McDonalds Monopoly Prize‏

By SPTravis

During the Monopoly McDonald’s Instant prize and collect to win just before christmas I pulled my tab and I won an instant prize from SNAPFISH. It was a prize pack of 10 free snap shot package from SNAPFISH, worth $30 value. Not a huge prize but I thought wow I actually won something. I went on McDonald’s to claim my prize which linked me to SNAPFISH I filled out my information and my code and they said it would take 8 to 10 weeks to recieve my prize pack. The monopoly game finished October 31st. I still didn’t get my prize. I called McDonald’s and they said someone would get back to me which they didn’t, as well I sent them an e-mail.
I don’t understand, a world wide company like McDonald’s, and they wont return my call’s or e-mails for a prize that I won. 
WOW!!!! Thanks McDonald’s

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    Slayer says...

    But you went to the Snapfish site to enter the code and it reflected on your account there as a credit, right? That’s what happened with me when I entered my free prints code there.

    So what did Snapfish say when you contacted them?

    The issue is now with Snapfish, not McDonald’s, IMO.

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    Eric says...

    Normally there is a code you get in an email (usually right after you fill out the info from winning) that you enter on the Snapfish site. I won 20 prints and it applied as a credit.

    The previous year, I won a Monopoly Streets game for the xbox from the online game. I entered the code at the EA site (paid $7 for shipping) and got the game. Later on, I received the game again but from McDonalds. So I brought it into Wal-Mart (who accepted it as a full return, and got a different game with the in store credit, lol.

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    Jenn says...

    We actually won two Snapfish prizes. First time, we filled out all the info with McDonald’s to claim the prize and then received an email with a redemption code, but never bother with that nor with the second prize. Didn’t think it was worth it.

    However, we also won a video game prize. We filled out all our info with McDonald’s again but never receive any email or anything after that. After time past, we call McDonald’s and inquire about it. All we got was they didn’t have my email address on file. A week later they called and got more info and said they will call back. They never did. So I called them again, however, this was just after the New Year. They asked me for my phone number, like they don’t have the right number or something, even though they have called before. They also said there is a timeframe to claim the prizes so it probably not going to work anymore, and if it doesn’t there’s nothing more they can do. They gave us the redemption code and website to claim our prize, but of course it was too late because our code was no longer valid. If they were to call back like they say they would, we could have plenty of time to redeem it.

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    dawn says...

    Call or write W5 get them to do a report on them .

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    Ron Simmons says...

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    Guest says...

    Same thing happened to me. Been waiting a bit longer than 10 weeks for the Snapfish prize….nothing yet. Should go to W5!

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