JYSK Whitby: First and Last Purchase Ever

By Netterbetter

Customer Service
Last weekend I went to the Whitby location after googling wardrobes and finding one on their site that looked great and was on sale. All of the sale staff was 20 or younger as far as I could tell. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention age but I think it relevant as they were huddled in small groups chatting instead of asking customers if they required assistance-which we did. That was my first impression.

Stock Availability

When I finally broke up social hour to get someone to help I learned that they were out of stock on the colour that I wanted so I had to wait to weeks or settle for the other colour. I settled. Even though it made me less happy about the experience I wasn’t prepared to wait two weeks. So off to the cashier to pay where I am told to drive around Petsmart at the east side of the building. After arriving I realized that driving around the west side of the building would have been much quicker so I am not sure why I was told to go the long way. Pick up was uneventful but I did ask if any tools were required as this was a two box build it yourself project. I was assured that none were necessary.

Build It Yourself:

2 Door Wardrobe was the item. I have to start by saying that most of my furniture is from Ikea so build it yourself is not new to me. Open the box to find a sheet of lettered stickers fall out. I guess the first step was to determine from the instructions which sticker went on which board. I skipped that step as it annoyed me. The quality of the “wood” was disappointing but not surprising given the price. The build was ridiculous. I wasn’t prepared for loose dowels which caused boards to separate. There was a small bag of glue and I assumed that was what it was for as the instructions made no mention of it’s purpose. There were screws and a tool that did not function well with them. After ten minutes of having the tool slip out of the screw repeatedly as if something was stripped I gave up. I have a tool box full of standard screwdrivers and other assorted tools and was disappointed to find that the screws included with this wardrobe were far from standard and required a trip to the hardware store to buy a new screwdriver that I have never seen or known existed. I am not sure why JYSK chooses to not use phillips, flat head or square screws but it was annoying. The build took far longer than any Ikea build as a result of the gluing (I like the ikea lock nuts) and the odd screws (I like the Ikea standard allen key). For all of the reasons listed about I will not be going back to this store to watch sales associates socialize and I will not buy furniture which is annoying while building. Ikea is the better choice when looking for  frugal furniture.

6 Responses to “JYSK Whitby: First and Last Purchase Ever”

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    Em says...

    Why is it such an issue to ask for help? Sometimes stores aren’t busy and I think it’s unreasonable to expect employees to never have conversations with each other, regardless of their age. I’m an adult, I’m a big girl, if I need help I don’t have a problem approaching an employee to ask for assistance. It’s a cheap, discount store and those kids probably work one shift a week for terrible pay and poor management…I wouldn’t expect to be treated like I were shopping in a luxury boutique.

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    JYSK Canada says...

    Hello Netterbetter. We are sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience with JYSK. We work hard at keeping the high standards our customers expect from us and make sure that the customer experience is the best it could be.

    We would like to work with you in regards to the issues you mentioned in your review. Please fill out the form at http://www.jysk.ca/contacts/ so that we can forward your information to the appropriate department that can have these issues resolved. We hope to hear from you soon.

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    Review says...

    Kudos to Jysk on the timely acknowledgement!

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    Sue says...

    Wow. I was wondering if the businesses ever read this blog. Yay JYSK. But remember (and a visit to store makes it evident) this is bargain basement merchandise. Living in a university town, they do a banner business with the students (and parents of the trustfund babies) but much of this merchandise is on the kerb at the end of the school year. (From the mouths of the students who seem to have more money to burn that we did back in the day!)

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    Jake Edwards says...

    I shopped at JYSK once (a few years ago) and it was to be my only time ever shopping there. The cashier was too busy chatting with her colleague to say anything to me, other than insist I provide photo ID because I was using my credit card.
    No other store has ever asked me for ID to use my credit card. It’s also a violation of the merchant agreement to do so.
    Bye bye JYSK…I don’t miss ya!

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    Senaida Gardenas says...

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