Med Spa Toronto; Rushed Terrible Service‏

By Catherine

I purchased a package of 2 services for Med-Spa through TeamBuy, I was very excited to have a professional skincare place treat my skin. This was also the first time I had got 3 other friends to buy in too- and now I’m humiliated at the poor service the med-spa provided. The woman who saw me there was rushed, and rude. She did the micro dermabrasion (counted as 1 treatment) then slapped an enzyme mask on my face (counted as second treatment) left the room for 5 minutes, came back washed it off and ushered me out the door. That was by far the worst facial I have ever experienced. There is no relaxstion involved, it was very literally like 15 minutes of her time maximum. I would have been insanely irate if I had received that kind of service and had paid full price for these treatments. I can’t help but wonder if she treated me so rushed and hurried because I had already paid through TeamBuy. What a sad operation.

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    Chase says...

    That’s my main concern about buying through sites like that… you don’t know if the person is going to think “oh they only paid half price so they can’t complain if I only give half the service”. Kind of like buying hotel rooms through Hotwire etc - there’s always the chance that they’re going to stick you in the tiny room by the noisy elevator because you’re not a full “paying customer”. It’ll bite them in the rear though because I bet you’re not going back for a full price treatment.

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    zg08 says...

    Well, it’s different for a hotel since if the room is not sold, it’s gone. Where is facial not performed means the owner saves on labour costs. Teambuy purchases are designed, i would imagine, to introduce customers to something new, to promote the business etc.

    For services such as skin or nail care, it’s the professional that makes or breaks the deal, not so much the price. If I were to receive a good treatment for half price, I would most likely come back again and again.

    In any case, sorry to hear about your experience.

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    kavita says...

    Thanks for the review- I was thinking of trying their facial/ microderm… but definitely won’t now…

    You can absolutely get burned using team buy for certain services…

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