D.S.I. Security Systems Inc.

By Lisa

On December 4th we had a fire in our house. our dog was the first alert and then the smoke detector went off. It was about 2:00 in the morning and thankfully we all got out. barefoot in the snow but we all got out. when we ran out of the house though, we banged on neighbours doors and nobody woke up so my boyfriend had to run back into the house twice to find a phone to call 911 with. it’s really hard to judge how long that actually took but i am going to guess 5-10 minutes. Plus another, say 5-7 minutes for the fire trucks to get there.

Here’s the thing though, a month before I called DSI, our monitoring company for our alarm, and I was going to cancel the service. I didn’t when the sales person told me that we had 24/7 fire monitoring even if the alarm isn’t activated. That peace of mind was valuable to me so I kept the service.

The whole time the fire was going on and spreading through our house, apparently DSI only got 3 “pass test” (or something) signals. apparently when they initially installed the system in 1998, the only heat sensor they put in was in the basement. DSI is telling me that the technician that set up the monitoring for us a year and a half ago told me that. ’cause apparently he can remember our exact house and exactly what he said to me a year and a half ago. if i was smart enough to keep the service for the fire protection, why wouldn’t i choose to have the appropriate device to make it work?

Anyway, we can only guess how much less we would have lost if DSI did what they promised to do but as it is, we have lost more than half of what we own.

When I spoke with a DSI supervisor since the fire they had absolutely no compassion, didn`t even say that they were sorry to hear about our loss, or ask if we are all ok. After telling the supervisor that I wanted the service cancelled immediately, he could not even tell me if the monitoring fee scheduled to come out on the 20th would still be coming out nor did he say that the payment would be reimbursed.

If you think that you have fire protection through your alarm company, please look into it. you may not be as safe as you think.

And for those of you that have DSI, I highly recommend ditching them because not only did they fail to protect us but they will make things up to cover their inadequacies.

D.S.I. Security Systems Inc

1665 Dugald Road

Winnipeg, MB R2J0H3

Website: www.dsitechnical.com


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    Ashley says...

    I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope you and your family are all ok! What terrible service from DSI! Why would they only put a heat sensor in the basement…that doesn’t make sense. The most important place to have a sensor would be near bedrooms in the home. That is terrible service and treatment.

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    Robert says...

    Wow, that is unconscionable. Thanks be to Google for this review popping up as I was looking into DSI, considering the company for my new home. Will definitely buy from another company. I hope your family has a safe and enjoyable holiday and thank you for sharing your experience.

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    Amy Beriault says...

    I work for an alarm monitoring company that monitors for a couple hundred alarm companies (though not the one mentioned) and although I am sorry for your misfortune; if there is one thing I’ve learned in all my time working there; its that the average person has NO IDEA how to operate their alarm system.
    I get calls ALL night long (i work nights) “Why did you send the police to me house when my burglary alarm went off and not call my house” (Unless you have different instructions; it is standard practice to call the premises first; However; if you alarm runs through you’re phone line; its most likely we will get a busy signal thus leading to a dispatch) People let trouble lights go unchecked: They figure; oh; well as long as I can arm it and disarm it; I’m sure its fine” Trouble lights mean “Service me” they mean something is wrong!!!
    People don’t realize if they change their phone number; that this will effect the alarm system and may even make it completely useless.
    You are supposed to call the monitoring station and test your alarm every 30 days. Did you? And no offence; but why didn’t YOU install smoke detectors anywhere in the house? If this was one of those; flyer in the mail offers; most of the time they only offer so many sensors in the deal. Did you get it for a special offer?
    It sounds to me; based on what I’ve learned; you’re phone line for the alarm was not working; or not pushing through signals; which in your manuel advises you could have solved just by monthly tests. As above mentioned; I deal with hundreds of alarm dealers; and I will say this; when I call them about a specific customer; even in the middle of the night and wake them out of bed; they know you by name; where you live and who is on your contact list; i dunno HOW they do it; but I have no doubt this guy remembered you.
    I don’t mean to sound cold; but you wouldn’t let just anyone perform open heart surgery on a loved one, so why would you put them at risk by putting all your stock in a system it sounds like (you don’t know what a “pass test” is?) you have no idea how to operate or maintain.

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    redder says...

    @Amy: No offense Amy but you come across as a self righteous b. It is not my job to phone you guys once a month and test my alarm, you should be making sure it is working. Is that not why you pay for monitoring/an alarm? I work in insurance and if this had happened to the alarm portion (may even still have a case with this, but would need more details) I assure you the insurance company would pay out the insured and go right after the alarm company that installed it. That is why alarm companies have special terms in their insurance that takes out the exclusion in most policies called failure to perform. Now obviously in this case we don’t know if it was a problem with the installation or not but either way I would be livid at the fact that a service was promised to me and that service turned out to be bunk. What percentage of people actually phone monthly to test their systems? 2-3% would be my guess. I know I have had at least three alarms installed on various houses by various companies and technicians and have never been told to check in monthly, it’s ludicrous. Of course she doesn’t know how to operate and maintain the system THAT’S YOUR GUYS JOB. She did not say anything about a trouble light or anything else like that, it sounds like you took this opportunity to vent about your shitty job as opposed to seeing who the real rip off artists are here. Your comparison to heart surgery is completely laughale, plus she did go to the experts who are supposed to be DSI. If the installer thought that was an inappropriate place for a fire sensor why did he put it there? Who puts a bloody sensor in a basement for fire anyways? Fires burn up therefore if you have the sensor on the second floor it’ll catch a fire right away if starts on floor two and fairly quickly if it starts on floor one as well since the fire is bound to let a ton of smoke into the second floor.

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