that will progress as we’re in receipt of the goods, but the problem is that the retailer doesn’t honour its own return policy, which apparently is an incorrect policy as the stores claim that they can’t adhere to it if they wanted.



Great Service at Swiss Chalet Kitchener

By harrisonhouse

My husband and I love to eat out. We love the idea of spending our hard earned money on a good meal. This day was a special day and I must say I had a wonderful experience. The server Zena, was wonderful. She was super polite and everything you want a server to be. The food we ordered was delicious and the restauant was quite. The owner of the place hand delivered our food.

With the lack of customer service these days I wanted to share a good note.


Snow Stroller Canada

By cdylan

I recently won a contest for a snow stroller from snowstroller canada. It came today and all I can say is WOW!!! It is very well constructed, looks very safe, and beautiful as well. I got the snowstroller deluxe, the green one, however it is darker than what is shown in the pic but i am still very happy with it. I would definitely buy these myself and may buy the double one when my daughter decides to have another baby, you can view and order them at

General Mills Canada Promotions Suck

By reviewer

I participated in the general mills book and magazine promotion and ordered the Olivia opens a lemonade stand book. However, due to a lack of a “do not bend” sticker, my book was folded at the binding and therefore broken and cracked (probably by Canada Post). When I called General Mills about it, I was told nothing could be done, and argh, I can’t even gift the book now, because of how damaged it is! I think General Mills promotions are just a rip off! I had a second code which I tried submitting but was told “try again later”, for which I just didn’t bother submitting after because it wasn’t that big a deal. I find with General Mills promotions, they either screw you over somehow by not having sizes, or books, or whatever!

Anyone else with a similar experience with General Mills promotions?


Lying Employees and Bad Customer Service at Walmart Canada

By Nora

I am writing this because I am very upset regarding one of the managers in the wal-mart located at Agincourt, 3850 Sheppard Ave. East, . The incident happened yesterday. I don’t remember the managers name but she was the manger of the cosmatic department . I went to buy some clearances chirstmas items off the shelf that had a Yellow big 75% sign off the regular price item, so i found it a good deal. I filled up my cart with whatever items that was on the shelf i like , 2 other people came and asked is this really 75% off, i said well if the sign says so than i think so. i waited in line for about 40 min to pay for my items which by the way is not normal to have like 5 people in front of me and about 8 behind me,, there was 1 express line casher and the one i was waiting at . Anyways my turn came up and the casher told me these items are reg. price. i told him that why is there a big sign that says 75% off these items. He said my manger told me these items are not 75%. I insisted that there was a sign because i saw it with my own EYES. so he calls the manager i’m complaining about ,he talks to her for about 8 min and than gives me the phone, i told her that there is a sign that says on the whole shelf 75% off she said okay i am going to look at the shelf. i waited for a good 10 min and keep in mind the big line up behind me and its the only one opened. she comes to me and tells me where is the sign . I WALK TOWARDS THE SHELF AND IT WAS REMOVED. i was so upset and i pointed where the sign was. First of all she was very rude to me and giving me the worst attitude you can ever give a customer, second she was basically calling me a liar or she is making me a lunatic, third she made me feel that i was pulling a scam of her so i can get these items for 75% off. i know i was played by the manager and she was making me a liar in front of everyone in front of the main doors, I didn’t appreciate that she made me look stupid in front of other customers. also isn’t the wal-mart logo the big yellow smiley face, why doesn’t the employee learn how to use the smile and put them on their face. In wal-mart the employee treat you horrible because they don’t care if their lose customers. Doesn’t the wal-mart’s website say “Wal-mart is committed to giving Canadians the best shopping experience in the marketplace by delivering everyday low prices, exceptional customer service, top-quality merchandise, and extensive community involvement, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.” Well i didn’t see any of that service at all.

But just to make something clear i went to a different wal-mart and bought the same items i wanted with the same discount of 75% off reg price. but when i saw them I took a picture of the shelf in case it happened to me again and another manager would removed the sign before i came to show them. Now i learned my lesson to when ever i step into walmart and see a discount shelf to take a picture of the sale item with the phone so they wont say I was lying.

