Toys”R”Us Stupid Ticket System‏

By Mazy

This year I had my first baby and We purchased everything from Babies R Us. I was really happy with how helpful the staff was and we bought some really good stuff for our little girl. I loved going to babies r us because I knew I get the help I needed.

However the last visit i made (2011/02/12) was horrible. I left the store crying and very angry.

We made a special trip to go buy the Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat for our daughter. We went due to the promotion and because our daughter is disabled. The chair was also recommended by her doctors. She tends to arch and get stuck on her neck in her current car seat. The Alpha Elite car seat has a head rest that seems to prevent our daughter from getting stuck. The staff lady that was helping us realized this too, and agreed that the Alpha Elite would be good for her. So we put her in the car seat to see if she’d like it. While the staff lady was explaining all the great things about the car seat, a small crowd gathered to listen in. I was so excited and my daughter liked the seat and we decided to buy it that day.

While I was grabbing the last ticket I noticed another lady was interested and was sad to see the last ticket go. We got the last ticket fair and square so we happily continued to shop. When we got to the register we bought everything and waited aside for the boys to bring our car seat and high chair out so when could bring them home. However they only came up with our highchair. They then told us that they didn’t have our Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat in stock. While they were lying to us, I turned around to see the sad lady that didn’t get the last ticket to the Alpha Elite Car seat walk out happily with OUR (we had already bought it) Alpha Elite 3 n 1 car seat. The staff girl that just lied to me watched my husband and I glaring as she walked out. Guess they figured they’d better tell us what really happen. Apparently that “sadâ€� lady asked the staff lady (that explained the Car seat) for the boys to get her one from the back so she could put it in her shopping cart knowing damn well that we had the last ticket. Even the staff lady that explained the car seat to us knew it was the last ticket because she stated that she’d have to go print some more for the lady. Both ladies knew that we needed this car seat for our disabled baby girl. Due to the fact a crowd gathers we explained her disability while they watched us put her in the seat. Anyways I didn’t freak out in the store like I probably should have because I believed that we’d be helped.

After leaving the store and calming down I called the store and talked to a manager that was kind but still didn’t help. I got a rain check good for 30 days and was told that a shipment would be in this week. They’d call me and place one on hold.

So I called today because I didn’t hear back from anyone. They told me that I might have to wait 2-3 weeks for the car seat. WHAT THE HELL right. I need this car seat so I can get my daughter to all her doctor appointments. I can’t wait that long. I shouldn’t have to be waiting that long because we already bought the car seat. Not to mention we were yet again lied to because we now have to wait 3 weeks! What is the ticket system for anyways? Make the store seem pretty?. Toy r us prides themselves as being there to help families in need. Well we are a family in need that got $*** on. Can you even imagine how horrible I feel? I can’t drive to my daughter’s appointment without be scared she is hurting herself due to her car seat now. I keep thinking I should already have the Alpha Elite car seat. I think I really hate the store now. I have a really bad memory of it now.

I thought you should all know this. Our family, friends and even our DOCTORS said we should bring this to your attention. We feel we were and are being treated unfairly due to the store’s mistake.

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    Katie says...

    When the store manager can’t help, and you being treated so unfairly…I suggest calling Toys”R”Us headquarter or email them (Look under contact us or help). Explain the situation to them calmly and see if they can advice anything. Your best next choice is ask them to ship the car seat to you directly from their warehouse.

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    patring87 says...

    I would do as what Katie said but I would also try to look to another store and would not buy that car seat from babies r us, this will be my way of boycotting the store for what they did to me (I would not let them get even a penny out of my pocket). Goodluck on your car seat hunting, hope you’ll find the one you want :D

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    melsprag says...

    This brings tears to my eyes. It is unbelievable how people behave.

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    jona says...

    What a terrible situation. Its very unfortunate that this happened to you and your family. may I suggest you order it online and have it shipped directly to you. On their website they state that its in stock and ships in 1 or 2 business days.

    ToysrUs ticket system is flawed as I have had a similar experience but different experience. I went to purchase a dolls house for my daughter the first day of a sale and as there were no tickets associated with the toy in its slot, I asked one of the employees about it and was told that they were sold out and was told to check back later in the week. I went back for three days and each time no tickets. The fourth time I asked to speak to a manager and found out that they had 20 in stock and they have been there for the entire sale and hadnt sold any. Wonder why?? The manager was kind of enough to give me a $30 dollar gift card for my troubles.

    I’m not sure if you should direct your anger at Toysrus as it might have been a honest mistake by a part time employee. But the lady that pulled the fast one… Shame on her! Unfortunately there are individuals in our society that believe in a ME First” philosophy and don’t care about others.

    Hopefully you can order it online and receive it quicker.. Best of luck and I hope everything works out for you

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    Zay says...

    Please do make sure you contact their head office and don’t give up. What you experienced is absolutely unacceptable.

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    melanie says...

    I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I’m currently 6 months pregnant and have registered for our baby shower with Babies R Us. I have been quite disappointed in their service. When we set up our registry, they were severly disorganized, the staff was streched super thin and they had no catalouges, welcome packages or even a printer to print our registry. We went back to make additions as we found out we are having a girl, and it was the same thing. The poor lady who saw us waiting at the registry station actually started RUNNING, they were so understaffed. I then went over to Toys R Us to purchase some books to read to the baby, and it was the same. The girl on cash was stressed out and didn’t have any support. Its not the fault of the employees, but I feel that the Kitchener location is poorly managed - I’ve never seen anyone acting as a manager or supervisor when there. I truly questioned keeping our registry there, but with the variety of products there, it is the best choice.

