East Side Mario’s Cornwall ON‏

By Taurus

Last week my husband brought home a salad for me after having lunch with buddy and it was nasty. All the lettuce was brown-I threw the whole thing in the garbage. I was shocked that whoever made it didn’t notice how obviously bad the lettuce was. I decided to send a letter to HO on their website and I received a phone call from the local manager the very next day! She apologized and explained they were having a problem with a supplier and promised to send me some coupons. I haven’t received them yet but I this is the first time I complained to a restaurant & actually got a response.

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    wino2011 says...

    Good on you for submitting a complaint! I’m curious to know what kind of coupons you’ll be receiving…

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    honker says...

    Hey Taurus, glad that they responded to you. We usually have excellent food and service, but we go to the one in Bells Corners ON.

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