I wrote an email and I want an apologyy…


Poor Store Maintenance at Zellers Canada

By Ariel

I was shopping at a Zellers in Toronto (Dundas west & Bloor street), and found that the store is poorly organized, the employees were all aggressive-looking (none of them wear name tags), and I found expired food items. I think Zellers should just stop selling food items, if they never sell. The inventory stock in this store is probably miscalculated, always overstocked, and lefted to expire. Like the chocolate bars near the cash had pictures of promotions that ended months ago (Cadbury find the key, ended in August!!! *milk separation puke*). Seriously, selling this kind of stuff for a few extra bucks is shameful for the Hudson Bay Company and disgrace for a Canadian retail store.

The thing that bugs me the most is the employees. There were so many employees, but none of them seemed to be doing anything, just walking around. They clearly over-hired employees and lefted them with minimum training.

I doubt they know anything about coupons. The only coupons in the store were many stacks of 50centsoff Nutella and the coupons were expired..big surprise. The overall atmosphere was depressing and unfriendly. The employees looked unhappy and only work there because they need a job.

(There is a major difference in store atmosphere when you enter the Loblaws next door of this Zellers. Really, immediately next door, the Loblaws store feels so much better, cleaner, roomier, and happier employees.)

I didn’t really have a chance to see clearly but I believe the shelves are old and paint weared metal, the ceilings old drywood paneling that turned gray, and don’t think they wash or waxed the floors recently.

I went in to see the “Midnight Madness” promotion, but couldn’t find the computer desk and chair that was on sale (for about $30). I asked an employee, but they said “they were out of stock” which was a total lie. Because I went the next day and found the desk for double the price (more than $60). There were people in the store, but strangely much more people were returning items at the customer service. Like more than 30 people were waiting in line to return things. Many of them were yelling, but the employees had worse behaviours and were giving back attitude. This shouldn’t be appropriate under any circumstance. Well, still it’s disgusting that they sell so much returned and pre-used items for a regular price.

The store manager obviously doesn’t care about this store and the standards are set to just “exceptional”.


Pricing Misprint at Canadian Tire

By irish

Store mislead by specifing a product that was on sale, when I went to purchase they told me that wasn’nt the product on sale. I stated to show me the product to which the assistant manager showed me a completley different product. When asked if she was the manager she stated yes. After approx 10 minutes of talking about the 7 tags that represented the product I originally had she stated she would contact the store manager. I stated you told me you were the store manager. This is another misrepresentation of Canadian tires part with assistant mangers that lie. She then contacted the little trogladite who was the store manager. When I brought up the issue of the product on sale in question being a reasonable customer who read the sale tag he stated that it was a misprint and it was not the actual product on sale. I laughed and stated he should take the 7 tags down and print them properly. Well he must have little man syndrome because he stated we will not! I stated you are then misrepresenting us as customers to a product that is not even on sale, furthermore I stated if I was to go and get any customer in the store they would also pick the item described in on the sale tag. The “manager Gord” stated that I was the 4th customer today to which I scarached my head and said well doesn’t that show you. I asked him to let me purchase the item at cost of sale price to which he said I can’t and won’t while the “assistant female manager began to laugh. I am so dissapointed as a loyal canadian tire shopper that this will discourage me from shopping there in the future. Customer service from the manager and lying assitant manager has gone downhill and I can only imagine the poor staff and angst they must feel working for two idots like these! I would have been fine if they noted the misprint and took it down to fix but not being the first customer to notice this and the mangers having attiude?? Good luck to this stores future treating people like this when walmarts around the block!


Rude Customer Service at Canadian Tire

By Robert Chisholm

I went into Canadain tire at Dundas and Trafalger road in Oakville). to see if Canadian tire sold cb stuff.Ron was no help I had to ask him to chexk other stores.He Said maybe 403 and Dundas store might have it. So i drove over to that store at 5.30 pm on sunday to check it out I ask the guy at automotive counter were I could find cb and antenna’s. his answer was in the cage over there ? I ask him were He said over there? I told this guy he great customer service i would like is help to show me were cb radio s are.I waiting for 15 minutes then left. this employee was a total jerk. I will will will never shop at Canadain tire Again I had to many bad expreince with your staff members, you have lost a lot off sales from customers. I talk to people they rather go to parts source or walmart. and pay the price for good service.try shopping at a store your employees piss off a lot people. you should trying doing that show Under cover boss.. I bet you $200.00 your employess would piss you off and you would fire them

sincerly Bob

Never shopping at Canadain tire Again I can buy else were