Stupid Question on Walmart Canada Survey

By Shoppingirl

I am an avid shopper at Wal-mart and yesterday I looked at my receipt and saw that they were requesting that you take a survey for a chance to win $1000 in Cdn Wal-Mart Gift Cards. So I jumped at the opportunity to take the survey. As I was nearly finishing the survey they asked me questions about my gender age, and race. The question that threw me by surprise was the first question that asked “Are you of Hispanic or Latino decent?” I was stunned. What kind of question is that? How dare they ask me such a question!I am a proud Hispanic Canadian citizen however I do not feel that any customer should be asked a question like that on race. What purpose would it serve? Will that better their customer service? No I doubt that. So why have it there? I found it completely offensive at that being the first question they ask. Then ask you continue it asks if you care Caucasian or other races. Why would they even think about having such a question? I quickly emailed the head office demanding to know for what reason they needed an answer to just a question as that. Has anyone else taken the survey and questioned why that there?

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    Ashley says...

    Several surveys I have taken have asked the same thing, it’s not to be offensive but rather to ensure they are getting a good cross sample of the population when they interpret the results.

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    Lulu says...

    True…it is merely to interpret their customer base. Nothing personal.

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    J says...

    I’m a visible minority, and I have never been the least bit offended when there have been questions about race/ethnicity on surveys. Lulu and Ashley are correct, they’re just trying to determine their customer base, which is a good thing.

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    J says...

    I also wanted to add that questions about age/gender/race etc are usually optional questions, so you don’t have to answer them if you’re not comfortable doing so.

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    Rob says...

    Help them with their demographics by dirtying the data. Tell them you’re super rich, a professional, a company owner, make over $200K/yr, and only finished elementary school. Then add 15 ethnicities.

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    rachel says...

    i’m from the southern US, and while that may seem like an appalling question in canada for you, it’s thrown out there like its no big deal absolutely everywhere in the states. be proud of your hispanic heritage!

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    Ashley says...

    I think you’re completely over-reacting. It’s just a question, if you don’t like it, don’t answer it. Those questions are usually optional, and it’s to help Walmart track their demographics.

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    thatgengirl says...

    There’s usually a “prefer not to say” option; but for the record, if asking that questions means Wal-Mart will be importing more of my favourite Latin foods, then I’m all for it. I was beyond elated when I discovered they were carrying my favourite brand of tostadas.

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    Alex says...

    I would never trust information to a company like Walmart.
    They have already been exposed for taking out life (really death) insurance policies on their lower level employee’s without their knowledge and approval.

    See below:
    Does your boss want you dead?

    “Right now, your company could have a life insurance policy on you that you know nothing about. When you die — perhaps years after you leave your employer — the tax-free proceeds from this policy wouldnt go to your family. The money would go to the company.”

    “Mike Rice was a 48-year-old assistant manager when he died of a massive heart attack at the Wal-Mart store in Tilton, N.H. His widow, Vicki, became the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against the company after she discovered Wal-Mart collected $300,000 from a life insurance policy it owned on him. Vicki Rice believes job-related stress contributed to the heart attack and says it is totally immoral for Wal-Mart to profit from his death.”

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    nspoly says...

    i did so many survey like canadian superstore/walmart etc and all of they ask such a stupid Q ! it seems to me they wanna make sure to giving the prize only perticular origin! its stupid and simply racial Q. Everytime i feel confused to ans those q.i agree you

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    Jessica says...

    Honestly, I have no idea why you would be offended by this. The point of these surveys is to see which ethnic group shops at the stores more than the others. For example, if a store has a 80% Italian (Im using this because I am Italian) than they would have more Italian items. Do not take offense to this because it is not racist it is simply them trying to make their store better.

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    hoppy says...

    WHy does Boo even post these in the “Reviews” section? It makes the site look ridiculous.

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    pluckychick says...

    Why does SC even post these “complaints”? The whole review section is ridiculous

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    nazi says...

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    jessica says...

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    nazi says...

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    B.Mcphee says...

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    Condaleeza Rice with Obama Stew says...

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