Rogers Users, Be Aware of the Phone Number They Assign You!

By CentrallyCalm

We recently moved further north, to a remote little area not well populated. ¬†In fact, my house doesn’t even have phone jacks and the township doesn’t even plow to my driveway on my road in the winter! ¬†Enough said. ¬†I opted for a Rogers Rocket Hub, to provide me with both telephone and internet capabilities.

Thankfully, we are on enough of a hill, that the service works (not too bad, but with some more tweaking at the company level, we’ll get this working even better). ¬†It’s not bad though.

The first bill arrived yesterday.  It was over $300!  I just about ditched the van!  I was in shock!

The breakdown, so you can keep up to speed with me: ¬†$20 for unlimited long distance. ¬†So, I wasn’t charged for anything like that. ¬†And, my regular Flex-Rate plan for internet, depends on usage. ¬†But, what’s this DL (download) with a company which offers ring tones! ¬†Over $117. ¬†And text messaging? ¬†I don’t have text messaging and I don’t have ring tones. (the balance was for part of one month, and advance on the next).

So what happened? ¬†The phone number assigned to me, only a few weeks ago to my Rocket Hub phone number, was formerly somebody else’s cell phone number. ¬†Believe it or not, the cell phone number which the former person had, was only out of service about THREE WEEKS!

This meant, that every service, premium or otherwise, which the person had before me subscribed too, was following the number!  It went right to the next owner of the phone number, which is ME!

Believe it or not, it is true.  I have the bill to back it up.  It is even written on the actual Rogers bill, the third party (a website and 877 phone number) to contact them.

When we contacted the 877 number, the lady on the other end was VERY helpful and acknowledged that there ‘could be’ an error, and she was ‘refunding me $20 to cover the cost.’ ¬†But wait a minute, the cost was over $117, how was $20 going to cover the cost?

She simply said, that was the best she could offer, but what she couldn’t understand was ‘how it could be $117, because their services only bill at a rate of $10 to $13 per MONTH!’ ¬†So, the best she could refund, was what she considered about two months worth of services, at $10/month. ¬†Just trying to please the customer.

So, back to Rogers. ¬†We called them back, and to this point, they were only willing to reduce the erroneous charge by 50%. ¬†I said to the very patient Rogers employee, “you don’t understand, YOU (meaning Rogers) and I, are being billed, by a third party company, for charges YOU can’t explain and you are not wondering who, what, when, how, and why this could be happening?” ¬†I said, “you know Rogers may be able to take a loss of $50 odd dollars, but that’s groceries for my family! and I can’t afford to have this happen or be repeated!” ¬†He was patient, I have to admit. ¬†I was not yelling at him, but I was very frustrated. ¬†When we called back, the Roger’s employee, ‘this time’ we called, KNEW EXACTLY about this type of charge (how interesting, that one employee knew and the other had me on hold for near an hour, trying to get some help, in order to assist me!). ¬†The second employee, QUICKLY gave me a complete reversal of ALL funds from the third party. ¬†AND looked to next month
s bill, and found charges that would be added to then, as well.  (she took next months third party charges off already!)  Then, I requested my phone number be changed to one that has not been in use for a longer period of time.

Bottom line #1:  when being assigned a phone number, ASK when it was last in use.  Get one that is VERY old, to avoid this nightmare!

Bottom line #2: Read your bills very closely! ¬†This third party, appeared like a ‘normal’ charge on this bill. ¬†Had this not been my first bill, I may have not noticed it… but I was waiting to see the cost of operating the Hub; so I was scrutinizing more carefully.

Bottom line #3: ¬†Don’t take the first deal that a company offers you. ¬†The 50% was NOT okay. ¬†100% was what was appropriate… if you are entitled to a refund, get the entire amount, don’t settle because someone isn’t “authorized” to give you more back. ¬†If it’s your money, and there is no doubt about that, then get the supervisor if you need to. ¬†Money is not free, don’t let a big company weasel their way to keeping what is yours. ¬†(and Rogers was not trying to weasel this time, it was simply that this person didn’t have authority to place more of a credit on my bill; so he said. ¬†I try to remain non-confrontational about it).

Bottom line #4: ¬†Share with your friends about this story, because they may be paying for something that they really aren’t using!

I am very happy with the service which both companies provided, both the third party, and Rogers.  I was patient with them both, and they worked to get this fixed.

If you require more information, because you have seen something on your Rogers bill show up and you think that this all sounds familiar; please message me, and I will be happy to confirm if that is the same company. ¬†I don’t want to give them extra press or advertise their name.

