Chako Restaurant….Great food and a lot of fun‏

By Jane

Last year my husband and I took both our mother to Chako Korean BBQ Restaurant for mother’s day dinner. We enjoyed it very much. The restaurant offers all you can eat BBQ or you can just order off the menu. The restaurant is huge and well designed; it can accommodate over 200 guests.

We love Korean BBQ. We used to go to a small Korean restaurant, and it would cost at least $30 per person without any alcohol drinks. We found out Chako Restaurant is all you can eat type of setting, and only cost $16 per person for dinner, and even less for lunch, we have to go there. For people who never try Korean BBQ, it’s a really fun way to dine. There are individual grills at every table; the guest would take part in do-it-yourself grilling. Remember it’s all you can eat; you’ll just keep re-ordering the meat, seafood or vegetables of your choice. It also comes with appetizers, rice, soup and dessert.

Chako is one of the Destiny group restaurant, they have a number of restaurants featuring Asian cuisine. We’d visited many of them; the majority of them are worth re-visiting. Unfortunately, most of their restaurant located in Richmond Hill; it’s a bit far for us. I heard they opened a new Japanese buffet restaurant in Mississauga; we might go there this Mother’s day.

7 Responses to “Chako Restaurant….Great food and a lot of fun‏”

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    Ella says...

    korean grill house is all you can eat for $8.99 and dinner around $15!

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    Rita says...

    I’ve been to both Korean grill house and Chako, I prefer Chako, it’s more upscale and has better service than KGH.

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    larry says...

    you cannot ask for a better deal all that you eat for $8.99 at the korean grill house. have you looked at the daily deals from fabfind

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    Rich says...

    Chako is way better then KRH… its cleaner, the food taste better and it has a way better atmosphere then KGH. I will pay the extra money to go to Chako. Please Chako has more options ie sushi

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    Tim says...

    Anybody try Wasabi Japanese all you can eat buffet? I enjoyed going there. It’s also good food, good price and good atmosphere. From my understanding, it is the same company as Chako.

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    bob says...

    I love the smell, reminds me of my mother and socks

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