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Pottery Barn Canada: Sherway Gardens

By Stephanie

I went to Pottery Barn Sherway gardens with my baby stroller and toddler in hand - during the day when it is not so busy.¬† I tried to ask a salesperson¬† - politely - for help to find a lamp.¬† She looked at me and looked over at another older lady, much fancier dressed than I (of course I have 2 kids in tow) - she didn’t even say anything to me - she held her hand up to me and then walked over to the other lady to ask her if she needed help. WELL EXCUSE ME!¬† Just because I am with two (very quiet I may add) children and I am not dressed to the nines, does not mean you give me the “hand,” and go to another customer that LOOKS like they may spend more money.¬† She didn’t even SAY ANYTHING to me just the hand.¬† I almost started to cry!¬† I just walked right out of the store and went home.¬† WORST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. I am never going there again.¬† EVER.


No Frills - Cobourg - True Example of Customer Service!

By Shwa girl

Recently, I have not been too thrilled with shopping at No Frills. The Oshawa stores were restricting the number of coupons that can be used and each store manager was making up their own policy on coupons.

The Dole bagged salad was on sale (Thurs. June 7) for $1.  As usual, there were none on the shelf. I talked to the produce guy telling him that I had been in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He apologized for the lack of stock.  He then searched me out as I continued shopping and apologized again, telling he that he checked stock in the warehouse and that there was none for him to order.  He told me that I should see him next week and he will mark down some bags for me, for my inconvenience. What a refreshing change from my recent No Frills experience.

I would recommend the Cobourg store — this is not the first time they have provided good customer service.¬† Also, when there is a a big line up, they will call for another cashier and someone will open until the long line has decreased. I wish that Metro would learn this lesson in customer service from this No Frills location.


The Body Shop Canada Markv‚Äčille Mall

By Rene

This location has some of the most helpful sales people ever! I have really sensitive skin, and have had allergic reactions in the past that took months to heal. I didn’t realize they gave samples of products, but when I told them my story, they were so helpful in explaining about all the products and even giving me multiple samples of the line I was interested in so I could test out for myself if they would give me a reaction or not. When certain products were out, they also called other stores to hold products for me for upto 2 days because of my work schedule. My story has been told to future would-be customers, so that other people know it’s ok to be forthcoming about skin woes! A+ for customer service.


Team Buy Canada Fustrations

By Lisa
Is it just me or have other people had less than favorable experiences with Team Buy? I am batting 0 for 2. Both services I bought from them were either unreliable (no show house cleaning) or no longer in existence (or maybe never really did exist). I used one of my ‘credits’ to purchase a product from them and that was over a month ago now and nothing. So maybe I am 0 for 3….
Team buy offers me credits back on my account which I do not understand..I paid MONEY for these non existent services and got credit in return from a website that has unreliable vendors. I do not understand the logic…The credits are no good if their vendors can not provide the services that are paid for. I am really unimpressed and want to know if any one has had success in getting their money back from TEAM BUY or if they are also stuck with these useless credits….


Canadian Tire: Wrong Prices

I called several Canadian tires in my area for an electric grease gun, the one on the website shows a black one with the name UST the product number is 28-2700-8, the one at trinity in Brampton I called the employee went to check for me, and he said he had them he went to check and everything, he said yes it’s the same one, then I drove for an hour to that particular store, and they show me a totally different product, it was red, and had a different name brand, but it had the exact product # that was on the Canadian Tire web site, but a diff grease gun. They were very rude to me, I was not happy about this at all, they did not know what they were doing, and could not help me, this was a very upsetting day.