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By too busy texting

Shocking! Disrespectful and unavailable staff.

Was in to get my Estee Lauder products and when I walked into the department at 7:30 pm on a Thursday night a few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it! Every person on shift in there was sitting behind their counters on chairs “lounging” and ALL of them had their cell phones out!

When I came up to the counter the girl got off her chair and got my products and was nice enough. The other two were at the Clarins counter still chatting and looking at their cells. One was apparently a manager!!!

The department was pretty much empty and really I felt like I was bothering them just being there. Like I’d interrupted their “girl time”.

I’ve been in before and there seem to one or two who will genuinely say hello and ask if you need help but then there are these others that seem more interested in sharing pictures on their phones or texting RIGHT in front of Customers!!!!

No one else in the store had phones out - I know because I walked around looking for anyone with cell phones out.

If the manager does it I suppose it’s okay?

I won’t shop there anymore…the Bay will get my business before I step foot into another Sears cosmetic department. At least the girls there aren’t sitting on their rears on their cell phones!

I really did feel like I was an uninvited guest at a party. Not good at all and I doubt that I am the only customer who’s had this experience.


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    dawn says...

    OMG are you kidding this goes on in every store every work place but to think they are not doing this at the bay get real.

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    Stahr says...

    It does not matter what store this is going on in, it is still wrong. I don’t care who it is or what the reason is. I have run into this situation many times and I find it to be rude.

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    Cell says...

    You have too much time in your hands to walked around looking for anyone with cell phones out.

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    Theresa says...

    Gee Dawn, if everyone is doing it then clearly it is okay.

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    dawn says...

    Right or wrong it is the world we live in .

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    jones03 says...

    I have to agree with Dawn on this one. Cell phones are so common now, it would be difficult to enforce something like this.

    The law requiring people to stop texting while driving hasn’t really had a big impact either, even though it’s clearly not very safe.
    So a bunch of girls in a near empty department..well, it’s a no brainier they’re going to pull out their phones.
    Unfortunate? Yes. But it’s the world we live in.

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    Muttgirl's Mum says...

    Sears in Edmonton?

    Lancome has the bossiest sales lady ever. Last GWP, she tossed the gift in the bag after deciding what colours I got. Unfortunately, none of them work for a blue eyed blonde.

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    sally says...

    This is so true, my friend had the exact same experience.

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    iusuallyhatesears says...

    To be honest I usually hate going into sears. I only went for the gwp they had with the Lancome line. The lady behind the counter Helen was super nice and gave me a coupon to use for $10 off my purchase that day. I bought the new visionnaire serum and since i spent over 100 was supposed to get the body lotion for free too. They were out of stock though. She promised to call if some came in. Well she called yesterday and said that none were coming in but had spoken to her manager and there will be a $20 gift card waiting for me. I was speechless. Usually my experiences there end very badly. And I mean VERY BAD. So must say i’m really happy this time!

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    What do you expect says...

    If you want superior customer service go someplace that pays a living wage. If you can’t find one, open a store that does. If I was paid me 10 dollars an hour or less you bet I would bothered by you interrupting my limited downtown on the job. 10 bucks an hour isn’t a living wage in my city so unless I was a teenager living at home or an old person on a pension I wouldn’t be working there less I had no other options. I feel bad for the people working in the service industry earning less than 15 bucks an hour. I have no idea how they live off it.

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    Marie says...

    I understand the staff earns low wages, but I would think a job at Sears is better than no job at all. If rude staff drives Sears’ customers away, what does the staff think they will do when Sears closes? It could happen.

    I wonder if Sears and the Bay will be around in 10 years.

    P.S. I still miss Eaton’s (especially the downtown Winnipeg store).

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    Una Heger says...

    Prange WayJanuary 25th, 2008 at 2:26 pm

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    Pinch says...

    I am a master cosmetician. I love it when the others act out. It makes me look like a nice guy, and I get your sales. I never report this acting out, because that’s not my job. Instead I do MY job, and my sales are consistently very high.

    I love it when people threaten to take their business elsewhere and then post anonymous rants. Could have reported it,but no……..and that’s great, because my co-workers will keep on acting out and I will keep on being a professional and banking $300 more than they do per month.

    So please, keep on doing nothing! It’s money in my pocket.

    Oh yeah - I text on my break.

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