Weedman Canada … Sarritor Killed The Lawn Efficiently and Fast !!‏

By Galaftion

Yeah, WeedMan applied saritor on my beautiful freshly sodded lawn and promised that will protect it from weeds. BIG MISTAKE ! two days after, the lawn was dead despite watering it and following religiously their indications on how to maintain it !. I called their office in Ottawa and asked for immediate assistance, 2000$ and lots of work was wasted by their chemicals .. what I got was a promise that “maybe” I will get someone to come and have a look in a couple of days. I am very very upset and looking after a lawyer already … the more I read the reviews the more people I see in my situation., anyone out there that knows how these folks can be determined to pay for the damage or at least take them out of the market ?


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    Chris Lemcke says...

    This is not a Sarritor problem as Sarritor is a fungus that only kills certian Braodleaf weeds, grass is completely resistant to it so it is impossible to kill grass. This is a disease called leaf blight and about half the lawns in Ontario have been effected by it due to weather conditions that occured two weeks ago and also due to the timing of when you cut your lawn and watered it. It will especially effect newly sodded turf because it is very prone after being weakend due to cutting it and shipping it. Also other things that you can do to encourage this disease is if you cut your lawn late in the day with a dull mower blade or water it a lot during the time the disease was active you can blight out your entire lawn.
    This lawn will recover it is not dead just like a house plant that has a diseased leaf it will drop the leaf and regenerate a new one when the conditions are right. Wow this is a huge overeaction to a very common issue!
    Please look at these links for further information:




    I would suggest taking down this complaint before they decide to sue you for making statements that are completely false!

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    cheryls says...

    Are you sure you dont have a dog pissing on your lawn>

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    Sheri says...

    That would be a pretty big dog to cause that wide of damage, unless he was peeing while he ran all over the place - lol.

    If you don’t get any immediate help, make a big sign that says “This lawn by Weedman, if you want yours to look green, call someone else”. Put it in your yard with the brown grass, take a picture and email it to their head office.

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    thatgengirl says...

    The biggest hitch I see is that you stated it was freshly sodded. They will argue that there’s a possibility the sod didn’t “take” or that there was a pre-existing condition which killed the original lawn.

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    itsmewhoelse says...

    I would call the BBB in your area. That is the Better Business Bureau and make a complaint. They will fix it fast!

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    weedmannomore says...

    If you check Weedman Ottawa in BBB … a huuuuuge :) “F”.
    I’ve used their services first year … by the end of that season, grass was looking worse than at the beginning [maintained regularly] so I did not want them the following year. Second year comes around and they applied few treatments without my consent and approval?! Now they’ve sent their collection agency after me to pay up … … hmmm … I’ll get right on it…

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    T Davies says...

    Hey dummies,

    I work in the lawn care business but not for the company in question. Anyone who knows anything about grass can tell by the pictures that the problem is in fact leaf blight. This is a very common problem when people put in new sod as they tend to over water which can cause leaf blight in new sod. Next time you are in a new subdivision where some sod has been laid…take a look.

    However…this error is not what classifies some of you as dummies…which is the nicest term I could use. What earns you this title is your complete conviction that someone else is to blame for this problem while completely ignoring the possibility that the home owner is to blame. My company uses Sarritor also…I could not burn a lawn with it if I tried.

    BUT, I suppose it is easier to blame someone else. I hope you sue them because I seriously doubt they will take the time to litigate for slander. On the other hand…if you take them to court….they will pull in some non affiliated turf grass experts…using your photos and walk all over you in about 15 minutes…..and probably request damages as well. I would love to take this case to court against you.

    Since you are not my customer I can cut through the B.S and say this. You are an ignorant moron and you need to check your facts before slandering a company. I hope they sue your ass!!!

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    a dude says...

    over-watering and watering when the sun is bright is bad for the lawn

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    James B says...

    This is very common among my customers that use weed man or nutrilawn. Its caused by using fertilizer improperly. I dought its leaf blight ha ha ahahhahah a ah ahaaah aha ah, or grubs or anything but to much crappy fertilizer. Im a 10 year lawn vet, and basically most of those so called lawn fertilizer companys suc !_!. You can even see how the concreate edge has sucked the water out first and burned the grass first — look look !

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    bill says...

    leaf blight or a serious chince bug infestation which will also destroy your lawn, they start is small burn patch which kind of look like dog piss and spread easily to that picture up top

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    j says...

    sarritor is expensive. I tried using it one year for my biz but at $80 per 8KG bag (good to apply to 2000-4000 small weeds. found it too exoensive.

    your only supposed to apply to EACH WEED INDIVIDUALLY.

    That damage is something else

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    Joe says...

    Whoever is blaming that on Sarritor is a complete moron.
    I just finished a season of working for the weed man and have no reason to defend this company as it wasnt the best experience. That being said there is NO WAY IN HELL ! that sarritor did that to your lawn. It barely kills weeds and most certainly doesnt kill grass. Your lawn is so clearly diseased.
    So before you go slandering companies why dont you try researching you ignorant fuck .

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    READ THIS says...

    Weedman is the ONLY company that uses “sarator” -Sarritor; I know this for sure because I worked for them. There products are either toxic or dangerous. Employeees have to take the training for free. (Never paid, and traing is in the toxic chemical room where employee’s get headaches) This is true, check out ripoffreport.com

    As for this form, you can tell weedman has been postin coments……

    Don’t use or trust them; hang up, slam the door, whatever it takes. Please starve weedman of your money, they truely are a horible company.

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    deb f says...

    I had the same problem this summer as did a ton of my neighbours and none of us used sarritor. Once fall it, it came back just fine. AS for you “toxic chemical” headaches I suggest you see a doctor as all companies are using it, read the crap that ends up in the mailbox!

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    gray says...

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