GreatGlasses 3 for 1‏-Horrible Experience With Contact Lens Purchase

By Sweeneym

Do not, do not, do not get fooled into this company. It may be fine if you’re only ordering glasses, but NEVER order contacts with this company.
I had ordered contacts, unsure of what I was actually getting for free, and received them 2.5 weeks later…unacceptable for a place this size. Even Wal-Mart keeps them in stock.
The trials weren’t a good fit, so I brought them back to exchange and they actually argued with me that this was the best brand “it’s our house brand”…uh-huh. I put my foot down, as they are MY eyes, and placed my order. A week and a half later got a call that it’ll be an additional 2 weeks to get them…3 weeks in total. Obviously not happy.
They told me that I could continue wearing the trials they had given me, which at this point were already a month old (2 week-wear contacts)…”it’s safe, they’re always made to be worn longer”.
After not hearing from them for another 2.5 weeks, I called in to find out what is happening. I was told my trials were in, but not the contacts yet, but they’ll be in soon.
Told them I couldn’t wait as I have now been wearing bi-weeklies for 6 weeks, they refused to give me a refund, so I picked up the trials. That was a week ago.
Since they still haven’t called I decided to once again call in, only to find out that they “filled” the order when I came to pick up the trials and now will have to “re-order” them. It could take up to another 2 weeks for me to get these contacts in.
Absolutely disgusting!
NEVER EVER get your contacts from this place.
Just horrible service.
Buying contacts from a blind man in some alley way would be better.

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    An Optician says...

    As a Licensed Optician, I just want to bring to your attention that Great Glasses as a chain is currently in court as they do not employee licensed Opticians to dispense and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses, which is against the law in Ontario. If you purchase at a Great Glasses store, whether it is contact lenses or eyeglasses, it is very unlikely that you are receiving the service of a licensed Optician - an educated & trained professional who has the health of you & your eyes in mind. The owner of Great Glasses, Bruce Bergez, has lost his last appeal in court and his outstanding fines are in excess of $58 million. They are currently looking to jail him. Mr. Bergez’s license has been under suspension by the College of Opticians of Ontario for some time. The College of Opticians of Ontario is the governing body that regulates Opticians in the province similar to how Optometrists are governed by the College of Optometrists or the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who governs medical doctors. A summary of the court case and details are here: In addition, to ensure you are being serviced by a Licensed Optician, look for the license on the wall of the office as well as a photo name badge on the Optician’s clothing, these items are required to be worn and posted at all times while working. If you are uncertain you are dealing with a licensed Optician you can look up the Optician on the website of the College of Opticians of Ontario

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