Canadian Tire-Where Is The Customer Service In The Auto Department??‏

By Ms.Henry

Canadian Tire is supposed to be a community based store. What happened to it? The Windsor West store in Ontario needs to have new customer service skills. They stand around socializing with each other. This is the opening Saturday morning shift, making customers wait while they socialize on company time. They make you feel that you are bothering them ;that is why so many people are going elsewhere. The front desk auto service people I am speaking of. Went to buy windsheild wipers for my car like I did for years and the made me wait while they had fun. They where going to charge me for the wiper of course but they where going to charge me more for the service of putting them on the car than the price of the wipers . I guess I will go elsewhere where customer servces still means something in the Windsor community when u buy their product and I will surely express my exprience to my other working class friend. I won’t deal with your auto department any longer. Sad!

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    hondamanic says...

    and they never have anything in stock when there is a sale!!!! I hate Crappy Tire!! It’s an imbarresment to a canadian company.

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    minitrukinmom says...

    Needed upper & lower rad hoses for my car. Not in stock, told if ordered they arrive tomorrow and store will call, had to prepay as they called it a special order. Went in next day found hoses came in the day I ordered store hadn’t called. Took paperwork & parts, headed for my car. Noticed the bill said (lets round the numbers)$40, I prepaid $60. Went to Customer Service,girl #1 didnt know how to handle situation called Parts guy, he didnt know how to handle situation called Manager. Manager said I shouldn’t of been given $40 invoice as that was their cost and the mark up of $20 profit made my cost $60 - that’s the way it is. Yes I could of asked for a total refund paying a restocking fee of $15, run around looking for the hoses to still pay $50. Gas is presently 1.06 per litre. I’ll go to this guy’s supervisor and the Better Business Bureau - and in future shop elsewhere.

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    teacher says...

    you know what’s an “imbarresment”? not being able to spell embarrassment!

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    exworker says...

    i used to work there, i know the horribleness of canadian tire. they need better training, better communications. such a big store but with not many workers, they should hire more. i dont get why people still go there and buy stuff!
    oh btw, if youre dealing with car parts, never ask anyone else except the parts department people because other department people have no knowledge about car parts. just like if youre working at the cashier, you wont know how to fix a car.

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