- Horrible Shipping and Wrong Order‏

By Digi

I placed an order on

After seeing it featured on the Blog, I assumed it would be reliable.

Boy, was I wrong.

They supposedly have great shipping, with items being received 1-7 business days (1 day for GTA, which I am located in).

It took almost 1 month! I ordered on a weekend, so it was shipped on the 25th last month. I did not receive it until yesterday, the 18th.

During that time I contacted them and they said they were going to contact CPS..nothing else. No updates, nothing.

Well, when I received my order, I thought all was well..until I opened the box.

My husband’s name and our address was printed on the outside..but the packing slip and item was for someone else! I now have this lady’s information, including her phone number.

I called them and they said I would have a replacement TODAY..not here yet, so we’ll see how long it takes and if it’s right, this time.

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    Hugh Heffner says...

    That’s what you get for being very naughty

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    Ashley says...

    I’ve ordered from them several times with no issues or problems. The item you ordered was probably out of stock and the site wasn’t updated. I’m not saying it’s right…hopefully they will get you what you ordered soon.

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    chantal says...

    Ive used them a few times never had an issue and they always shipped item descreatly

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    Nina says...

    I had the same problem, you live and learn I guess:(

  5. Hi. I am sorry that it took so long for me to see this post and I must apologize for the service you received from my company. As you can see from other posts, we are a top notch ecommerce outfit that ships out faster than We pride ourselves on shipping out any orders received by noon EST the same day. My email address is if you and anyone else has any issues with PinkCherry please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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    opiate_250 says...

    Not sure what every ones problem is. Heres my experience.

    I placed an order with this company, and there was an error. I contacted the company, and they responded quickly, and professionally. Which was completely unnecessary considering I was being a dick, after reading all these negative comments. We found out the error was all my fault, and we shared a laugh.

    I placed my order a second time, and within 5 days it arrived. Not bad considering I live on the other side of the country. Sadly my order was not quite what I was hoping for, but again that was all my fault. I knew that might be the case when I placed the order.

    All in all,’s customer service and shipping were both top-notch in my experience. I will definitely order again.

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    Craig says...

    I am unhappy with the service I received from I made an order for four items on March 22, 2012. I received four items, but only two of them matched the packing list and were the correct items I ordered.
    So in order to get the items I actually ordered, I had to return the wrong ones and wait till they were received before being sent the correct ones. Once they received my return, they emailed me a shipping order for the correct items. The shipping order was wrong, it had two items to be replaced but only one of the two was correct. Luckily when I informed them on this error they were able to send the correct item before receiving the return shipment.
    So I receive the two shipments and they have made the same error they did on the first shipment. The items are incorrect. Fortunately the second shipment, the one I pointed on in email, was correct. I now have three out of the four items I ordered after three shipments and a return order.
    Again I return the incorrect item and this time the replacement is correct. The date of arrival, May 8th, 2012. My order is completed.
    In case it’s not clear, what I was displeased with was having the onus on me to return the items they incorrectly sent me before they would rectify their error. Also upsetting is the wait times since they would only send the correct items upon receiving return shipments. However, for some reason they were able to send me the correct item before receiving a return when I pointed out their shipping order was wrong.
    The customer is left to bear the inconvenience caused by their error. Dealing with customer service was also unpleasant as they offer little in the way of empathy and effective resolutions for their mistakes.
    Also disconcerning is the items are not plastic seal wrapped or have any breakable seals. They can be taken out and replaced without any indication.

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    Kitte says...

    Is there proof that they are shipping out orders that have already been shipped to other people? Just returning merchandise doesn’t mean that they are sending it back out to clients.

    when we get return merchandise, it goes in a separate location where it is returned to the product manufacturer as a Return Merchant Authorization, and we get back the cash we spent on the items that could not be sold. We are not out a penny, and we don’t send out other’s previously received merchandise.

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    Anne says...

    I stumbled on this and just want to add my 2 cents- I have total faith in PinkCherry- I have used them about 6 times and have had amazing customer service and amazingly fast shipping. The one time I had an issue with a defective product it was dealt with professionally and quickly. I highly doubt they send out used products- there is no way they could be as big and popular by doing that! And as for that guys confusing story- I guess things do get messed up at times- but it was sorta hard to follow his story.

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