Best wishes, happy saving!

P.S. ¬†The first employee at Rogers also admitted, his findings into this matter proved that this service wasn’t even able to be utilized on the Rogers Hub. ¬†That’s because it was for a cell phone number! ¬†Not, a regular phone number. ¬†The thing is, that the Rocket Hub, is wireless. ¬†So, that means you are being assigned a number which ‘could have been’ a cell phone number in the past… because technically; it’s not a land line.

If you are considering a Rocket Hub, I can tell you that it works and I am in the middle of no where.  I run my computer (wireless) off of it to power the internet and my cordless phones.  They plug into the Hub itself and everything is cordless (except where it plugs the main parts into the Hub and wall outlet).  So, there is alternative to long distance for phone calls.  All Canada, $20 a month, unlimited.  not a bad deal; given that EVERYONE is now long distance to me!  LOL

15 Responses to “Rogers Users, Be Aware of the Phone Number They Assign You!”

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    seniora says...

    I completely believe your story and relate to it.
    Don’t get me started on Rogers and their inconsistent customer service reps.
    Each one says something different from the other, each one does something different, and I don’t usually find out until I get the bill. I dread the time when I have to renew my wireless contract with them, I HATE IT.

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    greentires4me says...

    if anything like that happens again take it to the CRTC they are the ones who regulate the cellphone companies…my dad has done that numerous amounts of times. I got out of having service with them but before I could try to get out of the service with them they stated that I would have to pay for a contract which I had no contract so it didn’t make sense. After I had cancelled my service with them a month later I got a bill stating I owed them 50$ then a month after that another bill for $70. But I had cancelled it but some how they said they had a record I cancelled some of my plan but not all of it…yet they sent out a statement that I had cancelled my account and thank-you for 6 years of service with them. I had to go through the CRTC to get them to back off and renounce their claim that I owed them all that money.

    Sure now they had this if you damage your phone you get a new one but that is only if you have a 3 year contract.

    I know exactly how ya feel seniora I had the same problem with customer service reps so ever time I would call I would ask for the floor supervisor or direct supervisor to avoid to get the slap in the face theory. They used to have good customer service several years ago before they laid off more then 15,000 employees through-out Canada. Supervisors some times will be able to do more then the those sitting answering the phones and redirecting you 3 million times.

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    RogersElise says...


    I am Elise from Rogers social media team.

    First of all, I’d like to apologize for what seems a very frustrating experience and thank you for your patience with dealing with us.

    Our team’s role is to get customers feedback where it is, on blogs, forums and Twitter, and try and help where we can. You sorted out this situation by yourself and that’s great. You are giving your feedback that will be helpful to our customers and to ourselves, that’s even better.
    I’d like to say to any person who stumbles upon your blog post and may need help for an issue with Rogers that they can contact the @RogersHelps team on Twitter. I am myself @RogersElise.

    Seniora and Greentires4me, don’t hesitate to reach out. You too, Centrally Calm, if you have a question to ask or more feedback, I’ll gladly talk to you!


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    AngelicMama says...

    Dont even get me started on Rogers. I have been lied to through and through with them! In ONE day, I had 4 different reps LIE to me about my situation INCLUDING the manager….then I had my dad call and they told him YET ANOTHER story! I am passed the point of fed up with them for MANY different things.

    Greentires4me, what is the crtc? I would LOVE to contact them about my current issue. Elise, I would contact you or rogers via twitter but dont have a twitter account. And dont plan to get one personally.

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    spomenka says...

    Hello RogersElise
    I want to say that Rogers is an amazing cell phone company. I had seen an error due to me watching my cell phone usage online and then called in and one of your reps in Rogers department was amazing and helpful. Understanding that it was not proper to be charged for 2 texts that where in my5 deal. So he reversed the charges and fixed it automatically. That is the kind of service I demand and respect.I cannot say anything bad about Rogers.When my contract ends in 2011, I may resign if my fianace does. You guys are the only ones that understand how we want to be treated and not for a bankload of money. Rogers understands the normal human being

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    Ming says...

    total Agree with you. Just had similar experience few days ago and Rogers Rep was really impatient and finally he just hang up my phone. How bad service it was.

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    tudorchick says...

    i scrutinize everything.i may be anal retentive but it did good here.doesn’t sound like you were rude at all or impatient just wanted your you should.good job.sometimes companies as big as this let things slide and hope no one will notice or that no one will fight hard enough to set things right

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    Just Saying says...

    Good advice centrallycalm, and glad this worked out for you. I can’t imagine moving into a new home and being billed for the last tenants’ utility usage, which is almost exactly what happened to you.

