By Lizzy

This company scammed me by charging my credit card $100- for the $12- coffee freebie that they had weeks ago. I know that I should have not given my credit card information for a freebie. I had the charges removed immediately by Visa because others have been scammed by as well. Visa is on to their business practices.


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    Joe says...

    What freebie?

    The only $12 coffee deal I could find on was an Urbana Coffee gift card for $5.00.!Sorry,%20this%20hot%20deal%20is%20over!%20Never%20miss%20a%20deal%20again%20by%20subscribing%20to%20our%20daily%20deal%20alerts!

    I bought this myself and used it at the Bay Street location with no problems.

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    Joe says...

    Follow up: google “ scam” and see what comes up.:-(

    I’m really upset and nervous now. My charges look OK, but now I don’t trust them and thinking I should get the bank to lock the card.

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    Katie says...

    lizzy - how many coffee gc did you order? You being a referral get $5 credit for the 1st one and anything after that is regular price which is $5 dollars. I just purchase a food gc from captainsave and after googling & seeing this does make me somewhat nervous and I will let everyone knows if there’s a problem using it.

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    Doug says...

    Lots of people seem to be unhappy and have had bad experiences with this company (including personal experience) both with the deals they offer and there lack of responsiveness to try and rectify.

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    Jessy says...

    Captainsave is closed down now and stole $50 from me. Now I have to contact my credit card company and the police to go after these pieces of crap.

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