Dormez-Vous Return Policy and Customer Service Sucks!!!‏

By Pissedoff

Placed a cash deposit at Dormez-vous Lasalle store, and the sales director said it’s 100% refundable, so I give the money with my trust and without hesitation, but few days later I decided to refund it because friend will give me a second hand nice bed, but Dormez-vous told me they will sign me a check and send to my house, the problem is, I currently don’t have any bank account in Canada so I won’t be ablt to take this check to any bank here, then I asked them to change the name of the check to my husband’s, but they said they can’t change the name which is not the same with the order, I asked the lady how am I going to do?can I take a cash back? she said NO! then ask me to call customer service, but obviously, the representative didn’t give it a shit, customer service want me to ask my husband’s bank to change it for us, and they just don’t want to assist us on this! I was soooo angry, because they were very happy to sell products to customers, but when it comes with some problems, they just leave it! how rediculous…can’t believe such a stupid policy comes from such a reputative company! Is $100 dollars a BIG problem for Dormez-vous? then why they didn’t mention there’ll be these problems before customers pay deposits? I am waiting for the returning call from their supervisor, didn’t know what they are going to say, at least something helpful…pray pray.

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    another cashier says...

    you can just go to the bank thats on the cheque and cash it as long as you have valid ID - possibly a 5$ fee but that’s not too bad :)

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    jona says...

    I’m not sure where the return policy and customer service “sucks” in this review? Dormez-Vous policy is fairly standard practise for businesses. I understand that receiving a check from them could be an inconvenience to you but you could easily endorse the check over to you husband and then have it deposited into his account.
    If they were refusing to or delaying a refund of your money than thats would “suck” but no where in your complaint did you mention they wouldn’t refund you the money.

    I can’t speak for Dormez-Vous but I have this policy with my business for accounting and tax purposes. It provides prove that the customer actually received a refund rather than me trying to not claim sales….

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    Joe says...

    Some stores avoid giving back cash because dishonest staff have used that system to scam the company. This happened when I worked at Shoppers Drug Mart.

    A cheque is more secure because they know exactly who is getting the money.

    Any cheque-cashing place - or bank - can cash the cheque for you with valid I.D.

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    Courteneyq says...

    I completely agree with “Jona”… you need to reevaluate your idea of horrible customer service. It is not the company’s fault you do not have a Canadian bank account.. they are 100% holding up their end of the agreement and you should be happy you are getting any money back at all.

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    The Baglady says...

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. I sometimes think retail business forget about the idea of good customer service because they are to busy thinking that you want to rip them off. I don’t see any problem with them putting it under your husband’s name with you consent. Can’t you endorse the cheque to your husband in person at the bank? I have endorsed cheques to my mother while accompanying her to her bank. Maybe you can do that?

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    Brenda says...

    You could just take the cheque and sign it over to your husband to deposit. On the back of the cheque, write “Pay to the order of: (Husband’s Name)” and then sign underneath.

    I have been signing over my cheques to my husband to deposit for years now.

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    Steph says...

    I’m sorry you’ve been treated badly by this company, I’ve bought several things from them over the years with no problem. As for the cheque, I work at a bank as a teller, if you and your husband go to the bank, both of you with proper ID, they will cash the cheque for you no problem!!

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    jeff says...

    you can just sign the back of the check and cash it in your husbands account anyways idiot go back to your own country..

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