Decor Art Furniture At Fairview Mall


Decore Art Furniture store in Fairview mall is with really bad services, I Bought sofa from them they are really cheater that I pay them the whole amount they  send me floor model, when i complain, they said they will exchange with newone and now its almost 4 months they are hanging me next week next week………… So be careful when you buy stuff from Art Decore Furniture you should be really care ful.

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    OM_G says...

    I have a complain for you. How about you try to use proper English.

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    Harrassed says...

    Decor art furniture at Pickering town center is closing down by the end of July. I bought a dinning table from them and the sales person Odette said delivery charge was included, I also got a wall hanging. Then I liked a sofa but was not sure with measurements of my living room so she said she’ll put it on my bill till I confirm if I want to buy it or not as they cannot hold an item. I went the next day as the sectional sofa would not be suitable according to the design of my living room. She said she would cancel the order if I was willing to pay 25$ more for the decoration I had already purchased and taken home plus 50 $ for delivery charges or I would have to pick up the dining table. Now if I had know it would have to be picked up I would never have ordered it. After arguing for sometime as the delivery charges had nothing to do with buying the sofa and the decoration was already bought, she snatched my receipt from my hands and crumpled it up saying I would not get furniture or refund. I called 911 not knowing what else to do. The dispatcher was extremely nice and heard everything and spoke to Odette and she told the dispatcher the managers name Sammy singh which she wouldn’t give me earlier.Fnally she agreed that I owe them nothing and the furniture will be delivered coz she was not even canceling my entire order and I had no means to pick up. As soon as I got home in 15 mins my cell and hs ph was ringing, it was Odette telling me how much she hated talking to me but I would have to pay 25 $ or the delivery man would not unload, I asked to speak to the manager so she said he’ll call me back in 10 mins. Within 5mins she was calling again saying I needed to come back and pay 25 $ or pay the delivery guy and sign the invoice before they would unload the dining table and chairs or I should pick it up myself. They would deliver somewhere between Wednesday and Sun when it would be convenient for them. I hung up coz I was done with the nonsense. My receipt says Free Delivery. The second time when I visited I noticed all the furniture were marked up and Odette was selling one piece to a few people saying they’ll get a brand new one in a box in a few weeks.After all this harassment I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see the dining table I paid in full for. So I had to request a neighbor who just returned from vacation to please come with me with his trailer to get my dining table and chairs. Finally I got my stuff without hassle as Odette madam was off today. What a disgusting experience. Can’t believe people r actually cheating and robbing customers like this. Just because I went am a woman who went with 2 little kids they harassed me so much and tried to extract money in this manner.I have never in my life has a shopkeeper snatch a receipt out of my hand and try to destroy it, daylight Robbery dealing with these hooligans. Never again.
    Instead of seeing the language of others to the above OMG person how about u see the problem and harassment a shop can cause customers or are u the owner of this cheat shop??

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    adel says...

    never think to buy from this store .
    they are cheaters and they sell garbage quality.
    I bought a chair from them and it broke from fist time use and they refuse to refund my money.

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    mary says...

    I got a kitchen set from center point mall and i was really very happy about the product and the service wht they provided. they have very good variety’s and they are so different from what i see everywhere with grt prices.

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