Lies & More Lies from Weed Man

By Colin Hendry

I have received 6 (six) phone calls from 5 different people at Weed Man urging me to have my lawn sprayed for grubs.

Four of those people first said that they had seen the signs of the grubs, then they changed their story to say that the technician had seen the grubs. The lady said today that every body has grubs so you have to spray for them.

I have told each person in turn that I am not satisfied with the WEEDS in my backyard. Weed man is supposed to have sprayed the weeds. Each in turn , except the lady today told me that someone would be out right away to spray it again. I have not seen anyone her in the last week. The lady today tried to tell me that I have to phone the 1-866-989-0399 number to complain. I have phone no less than 5 times and been told that the office is closed including today at 4:45 PM.

I tried to send a message but I am told that I cannot contact the officwe without a customer number; what the hell is that?

To say that I am upset (long way past that), angry (understatement), extremely mad (CLOSE). We went back to your company after a 2-3 period, when I had cooled down, my wife had renewed after too numerous calls (do you people not respect the do-not-call protocol?), and now you are harrassing me again about a situation and a treatment that no one in your office knows I need; just that your company will collect, $107.00; not $90.00, no $95.00–what in the Hell is the real fee or do the people who call have free range to lie about that too.


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