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by those were the day my friend

I’ve only just become aware of this site, and after reading all these statements, I think it is pretty fair to say, that gone are the day when “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.  It SEEMS as if people just don’t practice good customer service anymore…ie; a friendly smile, a how are you today?, concern when you are presenting a problem…. especially with alot of the younger kids (and I’m not even 40 yet). Seems kids today are too self involved…they take your coffee order and still continue to chat to their co worker….no focus on the customer. I guess people forget that without customers, stores would go under and they would be out of a job.

I’ve started saying “you’re welcome” when cashiers don’t say thank you.

But when you DO have that person that IS kind and welcoming, make sure to acknowledge them.

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    Donna says...

    Hey those were the day–right on. And when you do run into that special person, leave a good tip!! And tell their boss if you can.

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    Ruby Adams says...

    I totally agree Donna.Has it seems there are no nice cashiers-waitresses etc left someone will do something to almost bring you to tears they are so nice.Everyone feels the stress on the economy these days but when you let that little light shine magical things happen and it renews your faith in human kind. Remember the person you are serving could be the one to change your life in many ways.I always leave a tip even if you have not provided the extra special service because this hard working person may be having a hard time. This will help them remember great service pays off.SPREAD IT AROUND.

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    Consumer32 says...

    I totally agree! It is so frustrating, especially in this economy, where people everywhere are looking for jobs and then you have these employees who don’t even do their jobs properly! I know that some jobs are difficult and take a toll, but it’s still your job, do it right! If you don’t like it, quit. I find it very frustrating as a paying customer to go into an establishment and not be treated properly. All I’m asking for is your attention while you are serving me….if you’re a cashier, that is about 3 minutes of your time MAX. Would it really kill you to say hello and then thank you and have a nice day!

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    Janine says...

    Ruby…I work in the customer service world and I totally suggest NOT wasting your money on people who are not giving you fantastic service in the form of a tip! Most times they are not having a bad day and nearly 100 percent of the time they DO NOT appreciate your kindness and for the most part have developed a sense of deserving..meaning that they BELIEVE they are OWED a tip. I have had friends who say that “you cant afford to eat out if you cant afford a 20% tip” and friends complain that they “only got $300″ in tips that night. Seriously I work for tips and I am ashamed that many co-workers I work with truly believe that they are entitled to a tip and its not somthing that they have to work for. I work hard for a tip and dont deserve one if I dont!

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    Ruby Adams says...

    Hi Janine Yes there is a lot of truth to what you are saying.I come from a long line of good people who think you should always do good in the world but I also do not want to be taken advantage of either and maybe it is best to treat people individually.You certainly know when people are deserving. Thanks for the dash of reality.I will take it into consideration. This is why I love this site.Take care

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    Chrissy says...

    The customer is not always right.
    When they are the outrageous rude and obnixous customers which i come into contact everyday. Yes some customers are right and the cashier is wrong but %75 of the time the customer is wrong because they arent paying enough attention. Or are completely in the wrong.
    What kills me is customers who kno their in the wrong still try and fight.
    Example. I had a customer who had purchased something that was on sale LAST WEEK and came in the next week and wanted the same sale price…. . It doesnt work that way. Just because its on sale last week doesnt mean you get the same price this week.
    This customer did not want to admit he was wrong, so he screamed and complained until the manager gave him the sale price to shut him up.

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    francine says...

    “The customer is not always right.
    When they are the outrageous rude and obnixous customers which i come into contact everyday. Yes some customers are right and the cashier is wrong but %75 of the time the customer is wrong because they arent paying enough attention. Or are completely in the wrong.”


    Just read the complaints posted RIGHT HERE!! eg customer “complaining” because they don’t know the scanning code is voluntary, customer with bizarre complaint about not being able to use a gift card offer to pay for the purchase, customer having a fit about the manager not respecting her delinquent son who told him to F—. how can these people not see THEY are the problem, let alone go to the trouble of posting their “complaints” about staff here?

    I bet its way way way more customers who are the problem then staff.

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    Lisa says...

    I can say that working in customer service in a retail store, customers can be VERY rude. They go out of their way to be rude sometimes. I try to greet and smile and be helpful with every customer I come into contact with, but there is always one or two that just ruin it for everyone. My example is that I had a woman try to return an item that was”not returnable” and then freaked at me about it, even though I showed her that it is stated right on the receipt. I was being calm and explaining that I donot have the authority to return it, and there fore called my manager. This customer went absolutely ballistic, saying that I was rude to her etc.. see this kind of complaint could get me written up or fired. Thank god the customer behind this miserable lady told my manager that I was nothing but courteous to this woman. I donot see how the customer is always right. It seems that this slogan is only fitting for those who want to steal, or go against the rules of stores, and the scanner code of practice in my opinion is a complete joke. Do you know how many people “ticket switch” items and try to get away with this sort of “theft” I think if some of these people try working customer service for even a day, they would find its not as easy as one might think.
    I do however agree that there is a certain coffee shop chain that seems to hire really rude employees, and its why I boycott it now, and go to starbucks…never once had rude staff there.

