Canadian Tire:Can’t return SH*T!!!‏

By Sandy

I suffer with Scoliosis & Fibromyalgia therefore comfort & support while seated at my computer are paramount. A friend ’surprised’ me with an ergonomic computer chair he purchased at Canadian Tire & assembled it for me as he knew I would be unable to.

Unfortunately, the chair did not provide the adequate support I needed so we promptly tried to return it to the Canadian Tire store where it was bought with our explanation for its return. Because my friend had inadvertently discarded the box which the unassembled chair was purchased in, Canadian Tire refused to offer a refund in return for the chair - even though the receipt was dated for the day before!

I could understand if they could only offer a store credit, but no. I’m stuck with a $100.00 chair I can’t use & one of us is out the money: If you’ve never known anyone who is trying to eck out an existance on Disability benefits, I can tell you that it’s well BELOW the poverty line!
A few months back I also tried to return a wind-up flashlight which only worked for a few minutes when I first brought it home - never to work again, but, because it wasn’t in its original packaging Canadian Tire would not honor the product they sold to me.
I have been a faithful customer of Canadian Tire most of my life - even worked as a cashier in the original location on Sheppard Ave. at Leslie St. in Willowdale while I attended school back in the 70’s, but if this is how Canadian Tire treats its loyal customers I can assure you that there will not be a THIRD time that I purchase a product which is not suitable or dysfunctional from you as I will cease to shop at Canadian Tire from this day forward!

I will get my car serviced at WALMART because I am treated with courtesy & quality work plus it’s cheaper. Anything that Canadian Tire sells, I can also get at WALMART for less!

Below is a picture of the chair I am stuck with as even posting an ad for it at HALFgetattachment the price on craigslist & kijiji is generating no response.

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    Joyce says...

    Although I feel bad that you’re stuck with a chair that’s not suitable…. I understand why CT is refusing the return. Without the original packaging, they can’t place the product back on the shelves.

    I believe most stores state that returns must be “returned in their original packaging”.

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    Radeyah says...

    well OBVIOUSLY, no place will except your return if it’s not in original packaging…lmao.

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    Chase says...

    I feel for you, but what can they do? Why would they take back a non-defective item that they can’t sell to someone else? Their only option would be to sell it at a loss as a clearance or floor display item without a box. Fact is that anyone could (and probably would) say that they are poor, have medical issues, have been a loyal customer for decades - but no store can make those kind of exceptions or a bunch of super cheap people would say whatever it takes to get the exception. Let’s face it, everyone believes -they- are special and deserving of special favours. Just be glad that it was a present.

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    francine says...

    Why do these ridiculous “reviews” keep getting posted here? It makes the site look ridiculous with the majority whining about things the store has done nothing wrong.

    Its not the stores fault that some of the customers are stupid!

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    Funkymunky says...

    While I agree with Francine, however CT could take the chair and sell it as display model - I original bought my office chair like that, assambled and no box.. so no biggie

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    Joyce says...

    Funkymunky: If CT makes an exception in this case…. then do they have to make an exception for each and every other case? This obviously wouldn’t work as CT would have a warehouse full of non-packaged merchandise.

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    Dave says...

    I agree 100% with Francine, these whiny babies are ruining the site.

    hey OP maybe due to your condition your friend should have you test out the chair before making a “gift purchase”. The amount of people on here who think they should be able to rent items for a period of time and then get their money back is mind boggling!

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    Katty says...

    I don’t understand why people would expect to return something to a store and get reimbursed without the proper packaging. OP, perhaps your friend shouldn’t have so hastily thrown the box away without making sure the chair actually works for you. I don’t think Canadian Tire is in the wrong here for this case.

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    Bri says...

    If he bought it the day before would the box not be in the garbage or recycling still?

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    MJ says...

    i understand your frustration, however, as a person who works in retail and has to deal with customers constantly trying to return non-returnable items….it usually clearly states what can and cannot be returned and how(eg. with original packaging and receipt etc…) This is not Canadian Tire’s mistake it is yours or your friends….Let’s not blame the store for doing their job….

