Stay Away!‏

By Sally

Basically my whole story pretty much begins here

I posted a great deal from even asked around and did some research before I posted the deal I found on the Sc forum to make sure they were a legit company. Basically they were compared to a large HMV of Quebec. Anyways I personally ordered the deal they had, a PSP (Playstion Portable) for $99.99! What a great deal, it was on for $149.99 at the same time at I placed my order, they charged my card took my paypal balance and sent me an order confirmation. 24 hours later out of the blue they send me a cancellation notice stating that they didn’t have stock and wouldnt be getting any. (Which is  illegal to offer a product under Canadian law that you know you will not be able to get stock in nothing was stated limited stock etc) Anyways I was pretty upset as so many of us Sc’ers had taken advantage of the deal so I wrote to them. Guess what? I haven’t heard back, they have completely ignored any request of communication from them. Seems it’s a similar story from anyone else who has tried to contact them, even via telephone you are given the run around then transferred to a french message and most of us are english speaking. I am less then impressed with the lack of customer service and ignorance I have received from this company. I will never blog about this sham of a store again. Has anyone had any luck getting some real answers from them?


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    jaingaurav01 says...

    Same story. I have sent another email to them and I’m sure they are not going reply. I’m in Canada from last 5 years and this is worst experience of online shopping.

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    Ginger says...

    “transferred to a french message and most of us are english speaking”

    It’s a French company. It is based in Quebec, and it’s a “French language retail site.”

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    jaingaurav01 says...

    Today I received another email from archambault about order cancelation and this time they are telling that this was limited quantity deal and that why they are canceling order.

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    Sally888 says...

    They offer their site in english Ginger which means I am entitled to receive english service throughout the process as well. Thats like saying Bell Canada is enlgish so you cant expect to be dealt with in French even though they offer french.

    I received the same email, nowhere on their add or page did it say “limited quantity” they took their sweet time refunding my money as well.

    I agree, one of my worst online experiences shopping in years and I pretty much do all my shopping online.

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    mtlmom says...

    I posted an update on the original blog, if interested.

    Unfortunately for them I had kept the original email in which they say:

    ”To this date, we haven’t received the products you ordered and our suppliers are unable to confirm a specific restock date for your products, which are also out of stock at the supplier’s warehouse.”

    There were no limited quantities, they never had the product.

    I’ll keep you guys posted.

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    Sally888 says...

    I kept my emails mtlmom too so im very interested, I even told them they never said limited time anywhere on their site where i bought!

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    JAINGAURAV01 says...

    Thats gr8 news Mtlmom. I am also having the same email where they had confirmed that product is out of stock so please let me know the steps as I want to sent the similar email to ask for compensation

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    Ginger says...

    But what compensation? Aren’t they refunding you?

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