Do Not Buy Danier Gift Cards

By Mil

We purchased a gift card at Danier in Kingston, ON, which needed to be returned since it was not needed. The manager, Lisa, informed that she cannot return a gift card “because it was probably issued due to a return”. I had the purchase receipt in my hand. I asked her to cancel the gift card and return my money. She made several phone calls to no avail. She finally called Danier’s Customer Service number, who enforced to policy to not return the gift card. However, I talked to the customer service rep and told her that I would enforce my credit card company to return the funds and that there was no “no gift card returns policy” as per Danier’s receipt. She finally relented. I have purchase several thousand $$$ worth of items at Danier - no more. No thanks.

24 Responses to “Do Not Buy Danier Gift Cards”

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    Poirot says...

    No company will refund a gift card.

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    Ashley says...

    It’s unreasonable to ask a company to return a gift card because you bought it and don’t need it anymore. All gift cards everywhere are final sale.

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    Kat says...

    Mil, Gift Cards can never be returned

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    Jade says...

    I agree with the other posters here. No merchant will refund gift cards, no matter if you were the original buyer. It was unreasonable of you to ask. You were lucky to get your refund. What I would’ve done is try to sell your gift card on Craigslist.

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    Giacomo says...

    When you saw that they were going to give you a hassle to return the card, why didn’t you simply use it for yourself? After all you have spent several thousand $$$ from them in the past you could have bought yourself or someone else a nice gift.

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    Jenn says...

    Toys R Us will return a gift card as long as you have the original purchase receipt. I think it makes sense that you can return a gift card with a receipt just like you can anything else.

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    J says...

    As far as I know, there are no stores that will refund a gift card, even Toys R Us as the above poster mentioned. I don’t think Danier is in the wrong here at all.

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    Stahr says...

    When making any purchase (small or big) it is always best to ask about a stores return policy beforehand. If you do not agree with it, then you are free to shop elsewhere.

    Most stores will NOT refund gift cards. Period. You are lucky you received a refund and should be thankful for it, not bitter.

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    Tina says...

    Actually, if you paid for the gift card and have a receipt to prove it most can be refunded by the store.

    Gift cards in Canada can not expire - by law.

    They earn interest on your money, the sales reps usually don’t earn commission on gift cards and they don’t have to take back out dated stock etc.

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    Danier Customer Service says...

    Good Afternoon Mil,

    Thank you for your post regarding our Danier Leather Gift Cards. It is important for us to hear from our customers for our growth and improvement. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the store not informing you at the time of purchase, that the gift card would be non-refundable, however this is the normal policy and procedure for most retailers.

    In regards to your concerns, the Gift Card Policy is stated on the back of the Gift Card, it states, “This card will not be exchanged for cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen or used without permission”. If you have any further questions please contact us toll-free at 1-877-932-6437.

    Kind Regards,

    Danier Customer Service

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    Holly says...

    You’re very lucky to get a refund for that. Gift cards are final sale everywhere.

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    Lisa Hallman says...

    Yeah, I’ve always known the gift cards are final sale and cannot be refunded. I’ve never known of a place that would give you a refund. You are very lucky to have been refunded.

  13. I have never try it but i think they are refundable.

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    pinky says...

    What on earth would be the point of buying a “gift card” only to return it? If you want to give cash, give cash. God its unbelievable the sense of entitlement some of you people have.

    Beyond that it doesn’t make any sense for a retailer to refund a gift card, there is substantial risk of being defrauded by people pulling nonsense like that

    “I have purchase several thousand $$$ worth of items at Danier - no mor”

    If you purchase so much there, and imply you would be in the future if this hadn’t happened…why on earth didn’t you just keep the card to use on a future purchase? Sounds like you spent the welfare cheque to fast and wanted some cigs and a night at bingo.

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    P says...

    It sounds to me that:

    1) OP got refunded for a GC that is commonly known a final sale everywhere - very lucky.

    2) OP complained here, trying to trash a company that has offered him an exception out of kindness / or due to his bullying on the phone.

    It’s just like that a thief complaining about getting caught while stealing - maybe the example is too extreme, but you get the point, there’s no case here.

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    mary anne lemieux says...

    If the op spends “thousands” at danier, and implies only this incident is going to top him from shopping there…why not just keep the gift cards for personal future use?

    Most likely op spent the welfare cheque to fast and needed smokes and bingo money

    lol EVERYONE knows gift cards aren’t refundable, its common sense. What would be the point of selling gift cards if you could change them back to cash?

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    Summer says...

    no retail company on earth will allow returns on a gift card. I worked for Danier for 3 years and they have a really good return policy and generally will bend the rules if a customer insists. Asking for a refund on a gift card is rediculous… also, if you’ve spent thousands of dollars there in the past then why would it be so hard for you to spend whatever amount was on the gift card?

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    redder says...

    I agree she should have known betterthan to try to return a gift card. But that being said, why can’t we? Another poster mentioned them being able to collect money on interest, no restocking fees and no commission to sort out like a return. They make money off of stuff like this! If you have a receipt matching the gift card number they should have to accept it within a reasonable period of time, just like merchandise. At the very least I should be able to buy what I want with my gift card and than return the item and get my purchase price back, just because you paid with the gift card doesn’t mean you surrender the right to change your mind on something. This should have been changed when they deemed it unlawful for them to expire.

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    Jenn says...

    I have to laugh at the way people rush on here to bow down and worship a corporation. Mil should be “thankful” and she’s so “lucky”. Give me a break.

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