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    slam says...

    Shop at Walmart. simple as that.

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    francine says...

    NO STORE, none, should be expected to take back something, no packaging, that there is nothing wrong with (the chair is at its designed to be, the op just didn’t like it), that they wont be able to sell. Buy it, use it….its yours!! WTH is wrong with you people?

    You “return” people would sure change your tune pretty darn quick if you owned a store it was happening at.

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    Nelia says...

    and that’s why they are known to be called “CRAPPY TIRE” and not “Canadian Tire”

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    RW says...

    For defective items, I believe most stores will ask for the packaging for all returns as they have to send it back to the manufacturer (that’s what the source told me when I tried to return a pair of $100 wireless headphones).

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    Ron Simmons says...

    This is the most ridiculous review I’ve ever heard. Go shop at Walmart with all the other lunatics that shop there!

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    HS says...

    I don’t know of any stores that will let you return an item without the packaging

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    fc says...

    Why was the box not able to be retrieved ?
    you said it was from the day before…
    was it recylcling day the same day he/she bought the chair??

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    Mike says...

    Make enough noise, and just about any store will do as you wish. Canadian Tire has big signs on the walls…………Satisfaction Gauranteed. Speak to a Manager and simply state that you are not satisfied and therefore CT is breaking their gaurantee.

    I am not advocating anything here but I do know that a Gaurantee is a Gaurantee.

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    joanne says...

    this stories is half told or been twisted, no men would have done such thing.

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    L.H. says...

    Canadian Tire does not guarantee satisfaction on everything in the store. They are signs to show which products are guaranteed. Even if you do have all the packaging and receipts, they may refuse to accept the return. I know this as I had an issue with a return and was told by the store and head office that as soon as a package/box is opened, they will not take it back. Some managers are way more accomodating than others. Walmart on the other hand will accept returns for pretty much anything.

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    Rassy says...

    Yeah ppl are ripping u a new one here.. but what did you expect? You cant return a product with out the box. If you are so particular about the comfort of your chair you should test it and keep the box in a spare room then after your test run if it doesnt meat your standards just return it.

    I understand you have some medical problems but that really doesnt win any fights with Customer service ppl have hearts but they dont change rules just cause you have special needs. LOL I think ppl lke this need to stop expecting favours and new rules just cuz they are imperfect.

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    Becky says...

    I agree with most of the responses that have been added. It would be hard for a company to constantly be returning items out of the box only to turn around and sell them as a “display” or “slightly used” item. The store would just look trashy then. I also believe most stores state how returns are expected to come back at the bottom of their receipt.
    As far as Mike is concerned, yes you could make some noise…but then you just look like a complete redneck loser who can’t read the receipt or understand the simple idea of returning an item just like you bought it….would you buy an item out of the box, which may be used, and still pay full price? I doubt it.

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    K says...

    Costco will take returns without the box. It’s called customer service.
    I no longer shop at Canadian Tire and one of the reasons is their lousy return policy.

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    Becky says...

    I can say as an ex-Canadian Tire worker that we were GLAD when customers like K said they wouldn’t shop at CT any more….one less stupid ignorant customer to deal with. Learn the rules of shopping and returns.

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    ccg says...

    Well i was laughing as I read that, if u bought it the day before, why the heck would you throw out the box?! i mean its a DAY!? u couldn’t of grabbed the box out of the garbage!? ..

    just seems fishy!! .. the whole one day before.. deal!

    also.. as everyone said .. returns with orginal packaging is always something stores follow..

    u could return something u used 30 days later but it needs a box.
    if u have a problem with the chair email the company who made it, and post it on craigslist and sell it! someone would of bought it if u had the reciept .. saying u just got it!?@?! DUH

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    Mitch says...

    >> Sandy <<
    amid all the negative comments (which there are lots) for your dilemma; which, I personally have returned products to Canadian Tire without the packaging and a credit has been issued, it all depends on which location you go to. Products I’ve bought at one store will not take back the product no matter if you have the receipt and packaging; however if you go to another location, in my case I’d return the product to a CT I shop at all the time and their attitude is much different. CT has areas in their stores which display previously owned items for sale. CT has had poor attitudes for customer service ever since their restructuring, so be-wary in dealing with them also ask the return policies at the cash before leaving.

