Canadian Baby Photographers‏-NOT Picture Perfect

By Candace

I had them come and take pics in my home in November so I could have Christmas photos to give out. The photographer came took the pics which I thought would be good. 2 weeks went by I had heard nothing so I called them and booked a viewing. The sales rep never showed. I called again they apologized and booked another appt. Again they never showed! I called back several more times to see what was going on. they never answered or returned my calls. I even emailed and got nothing!!!! Now just a week ago ( Jan.28) they called me to tell me my pics where ready to veiw online. So I freaked out on the lady and told her how I felt. She said she didn’t know anything but would call back in a few days to give me the passcode to view my pics! She called back today gave me the code. I just viewed them and the pics are horrible!!!!! My daughter isn’t even looking at the camera in half of them! She looks like shes about to fall on her face and you can see half of my living room in the photos!!!! On top of it they told me I would receive one free photo and a calender and when I asked if I would get one she told me no!!! I strongly dislike this company. I don’t recommend them to anyone!! If you live in Alberta I strongly recommend Alberta baby & children’s photography! The photographer was awesome. We had him do my daughters 3 months photo’s. It was about $200 but I got 20 poses and a leather portfolio frame that held 8 poses and the pics where awesome! He did everything to make my daughter smile and was sooo great with her!! His name is Don and he owns the company, takes the photos, answers his own phone and even comes to drop off your photos!!

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    Jody says...

    Good to know - my DS was also born in Nov and I got several (what I deemed) harassing calls to get them to come & take photos. Nothing seemed to stop them from phoning, until I finally lied and told the lady on the phone that I had someone else take the pics. She was obviously disgusted and ticked off, but I haven’t heard from her in over a week, so I guess it worked.

    Thanks Candace for posting this!

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    Kelly says...

    I find it creepy how they know you’ve had a baby. Umm….does the hospital sell them this info.
    They called me several times and as a first timer, I first was surprised how they *knew and kept asking that and then told them no stranger was going to come to my home and take pictures of my baby WTH - because I’d never heard of this before.
    Glad I didn’t - I think they only called twice.
    Oh and the second time I asked them how they got my info - they said someone in my family entered my name and phone number in a contest. Yah right.
    It still bugs me that they get your name, phone number etc from somewhere????

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    Jody says...

    @ Kelly - I never thought about how they got my #, to be honest, but now I’m really glad that I didn’t let them into my house!

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    Fifi Trixibelle says...

    They’ve been using this tactic for years. They are also known to be very pricy.

    If you went to a Welcome Wagon Baby Shower, signed up for any of the stuff in the loot bag from the hospital, or put your birth announcement in the paper they WILL track you down.

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    Tasha says...

    I had them come and take pcitures here for my daughter. They said they would give me one free photo and a free calendar wither her picture. Once I saw the pictures I did not like them at all. They were terrible and I just took the one free picture they offered. Once the sales person realized I was not buying any pictures, he was very rude. Did not give me time to choose the best of the worst and just went out the door. He did say to me that he would not waste his time as I am not buying any pictures. I am so happy I was not alone. I will never let anyone into my home to take anymore pictures of my child EVER again.

    They got my info from the baby show I went to.

    Never again. They were terrible and very pricy!!!

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    ELVITA PAIS says...

    I too had a similar experience with them. They got our details from the welcome wagon shower. They promised to give us a free picture and also mentioned that we had no obligations to buy anything from them if we did not like the picutres.Since the pictures were horrible we did not buy any from them. The sales person who came to show us the pictures did not give us any free pictures.

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    Erin says...

    I actually had them come and take pics of my first child. They did a really good job but their prices were really expensive. In 2007, a 8×10 pic alone was $75. I think a 5×7 was $50. Their cheapiest package was $600. It was crazy the prices. For our second child, we took him to WalMart and had great pics done for at least the quarter of the price.

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    Trina says...

    I had a horrid experience with them. After the pics were done- I had teh viewing appointment.The guy tht came was really creepy and reminded me of a used car salesman. There was only 2 pictures that were good. I was initially offered a free 5×7.

    I asked for my free 5×7- and he said it was only good if I purchased something else. So I wanted to just order 2 5×7 of the good pictures and get the free one on top of that. So he said it would be $60. Fine, I looked at it as $60 for 3 pictures. I get my visa bill- over $100! What?

    Two calls later I finally get a lady that says a minimum order is $90- never read that anywhere.After a long argument so I said fine- give another picture. They sent me a the wrong one which resulted in a call that went no where.She said I should send them all back! Being that I used to work at a bank I was glad to inform her that they had no authority to charge my card anyway, and I didnt ask for this pic. Called Visa- got a refund. Kept the pics. Never took them out though- too much of reminder of a bad experience.

