Canar Rock Products South Edmonton‏

By Sick and tired

Just before the May long weekend I had 5 yards of #1 soil mix delivered to top up my 25 year old massive perennial flower bed. It’s been about 3 weeks now and every where this dirt was spread is now a blanket of various weeds! This product is full of weed seeds and people should not purchase from Canar. I have had dirt delivered over the years from other companies and have never had a problem. The manager said this was a normal part of gardening and that I could cover all of my hundreds of perennials and use weed be gone or just start hoeing! I have been gardening for over a decade and have never seen such a mess. I asked for a refund or at least give me a bottle of weed killer. He said sorry we can’t do that. A few weeds are normal, even after a decade of weeding my yard diligently, but this is now an overwhelming mess. Thanks for nothing Canar!


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