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    SAL says...

    While purchasing a vacuum at a CT store the cashier clearly asked me if this was the product that I wanted to purchase since once it was removed from the box, I would no longer be able to return it.

    She mentioned all returns had to be in its original packaging.

    This message was also displayed quite clearly on the sales receipt.

    I was pleased that she mentioned this to me.

    Clearly no retailer accepts returns for non-defective products without their packaging. Walmart is garbage like the products they sell at their stores. You can return a car at a WM store and they will take it back no questions asked!!

    If you were a store owner/manager, would you break your own rules and make ad hoc exceptions all the time? Get real!!

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    James says...

    I agree with K. Canadian Tire is a joke of an outfit and I haven’t graced their stores since 2002. Most large stores I’ve been to (the biggest being Wal-Mart) have no problem refunding or exchanging an item that’s been opened, provided you didn’t use it or damage it. The whole attitude in Canadian Tire is that every customer is to be suspected of malfeasance until proven otherwise. Ordinary people just want good service and will, from time to time, have to return items after having opened them. Not everyone is Bonnie and Clyde.
    Piss on Canadian Tire.

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    James says...

    SAL, can you be any more ridiculous? Since when does any Wal-Mart sell cars? You undermine your whole argument with such nonsensical rhetoric. You also castigate Wal-Mart for selling “garbage”, yet the majority of what Wal-Mart sells can also be found in a Canadian Tire store.
    People like you have this sort of Stockholm Syndrome whereby you enjoy being treated like crap by retailers and begin to rationalize it and then defend it. Delusional would be a good word to describe your ilk.

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    James says...

    Becky, oh Becky. It’s rather ironic that you would label customers like K as stupid and ignorant when it’s you who had to work at a Canadian Tire. Stupid and ignorant are great adjectives to describe many of the workers who wander the aisles there, while trying to avoid customers.

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    Becky says...

    How would you know this James if you have avoided the place for eight years? The Canadian Tire I worked at was regularly recognised for it’s customer service. I will agree with you that some stores are not run properly but some are. Unfortunately you wouldn’t realise that because you avoid the company (and on behalf of them, THANK GOD!)

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    James says...

    All I have to do to know this, is hear how many people complain about Canadian Tire.
    Let’s see if you’ll be thanking God when you’re out of a job for your surly attitude.

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    a dude says...

    wow twice now u have thrown out the packaging before testing something out…….
    what have you learned? DONT THROW OUT THE DAMN BOX!

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    Becky says...

    Well James since that company put me through medical school, I highly doubt I’ll be out of a job any time soon. I do agree with you that a lot of people complain about Canadian Tire and I’m not saying that their complaints are not justified. But how often to people say what great service they had at a store? People are more likely to complain than to compliment is what I’ve found through all my years dealing with retail customers.

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    James says...

    You may be right, Becky, but when I get excellent service I tell everyone about it. Good service is so rare these days. I’ll even go so far as to send an e-mail to head office to commend the worker.

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    Becky says...

    I wish more people would tell their stories about good service they received instead of complaining. I spent many years working in retail and it gets a little depressing when all you hear are complaints when you know that you have helped and made more people happier than angry. Thanks James for being one of those happy customers who spread the good word!

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    There’s a reason we call it Crappy Tire.

    Becky, I’d love it if you would explain (in detail) how Crappy Tire put you through medical school

    As far as people not complementing employees on good service, it’s because THAT IS THEIR JOB. They are SUPPOSED to provide good service… kids these days.

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    Babalue Sanchez says...

    Hello “Chelly” (lol) Do me a favour and get stuffed.

    I’m quite serious as I would love to know how Canadian Tire put her through medical school. Please, I’m all ears!

    Did you scam them? Did you get on your knees and beg?

    PLEASE be sure to tell me how they put you through medical school!!

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