    I know telephone numbers get recycled, and, in the city of Toronto, there is a big demand for an area code 416 number, so this may happen again. There should be a method to “purge” all contracts and obligations to a number when the owner gives it up.

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    Asa Awtry says...

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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    babygurljrl says...

    I have a problem with my new ogers home phone number with credit card comanies/collection agencys/etc calling all hours (until like 8 pm, during supper, etc) looking for some woman whom i have never met and never lived with me..I try to explain to them that this is a number i just got hooked up and that iit mst have been this persons number previusly,but usually it tends to be someone with a heavy accent that cant understand me and I end up getting frusterated and just hanging up..I tried calling Rogers a cuple times but i always get that “high call volume” recording then they proceed to play music in my ear for twenty minutes, at which time my four year od and 16 month old are screaming, fighting and tugging on my arm/leg/etc, lol..So i usually end up hanging up after about 15-20 minutes..I will definitly be calling during their nap on Monday because it is really really annoying. It is pretty bad that i am paying them to provide service to me and a phone number and i am getting harrassed by these agencies as a result..I think Roger’s need to step it up..I will definitly be asking for a new number, although i really didnt want to have to change my number as everyone knows it now and i ahve called everywhere to notify them of this new number, o now im going to have to do that all over agin…Not to mention it will take me about a week to memorize the next new one, and i am sure they will charge me some fee to change the number in the first place…UGHH!..Well now that i have vented about Rogers I feel much better!! Sorry for the long post…

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    Randomdude says...

    Hey guys, I work customer care in Canada for T mobile. I understand your frustration guys but i gotta tell you I highly doubt anyone lied to you. There are a few things that you gotta keep in mind when you are dealing with someone in customer care. First of all that person is just at a job, and depending on the shift they work and the way the communicate with you, they may talk to anywhere from 20 to 65 customers that day. These people are constantly in the position of balancing on the line between doing exactly what the customer is (in general) demanding and what they can do without being fired. Go to customer care not with demands but questions, ask for information, in general customer care is trying to help but they also need to try and figure out what is going on. If you start it as a fight it will always be a fight. Yes alot of reps have bad habits in dealing with customers but its always give and take. When a customer makes a joke, or has good manners its ridiculously refreshing. Try and remain calm but do stick your ground, if you are going to escalate to a supervisor that’s fine but don’t do it as an attack. If you just yelled at me and I go to my supervisor to present my case how do you think Ill present it? On the other hand, if you had been joking with me and said, Its not your fault but I would like to talk to your supervisor. How do you think I’m going to present it then?
    I’m not saying their are not bad reps, but most people are just trying to get thought the day.
    Keep notes, remain calm, make jokes, and move up the line. Mistakes are made don’t focus on that but the resolution.
    Bottom line is this, you are both put in this situation, no body involved is having fun… If you are asking for a favour don’t yell at me first.

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    Randomdude says...

    Oh i should say, that i doubt people lied to you on purpose, which kinda makes it a mistake.

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    Some dude. says...


    I am a representative for technical support for AT&T wireless. I’d like to take a moment to address some of the concerns voiced here.
    It is a sad by-product of a call center’s nature, and particularly that of outsourcing, that some representatives are extremely poor at their jobs. A portion of the headsets at call centers are worn, unfortunately, by 18-year-olds fresh out of high school who, for lack of a better term, simply do not care. However, I would like folks to bear in mind that, if you are as patient and polite as the good representatives (not to boast, but, like myself) they are more than willing to do everything we can to help you. An angry, impatient customer isn’t going to receive the same level of service as the polite, understanding ones. Understand that when we tell you we’d like to put you on hold to do further research, we’re actually doing that. Well, I am, anyway. You’ve got a poor, rude rep on the line? Go to their supervisor. It’s not a threat to that rep, in any way, and the super won’t lie to you. If a representative is caught lying to a customer, they will be coached, and told not to do it again. If the super lies, they’re in serious trouble.
    Now, I work technical support, so I can appreciate the fact that most customers who reach me have already dealt with 20+ minutes of Customer Care, who are not very well trained to deal with technical issues. So it’s completely understandable that they’re not in the best mood at this point. But every customer I’ve had who was irritated in any way was relatively happy by the end of the call. You know how? Because I actually want to help them. I know it’s hard to believe, but some of us really value the nature of our jobs and genuinely want to help people.
    Here’s the bottom line; if you are nice to the representatives, they will be nice to you. We’re only doing our job, and the ones who aren’t doing it well will not remain in that job field for very long.

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