Walmart Canada Misrepresenting Advertised Prices‏

By Moe

Haagen Dasz ice cream (3 bar) was advertised in the Walmart flyer as $3.97. I was not suspecting them to gouge me for $6.97. As I was leaving I saw the bill went back to the cashier/ customer service. It took them 45 minutes … by taking out every damn excuse the picture was there the SKU was not there etc. In the end the assistant mgr says the Walmart and Walmart supercenter have different flyers. Any idiot can read the name of the store is WALMART. Stopping stealing from the very customers that support you. !!!!!!.

I will not shop at the WALMART Markville location.

BE warned of the robbers.

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    Bakermum says...

    Do you recall what the price of the product was on the shelf that you took it from? Walmart has a price integrity guarentee. That means, up to $10, you can recieve the product for free if the price was lower/different on the shelf then what showed up at the cash. I can’t believe they didn’t just refund your money, I work for Walmart and at my store we would have just given that to you for free. It’s true that the two stores do have different flyers, if you still have the flyer you saw the price in take the whole thing back into the store and show them.

    Sorry you had such a bad experience. :(

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    Aisling says...

    I don’t know how it works here, but at the Wal-Marts I worked at in the States, it was explained to me that there are three price levels of Wal-Marts and, yes, different prices for the Supercenter or and a not so Super Wal-Mart. As far as Wal-Mart is concerned, Wal-Mart is a different entity from Wal-Mart Supercenter, which is a different entity from, and in the States, we weren’t allowed to price-match between Wal-Marts. So, in short, be mad at Wal-Mart and not the poor employees who were just following company policy in order to save their jobs. Trust me, as a cashier, saving you that $3 is very much not worth risking their job, and Wal-Mart is *always* watching. I was told once that in any spot in a Wal-Mart, you have a minimum of seven cameras on you.

    So they’re not necessarily robbers, they’re just playing the market local to any particular Wal-Mart store. Possibly less than nice, but not “robbing.”

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    thatgengirl says...

    Wal-Mart prices change from store to store. I once bought a stroller in Victoria for $19.99 (regular price), but when a girlfriend wanted the same one, she couldn’t find it for less than $39.99 in Edmonton.

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    Dave says...

    They didn’t rob you, you just didn’t read the ad properly. Walmart and Walmart SuperCentres are different and thus will run different specials.

    Pay closer attention to the ad and you won’t make the same mistake again. You’re lucky they don’t sue you for slander.

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    Anonymous says...

    It’s true that Walmart and Walmart Supercentres have different prices.

    From what I’ve been told, you must bring the Supercentre flyer in for us to pricematch it.

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    JSAM's Mom says...

    But since Walmart price matches, what’s the issue? If I take a supercentre flyer to my regular Walmart (we have 2 in our town, but the supercentre is across town from me), they always do a price adjustment.

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    Alex says...

    PBS Frontline show about Walmart:

    “Jon Lehman worked for Wal-Mart for 17 years, managing six stores in four different states before he left the company in 2001…”

    “What is the opening price point? Why is it so key to Wal-Mart’s strategy?

    OK, it’s lawn-and-garden time. Your grass is getting high. Your lawn mower is broken from last year, or you need a new lawn mower. You’re going to go to Wal-Mart. So you go to Wal-Mart, and you’re looking for a lawn mower, and to your delight, you walk in, and you see this $99 lawn mower. You may not want a cheap, basic lawn mower, but you see that price point on an end cap or a big display stack base, and you say, “Wow, what a great price.” And it draws you in. It lures you into the department, and you form the perception immediately that “Hey, Wal-Mart’s got the lowest prices in town. Look at this item right here. How could they sell it for $99?” …

    But as you walk into the department and look for that $269 power-drive lawn mower that you really are after, they’re not losing money on that item. And it may not be the lowest price in town. Wal-Mart used to advertise “Always the low price.” They don’t do that anymore.


    They got in trouble. Some of the other competitors sued them, tried to go after them and say, “You can’t say ‘Always the low price,’ because you’re not always the low price.” They did a study — a very critical study, very thorough study — and found that Wal-Mart was not always the low price. And Target and Kmart got a little miffed, and some other competitors that [said], “How can Wal-Mart advertise this and it’s not true?”"

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    Francince says...

    Next week the op will ba back whinging she took zellers flyer into the bay, and not only did they not match the price they didn’t have the product at all. Jesus the things people complain about here…take some responsibility for your own mistakes

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    Alex says...

    Here is where many present and former Walmart employee’s post:

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    Ron Simmons says...

    That is why I never shop at Walmart!!!

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    Amanda says...

    I try to not shop at walmart because of this customer service related issue but also the way they treated me when I interviewed there for a job in high school. They held me up for three hours with personality tests and all sorts of crap only to tell me that my availability would not work at the end of the three hour long interview. My availability was pretty noticable from the beginning of the interview….or better yet from the application.

    Walmart was founded on great principles but the current management is pretty ridiculous….they don’t value their employees or the public that shops there. The customer is rarely right. If you ever return anything they copy all your license information and store it, which I also dislike.

    I have seen advertisements and shelf prices that don’t match up but to get anything price matched you have to wait hours in customer service and often they won’t be reasonable….and don’t even attempt a price match from electronics. Their furniture falls apart. The electronics break down. I’ve seen them come into town choke the competition by cutting prices ridiculously and then jack up the prices when all the other stores go out of business….so much for low prices always. I think they are an abusive corporation.

    The sad thing is that I would love to avoid them completely, but I find I end up having to go there once a year or so for some item I cannot find anywhere else. I hate walmart but I go there anyways. Grrrrr!

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    Alex says...

    Workers question union battle
    By Allison Lampert, Canwest News Service April 26, 2010

    Read more:

    “Yet unlike employees at other stores, St. Hyacinthe workers — a mix of students, single moms, parents and retirees — can challenge Walmart’s decisions through the grievance process, he said.
    “I have the right to talk without fear of reprisals”

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    Cal says...

    I was thinking exactly that,

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    Alex says...

    Workers question union battle
    By Allison Lampert, Canwest News Service April 26, 2010

    “Yet unlike employees at other stores, St. Hyacinthe workers — a mix of students, single moms, parents and retirees — can challenge Walmart’s decisions through the grievance process, he said.
    “I have the right to talk without fear of reprisals”

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    Chase says...

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find the anti-Walmart Jehovah’s Witnesses really freakin’ annoying? We get it! You don’t like Walmart! Can’t you just let other people mention Walmart and maybe have some kind of discussion about the issue brought up by the OP without trying to turn it into the same old endlessly rehashed stuff about how they mistreat their employees and hate Canadian business and are taking over the world and all their products are made entirely from fuzzy baby animals.

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    Alex says...

    Walmart is about the worst of the worst.

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