    Have a good day, and remember next time, smile at you customer service associate, it will probably earn you one back.

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    Mr. Customer says...

    Customer service has plummeted everywhere. I realize there are obnoxious customers but that no excuse in losing professionalism. At some stores they the cashiers or salespeople hate there jobs. If you hate your job quit. Don’t take out on the customers. A simple hello and thanks you for business would be appreciated.

    I think it stems from a lack training and bad screening.

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    foxeh says...

    As a person that works in the retail industry this drives me insane the lack of service in so many places. Especially with the younger generation as their boss we are constantly on their butts. We always hear the negative about the bad service unfriendly and just plain rude which I think should be addressed. My best advice is to go one further instead of just going to the manager, email the company if possible. It gets more accomplished and not only email companys with bad service email them with the great service you received. Its always great to be thanked by the customers personally but when customer service has gone the extra mile email the company to let them know of which assets they have in their certain stores/restaurants etc. Also sometimes certain companies will give you a special thank you for your feedback.;)

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    crystal says...

    I do have agree with Chrissy, and not the original post. I have worked in customer service for the past 6 years. I have worked for the same company in many parts of my city. I have seen or been the victim of threats, theft, harassment, discrimination, and even physical violence. Customers are completely ignorant. I have bit my tongue for long enough and I know have the authority and courage to stand up for not only myself but my employees. Just two weeks ago we were understaffed and in the middle of a rush period when a boy (although in his mid 20’s, the term “man” definitely does not apply here) was cursing, swearing, and harassing my employees because he could not place his order properly when asked and had to change it last minute. I immediately said “excuse me” and the man continued to swear in front of plenty other customers, including children, and ask if my staff was f— stupid, and whatnot. I gave the man his money back and said his attitude was not welcome in this business. He than preceeded to throw another customers product at me and one of my employees. But, according to this “customer is always right” jargon, I should have allowed the man to disrespect my customers, employees, business, and myself? I do not think so!

    Things have changed. The customer is NOT always right. A compromise between customer and cashier is ideal. I don’t expect tips, and I am not an idiot. Many times on this site I have come across extremely hurtful things. I recommend stating your opinion politely if it differs from the cashiers, listen to their explanation and if it is not resolved to your liking at that point leave and take your business elsewhere (which is really the worst you could do to a business in reality) or finish the transaction and contact management when you get home. COOLER HEADS PREVAIL!

    *Cashiers are people too. We all have bad days, but we must not all have to ruin everyone elses day with our bad attitudes. A smile is contagious, as much as a poor attitude*

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    Dave says...

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Scanning Code of Practice is only considered voluntary because the stores who partake in it were afraid that the government was going to bring in a law to protect consumers, so they decided to implement the code to avoid that.
    Have your wish and take away this “voluntary” code and the government will force you to get your scanners correctly scanning items or else face larger penalties than a free item to the customer.
    Your choice.

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    Irene says...

    I am not psychic!

    I work in a small jewelery boutique. When a customer entered my store this morning, I greeted him with a “hello”, and he flipped out at me and said “if I needed help i would’ve asked!” However, I didn’t ask him if he needed help, i said ‘Hello’. I bit my tongue and let him be.

    Later in the day, I was on the computer working on schedules (work related hear me, I am the manager and have many important duties in a day) and a customer enters my store. I smiled at him, he even smiled back. A few minutes later he shouts at me “how do i get some f*ckin help around here?! Why don’t you get off facebook and do your job!”

    really?! Customer’s also need to have a voice and let the employee know what they want before freaking out, we can’t read minds!

    I am an professional and friendly salesperson, and do not deserve to be treated this way.

    I agree that everyone in the world should have to work in customer service at some point in their life before they have the right to discriminate the customer service industry as a whole.

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    Diddy says...

    People need to wake up and lie in the beds they’ve made. The reason stores hire young untrained idiots is customers have chosen PRICE over service 99% of customers are guilty of it, to put it in perspective companies like say London Drugs who were originally known for good service look at the years profits against big box stores like Wal Mart Future Shop etc. and guess what big box stores make WAY more money and have WAY more customers. They then look at why customers shop there and guess why PRICE, therefore one can assume that price is more important to the customer than service as stores like Wal Mart and Future Shop are not typically highly regarded for their service. I am not saying everyone here is guilty of this, probably not but the MAJORITY is. Another example I could give you is this, when given the option where do you shop at? the store with the better prices? or the better service?(there are a few that still exist)most people will go to the cheaper store to save a measly 20 cents off a can of mushrooms, again I don’t agree with bad service I just understand why there is so much of it…

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