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By Customer

Be careful at Save-On-Foods.  They often make mistakes in pricing.  I bought fish recently that had a price for 2.29/each, but when I went to pay the price was higher.  This has happened more than once.  Their excuse was “Oh, the computer was programmed to read …”  How on Earth would a customer know what the computer was programmed to do?  The customer can only read the prices that are attached to the items!!!!
No apologies for their mistake whatsoever.
I truly wonder now if stores do this on purpose hoping that customers won’t notice that they were charged a higher price than what was advertised.

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    coolguy says...

    Where i live if they make a mistake on the price - you get it for that price or free.
    wal-mart and super store have a scanning code - if the price is wrong you get the product free and your money back(if you buy ten cans of the same iten - you get the first item free not all of the.
    contact the head office and complain about unfair business actions/
    there was a 20/20 show that showed that wal mart ripped people off by doing the same thing.

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    CrzyMom20022003 says...

    Like coolguy said…. if the store sticker price says one amount and the cashregister comes up higher, they should honor the lower price. I have had that problem at a few other stores including Save On Foods, and they had no problem honoring the lower price. If they don’t you ask for the store manager, if the manager refuses to honor it, then contact the head office and and file a complaint. Head office will come down on the store manager and let them know what they are doing is wrong. It is better to give the customer the product for free then to lose a customer who like yourself will tell others about their bad experience! Head Office likes to hear the good and the bad!

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    Ryan says...

    If the item scans wrong, you get $10 off (or if it’s less than $10, it’s FREE). If you buy more than 1 of the same item, you only get the first free/$10 off, and the subsequent items are at the lower price.

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