Bikini Bay Brampton Sales Lady Made an Error, and I Had to Pay‏!

By Bikin Bay Brampton

I went to Bikini Bay today at Brampton shoppers world and tried on a bikini. I didn’t like the style of the bottoms so I asked the sales girl for the same size in a different style bottom. The bikini bottom was on the size rack colour that I needed and she was the one who handed it to me. I bought it and when I was in the mall I realised that the the bikini bottom was on the wrong rack and was actually a size 10. I’m 5′10 and 130 pounds with no butt. There is no way a size 10 bottom would ever fit me. I tried returning it and the girl refused to return it even though it was her fault that I had bought the 10 in the first place. It was only a half hour after buying it and I hadn’t even left the mall. I just spent 80 dollars on a bikini that I can never wear. The sales manager was really rude and said I should have tried on the bikini. I told her I did try on the bikini, I knew what size to buy it was the sales lady that gave me the wrong suit.
Like I totally understand if they wouldnt return it if I had it for a while… but I was still in the mall and it was the sales ladies fault I bought a 10. The sales manager was also so rude she made me cry.
I’m never shopping at this place again!

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    Brooke says...

    Holy Sh!t. Seriously? I hope you are going to continue to fight this with their head office? That is ridiculous!

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    Gajendra says...

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    cheryls says...

    You cried over this? Really?? LOL!

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    random rambler says...

    i hate to say this, but it’s no one’s fault but your own that you bought the wrong size. you should have checked that it was the right one before you paid for it. i would never trust any one i didn’t know to pick out my clothes for me - especially if it’s a non-returnable item.

    that being said, they shouldn’t have been rude to you about it.

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    Ashley says...

    Unflexible no-return polices are always bad. I’m sorry for your experience.

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    Get real says...

    Call the head office number….hmmmmm they don’t seem to have one. Try this email..

    This happened to me at La Senza. Bought one of their 5 pairs of undie deals and when I got home, I checked what the girl had wrapped and there were 4 smalls and 1 large. !?! I called immediately and thank goodness they didn’t give me any trouble to exchange but it happens right? We sometimes forget to check but you should not be stuck with it if it was only 30 mins later that you realized the mistake!

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    Jaymee says...

    I feel really bad for you! I bought a tankini bathing suit from Bikini Bay aprroximately 2 weeks ago! The coustomer service at first was amazing when I was trying on bathing suits. I was extremely impressed.

    Then after 2 weeks I noticed some deffects within the bathing suit. One of the straps stitching had come out and was showing the elastic band under neith and the bathing suit is starting to pull and ball.

    I went back to the store with the tags and the receipt and the “assistant manager” informed me that there was nothing she could do but send it to the factory for fixing.

    This really upset me because I spent $100 on the bathing suit 2 weeks ago…I mean I have had bathing suits that cost me $30 from wal mart that I have had for 3 years that are in amazing condition. Also it has been 40 degrees here in Ontario. How does this woman expect that I wouldn’t need this bathing suit. I told her that I would keep the bottoms would just like to exchange the top and she would not. It is funny how there is no head office to call too really frustrating!

    I work in customer service and am not at all pleased with the outcome of this. If any of our products are defective or damaged we replace them no questions asked!

  8. What a great post - I thougt it was informational. It was completely helpful!

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    sonia says...

    my experience in the brampton store was not plesant in the begining….

  10. As an employee of Bikini Bay, I believe that in your case things could have been handled differently. I work in the Brantford location and we have run into similar situations. However, our customer service is always in our best interest. To hear we’ve lost a valued paying customer is upsetting. It all depends on the employee I suppose. Here in our store, we would have gladly exchanged your bottoms for the correct size! It’s all about making our customers happy. There are policies with our company for a reason, but sometimes the rules can always be bent in order to give the best customer service. Of course there are times we can’t always please every customer even when we try our hardest.

    As for the lady who purchased the shirt that needed some repairs, normally the only thing we can offer is to send back our product and have them fix it, no charge, even after wear. We cannot do full returns or exchange a product after it’s been worn and tags have been removed. However, if the shirt was purchased in this shape and you had not noticed and still had the tags and receipt, you could have definitely brought it back and exchanged it for another piece. We would send back the already purchased piece to our warehouse for them to fix any problems with the product. There is always solutions for each situation and it’s unfortunate when the employee and the customer do not reach an understanding.

    Even though you ladies have had bad experiences in some of our stores, don’t completely rule out Bikini Bay! We have many locations across Ontario and we do strive on giving the best customer service. Hopefully your experience will be different at another one of our locations. Perhaps next time you are in need of some swimwear you can stop in the Brantford location in the Lynden Park Mall if you’re ever in the area!

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    chell says...

    I had the same issue wtih lasenza in peterborough lansdown mall .. i bought some panties and i hadnt left the store i saw a promotion sale for a differnt kind and asked the girl to exchange and she refused to exchange although it was obvious i hadnt worn them yet as i hadnt left the store. Horrible

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