Beware of the Brick’s Furniture and “Warranty”‏

By Tudorchick

this is a copy of the email i sent off to The Brick


I write in regards to service I have received this past month. In April of 2010 my husband and I purchased a sectional from our local store in Whitecourt,Alberta. A month or so after having the couch my husband found his side sinking.The cushions on the corner or the couch where the sectional meets was going flat.We thought normal wear and tear and really didn’t want to bother with hassle of trying to get a replacement. Recently,though we noticed both armrests had broken,and my side of the couch was sinking and creaking,almost as if it was ready to break right through the seat.

We remembered we had purchased an extended warranty for 5 years. I called my local store and the manager sent deleivery men to my home to remove the couch and repair it for 3 weeks.Ok,problem solved,I thought. It came back yesterday and looks to me and my husband that nothing was done in way of repair other than the armrest wood being fixed.The cushins are still flat,the seats are still sinking and broken.We are not heavy people and we don’t let anyone jump on our couch.My impression was if we purchased this warranty we would be guaranteed atleast a fix if not a replacement. I have received none of the above.

I called the manager of the Whitecourt store and told him I was not satisfied and what could I do to remedy the situation.I got a straightforward answer that the couch is like that and he does not control what the repair depot does and I am stuck with the couch.I told him I wasn’t happy and I feel now I have to purchase two couches to get a decent one.

I was told I may get a deal in the future.This doesn’t fix my situation as I am not a rich person and this was our first official furniture purchase and we felt we would atleast have this piece for years.The couch didn’t last a year before it broke completely.

I am stuck with this piece of furniture and no piece of mind that your so called warranty covers,or should.

I am just disappointed to say the least.

Anyhow I am not sure these emails even get read but I thought I would express my unhappiness and my disappointment that the products you sell,you cannot stand behind.I will not be returning as I feel it is too much hassle for something that could have been solved alot easier.


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    Cheryl says...

    You have to keep calling, and keep on it.
    Friends of mine had the same issue, and finally they got the full value of their couch in store credit. KEEP CALLING!

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    tudorchick says...

    yes it has been resolved but the post just showed up now…

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    Joe says...

    Ahh…makes sense now.

    It’s still good that the post is here - because it wasn’t resolved easily, and because you still needed to pay on top it (for the additional warranty on the replacement couch).

    So the ‘buyer beware’ still stands. In my opinion.

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    Pete says...

    I knew it I knew it I knew it.
    I have seen alot of The Brick commercials in the last 6 months here in Alberta. My old History teacher from high school always said …”when a company is doing poorly…they advertise”. I believed him (I am 50)It has always been a fact that good products sell themselves and they don’t need advertising. LEONS is a good outfit I know. Every time I see acomercial on a business I ask myself Why are they advertising?
    Sorry you learned a hard lesson as we all have, Hope this helps.
    Thoughts for the future.

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    Kim says...

    I also had a problem but with a sofa from LazBoy. The seams on my cushions were seperating. I noticed this 13 days after the one year store warranty expired, but I too purchased an extended warranty on the fabric. Called the company and they said seam separation is not covered….only rips or stains. Imagine my surprise!! To make a long story short here is what I did..
    Called the store where I bought the product and spoke with the manager. He said it was the warranty company I should be complaining too. I said his salesman sold me a warranty which he said covered everything on a defect sofa which I want repaired or replaced and if he wasn’t willing to do that then I would load my sofa on the back of my pick up and park in front of his store with a big sign offering to show everyone my “quality” LazBoy sofa. They picked it up the next day. Lesson learned don’t buy a LazyBoy and read the fine print on warranties. The next time my cushions separate I will be dumping nail polish on the fabric and then calling for a new cover…that is covered on the warranty. Good luck and be firm!!!

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    Transcanada says...

    Same issue with me, I purchased almost $2000 worth sofa but cushion went flat after two month. I have 5 years warranty though so I called store and was told it covers only complete loss of support of cushion. They told the definition of complete loss was your back feels the frame. Are you kidding me? BRICK’S WARRANTY IS A JOKE!!!! DONT TRUST IT!!

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    Reaaz says...

    I live in Mississauga, Ontario. The couch we bought from the Brick 1 1/2 years back is looking horrible. Initially we had sagging issues and they sent their technicians for repair 2 times already. Now the sagging issue is coming again and since our warranty is over they are not willing to pay for it instead we need to. The fabric has started peeling, DO BUY FROM THE BRICK. Their products “SUCKS”. Here are pictures.

    Unfortunately i can’t post the pictures, you would have seen this disaster.

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    Tony says...

    The 5 years warranty from the brick is a SCAMMMMM, don’t fall for it. Bought the dining set, the salesman said that if there’s a stain on it, the brick will clean or replace it, not a chance. You have to hire someone to clean it then send them the receipt, now they tell me that the chairs are misuse, so no warranty. But I’m not going to let go. Will fight till the end!!

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    jenson says...

    Yes, the Brick sucks, the worst customer service ever.
    I bought a TV 40 inch on 22nd December and when I went there again(2nd Jan 2013) to upgrade to a 60 inch one (same company same specs), they said they can’t replace/upgrade the product because its out of exchange period(7 days). When I bought the product they said please don’t come on boxing week to replace or anything because they are very busy. The manager is very rude and he said buy a 60 inch TV if I want, they wont replace it. Guys please please stay away from the Brick, worst customer service ever. I never recommend to anyone.

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    nuni says...

    i bought a couch,loveseat and 55″ tv samsung, tv stand. All paid for. Guess what, (the sundridge store in calgary) gave my love seat to somebody else and their apology was - sorry! we are human. Could not replace the loveseat because it was discontinued. Period. Second time around my order never went through. Their fax machine was not working on boxing day or on Dec. 21 (promo time) as i was told. When asking for head office phone number - local stores donot have a phone number, but e-mail them. e-mail function failure??? The supervisor and the manager were very rude over the phone and specially the manager threathened to disconnect my call and he did. Any solution to this

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