Future Shop in Richmond‏ B.C

By Richmond B.C.

We went to Future Shop. We paid for a computer to give as a gift. We wanted a family member in Ottawa to pick it up from the Ottawa Future Shop.

It was quite an ordeal for the Sales Rep. He phoned there several times, long distance, and had to go to the CS Desk at his store several times, and the whole thing seemed very frustrating to him.

At the other end, our family member had to go to the Ottawa store twice, because he didn’t have the number on the receipt.

I phoned Ottawa Future Shop 6 or 7 times long distance from BC and couldn’t get anyone to pick up the phone. I then called the number on their website, and they transferred me back to the same number.

Finally someone answered the phone at Ottawa Future Shop.

I’m writing this because, yes, I realize it is an unusual transaction to do, but we did it once for a TV, we paid for it in B.C. and it was picked up by family in a different Province. It was a gift. That transaction went smoothly, and easily.

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    Chase says...

    Couldn’t you just pay for it online at futureshop.ca, and select the Ottawa store for in-store pick-up?

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    Cheryls says...

    yep buy online. Or buy a gift card nest time geesh. They did it for you even though its not an offered service, whats to complain about?

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    Ashley says...

    I used to work for Best Buy (sister company to FutureShop), and I will tell you it is far easier to order a product online and just have it shipped to your family member/friend that you are getting the gift for. Because of policies/procedures in place, it is difficult to arrange in store to pay for a customer to pay for something and have someone else pick it up in a different province.

    Also, in regards to what Chase said, when you place an order for in-store pickup, you don’t pay for the product online. It is simply held for you until you pick it up in-store. So that option wouldn’t work for you in the future.

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    Chase says...

    @Ashley: Really? I’m sure I’ve paid for items before online and just had to show the printout to pick them up… maybe it was The Source. But I agree, there’s no point going into the store to buy something if you’re not going to bring it home with you.

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    Chase says...

    Or I guess if shipping isn’t an option, you could always send a gift card.

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    lekate says...

    Ugh, don’t bother calling the Ottawa Best Buys…They Never Pick Up!!!! UUUGH

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    Dave says...

    Hi Kate, I don’t think this is the place to ask for money…. I hope you get paid though!

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