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    Cheryl says...

    This is a horrible situation, and Im so sorry.
    But there are other options. You can order it online, and have them ship it to you. Or try another store (sears?). Or one up, try a speciality store, and see if there might be another suggestion your doctor didnt know about (most city centres have a car seat specialist somewhere at a speciality store).
    Have you bought a head support for the seat? Maybe that will help in the meantime.

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    Jay says...

    I think I would make a phonecall to Toys “R” Us head office, if no one is able to track you down an in stock car seat and have it either shipped to the closest location or give you the option of driving to one hopefully not to far I would march back in there and get very penny of my money back, give a phonecall to some other stores around now that you know which seat you want to buy and take your sale elsewhere, the lady who stole your seat will get her karma I promise and I know your very upset and angry right now but it will work out in the end I promise!

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    Momto2ks says...


    I am so sorry to hear of your experience. I am always amazed at the way some people behave.

    Sears sells the same car seat under the Eddie Bauer label. If it goes on sale- the prices are very similar to the Alpha Omega Elite. Hopefully you manage to get some resolution from Toys R Us.

    PS- It is an awesome choice. I have 2 for my girls.

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    RCSS Customer says...

    umm hate to sound like a b!#Th but.. why not just go to another store? you really should’ve called the other lady shopper out and if you knew you got the last ticket you should’ve ensured you got the last seat.

    our society is going to hell in a handbasket very fast - common decency doesn’t exist anymore nor does common sense.

    toys r us and babies r us are completely over priced and not worth your emotional breakdown especially when you have a precious little baby girl to look about - trust me!

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    MazyMay says...

    Thx everyone. We could go to another store its just the hassle and price. I call headquaters and I got a nice lady.She listened to my story and at first she didn’t understand my situation and kept saying its the manufactures fault and that Toy r Us couldn’t do anything.I ended breaking down because I was so frustrated. Why was no one helping? She eneded up siding with me after I explain how much this mix up has affected my family. It has made life difficult as I need someone to ride in the back seat with my daughter so that she is not hurting herself. She said she’ll see what she can do. Maybe have the seat sent to me and or have 15% off the sale price. I still don’t think we’ll ever shop there again..

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    chris says...

    I worked at Toy R Us years ago and I don’t understand how she would have been given the car seat without showing the receipt that she bought it. Those products aren’t given to customers until they have paid for them. When I worked there we had to call the department to make sure the product was in stock before we rang it through.

    The ticket system isn’t a great system. They check the ticket pouches everyday to make sure the tickets match the inventory. But people take tickets and don’t buy the products so sometimes there will be no tickets and lots of product in the back. Or people will take a ticket and leave it on a shelf and someone else will pick it up and try to use it but there won’t be any in stock because a new ticket was made to replace the ticket a customer left on the shelf. People take the tickets home with them thinking it’s like a hold and they will come back days or weeks later thinking the product will be sitting there waiting for them. That it wouldn’t have been sold to someone else because they have the ticket.

    I don’t think anyone intentionally lied to you. It seems like the other lady already had it in her cart and if it was the last one and she paid and was walking out then they didn’t have anymore in stock. What that lady did was horrible. People never cease to amaze me with their selfishness. I’m sorry that you had such a terrible experience at Toys R Us. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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    angry for you says...

    Please call HO like everyone says. And complain about the store manager. Shame on him for not rectifying something like that in his store.

    I think I would have called the customer out. Shamed her- if you will. The problem with the the selfish mentality- is that society allows it. In the spirit of politcal correctness, or not making a “scene”- we let people get away with things that they shouldn’t. I can be a bit- fierce, if you will, when I see bad customers and customer service. (I am a customer service manager for a high end home decor store- we would never allow something like that to happen without jumping through hoops to make it right.)
    I hope everything goes well for you.

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    captainfats says...

    I was not surprised to hear Melanie say she has had problems at the Kitchener store. Just wondering if the original poster (Mazy) was shopping in Kitchener as well. We have had and have heard of numerous problems at the Kitchener location. I have great success shopping online at babies r us. I won’t buy anything from the store.

    Best advice and I don’t think anyone has offered yet:

    Price Match!

    Walmart will get you one. Tell them your story. Sears will price match too.

    I’m talking about future purchases and assuming the sale flyer is expired.

    Price match and get 10% off the advertised price.

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    emmysmom says...

    I would get a refund at toys r us, and go to another store to purchase the car seat, dont back down from your complaint though, they still need to deal with the bad service you recieved

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    buscadora says...

    Sorry to hear about your experience. How disappointing and upsetting!!!! If you have still not received it yet I thought I would let you know that I just saw that the same car seat is on sale online at I have ordered from them before and it was delivered right to my door (price is with shipping included). And with them I have had nothing but good experiences.

  17. I have been lookig for a blog like this one for about 2 weeks now. It’s about time I found on. I now have it bookmarked. I’ll be back soon!

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