Mobilicity Phone - No Reception in Richmond Hill, ON‏

By Jam

I had purchased an unlimited data, text and phone plan from Mobilicity. The phone does not have reception in Richmond Hill. I talked to the rep at First Markham Place that I purchased the phone and plan. She was apathetic after the sale.

Beware, do not buy the Mobilicity plan if you live in Richmond Hill.

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    Aggie says...

    So what happened did you get your money back? Couldn’t you return it after 90 days though?

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    K says...

    I live in richmond hill. My friend just got her first phone. I asked her where she got it and she said mobilicity. i asked her why and she said it was cause its 12.50 a month. unlimited talk, text, evenings etc. for a year. then back to 25. which is still a really good deal. I renewed my plan (therefore, my plan should be “better” than the ones on the market. ie. im supposed to have a cheaper plan for more stuff) but i still pay more than that and get… say only half. (she has unlimited so its not really half but lets say it is). she has had no problems so far (she got it in dec) and she said that there was one of those telephone thingys near her house so it was fine. i was ubber upset at first. like. what a great deal! and then it hit me. were going to university next year and what if there is no reception where im at? plus they are 2 year plans so ill be say… up north or east with no reception!

    moral: dont go for the cheapest. go for the reliable (and the cheaper ;P)

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    Nel says...

    wow thankd for letting us know. i was goona go for that deal too but was worried about the limitations of the area of where they service.

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    Rocky says...

    A quick trip to the Mobilicity web site and checked out their coverage map would have saved you guys alot of hassle. It pays to do your homework before you buy! I recently went with WIND MOBILE on a unlimited ‘everything’ plan for $40 and couldn’t be happier, and more importantly no more long distance! (only if I’m out of their coverage area which is very rarely).

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    Diana says...

    Check the coverage map it isn’t hard to figure out.

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