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Reitmans Canada: Comfort Fit Jeans

By Penny

I’ve always been a fan of Reitmans’ Comfort Fit Jeans. They are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever bought and, I have added their capri lengths to my wardrobe.

The one thing I haven’t been able to find are shorts that don’t bunch between the thighs in Plus sizes. I’d almost given up on finding  shorts until one day I was in Reitmans and, I was just about to walk out when a very helpful sales clerk asked me what I was looking for. I said I was looking for shorts and,  she took me over to the Plus section at the back corner of the store(but that’s another rant), and showed me the shorts she had. She explained to me that they had a lot of Plus size  clothing in a small section of the store so it can be hard to find what you are looking for. I was able to find a pair of shorts that fit and that was the first pair of shorts I’ve found in years.

Now, if they could just move the Plus size clothes from the back corner of the store!


Ups Canada: Great Experience

By Wendymac

Like many people who have home businesses, I have a mailbox for business purposes that allows me to have an address that reads “Suite XXX.” It looks more professional than a home address with an office in the garage…which is my reality. So I was upset when my UPS mailbox store put a notice in my box saying that I would have to notify everyone that my address was changing to read PMS XXX. The notice came from UPS headquarters and it blamed the Post Office and new “sorting requirement” for the change in policy

I called UPS headquarters to ask for the notification of new policy that they had received from Canada Post because I wanted to complain and to get clarification — e.g. could I put a # sign rather than PMS in front of the mailbox number? They were wretched in terms of how long it took to respond, the vagueness of their response and the fact that, ultimately, they passed my query off to the local mailbox as a “complaint” and a complaint against them. I like my local UPS store manager! She is great and eccentric and always friendly.  I resent headquarters for making tension where none exists.

Anyway, I called Canada Post and talked to a very pleasant man who knew nothing of the new sorting policy. He looked into the matter and called me back the same day to say that no one at Canada Post knew anything about demanding PMS on post office boxes. So it was entirely a decision of UPS headquarters who outright lied about the reason for that decision.

My local UPS manager was terrific. She wrote a scathing letter to headquarters, advocating for people like me who have home businesses. Yeah her!

BTW, UPS has retracted the demand for PMS on addresses. I know because she put a copy of it in my box. I like this woman.  Whew. Do you know how many people/businesses I would have had to contact to correct mailing addresses?


Avasappletree Baby Carriers

I was shopping for a new baby carrier about a month ago that I saw on a mom at my neighborhood park.  After googling the brand I found out that it was only available at one store in Ontario.  Since I don’t live nearby I checked out their website
The website was clear and well organized.  But I did notice some differences in the info between the American and Canadian sites (sizing etc.) so before placing my order I called the store and left a message.  The woman called back in under half an hour after having researched my query.  She gave me the correct info and stated that she was so sorry for the error on her website.  I then went online to order the product and I noticed that she had already corrected the mistake online.  I placed my order and it was shipped that very same day.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this store for any and all purchases.  It was a great experience