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    Renee says...

    I had my daughter’s pics done back in 2001 when she was 2 mos old and they turned out great and I didn’t have any problems with anyone. I spent about 200 bux and got the brag book (I think it has 8 proofs), an 8×10, two 5×7, and I think 8 wallets. Yes it was quite expensive, but it was worth it for me at that time. What I do like is that they come to you to take them, that was a plus for me as I do not drive. We also had her pics done at Sears and Walmart when she was 2 wks old and they turned out almost as nice.
    I didn’t have my second childs pics done with them (born in 2007) as their prices have gone way up, so we took him to walmart when he was 2 weeks and they were beautiful as well.

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    Orchidgirl says...

    The same thing happen with us and our DD, The photographer was really nice but the person who cam to deliver the photos was horrible and unprofessional. He was totally rude and sat at our kitchen table and we didn’t know what to do. We didn’t like to pics, but they pry on your feelings as new parents. So we got them anyway. No smile no thank you nothing. horrible horrible, they called back a week later and I let them have it..never heard back.

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    dcr says...

    When I signed up for the Welcome Wagon they signed me up for this and it was ridiculous.
    The girl first of all didn’t know how to use her equipment, one of her lights was broken and by the time she set all of her stuff up - my baby was miserable & screaming. It was free, but I never got anything - no pictures or anything taken because after calling me 2378294712984 million times I didn’t want anyone to come to take pictures anymore.

    I took my daughter to sears, and since then I get e-mail updates for free *NO SITTING FEE* take portraits, for spring, Easter and things like that.

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    vixenginger says...

    My experience with Canadian Baby was GREAT! The salesman just left a few minutes ago. I’d read horror stories online before they got here and was expecting the worst. YES, it is expensive. Um, it’s their profession. Of course you pay for quality. They come to your house, both times. They bring everything with them. You should have to pay for convenience. And taking into consideration what other photographers charge, they are quite reasonable. I spent %500 and got the digital copies, plus a bunch of prints. They reworked the package for me so that I could get rid of the things I didn’t want and exchange it for things I did want. My photographer and salesman were very nice, not threatening, no pressure. I would definitely use them again. AND the quality of pictures is not even close to comparable to Sears or Wal-Mart.

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    grace says...

    I don`t know how they got my number,honestly. It was a mistake I let them in and took pictures of my daughter. Yes, they are really pricy and the the salesman who came was`t friendly. Letting them in is just letting yoursef hold up. The montage which I thought was a good pick for the pictures was $300.oo in price plus almost $50.00 shipping and handling!

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    ianb1 says...

    why is no one asking where they get the your numbers from? Ask the local hospital, this is an invasion of privacy.They pay people for these numbers, it is very illegal.

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    nursery design says...

    While we are dealing with items in the vicinity of Canadian Baby Photographers‏-NOT Picture Perfect Canada, Some of the stain resistant rugs out there are great for being easy to clean, but do you know what they add to that rug to make it stain resistant? You are probably better off getting a rug that may stain and will have to be replaced eventually, but that will be nice to your baby’s sensitive skin.

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    Zelda says...

    Thanks for info and warning. I had a session booked and cancelled as baby was sleepy. They are trying to rebook and the lady on phone seemed “annoyed” as there wasn’t a “good time” and she has been calling none stop.
    Does she not have kids? There is no such thing as being on time and a good time when you have kids - it’s all baby time. Will stay away from them.

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    Mad Mama says...

    Well… I wish I had read all of this 2 months ago. I let them come and take pics of my 3 mo. old over 2 months ago. 2 weeks later, they did call to book a viewing, and never showed. The called himself hours later and said he didn’t realize he was supposed to be working that day, and someone would call to rebook. Weeks later someone did finally call and left a message saying that It HAD to be the next day. I wasn’t even home to get the message and the next day wasn’t good for me. I have called and left countless messages now, and … nothing. But, should they find out about me having another baby, they can’t seem to stop calling. The only reason I let them come in the first place was to get them to stop calling, and they said I would get a free pic. WTH! I did not sign up for the welcome wagon with this baby so I have no idea how they knew I had another kid!!! Mothers BE Ware!!!!!

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    Becky says...

    Hi!! I got pictures taken of my first born in 2007 and they were awsome!! The photographer was super nice and extremely calm gentle caring and funny. What shock the day lights outta me tho was the PRICE!! I did get the brag book (only cause Grandma was visiting and paid for half) After the birth of #2 I was called everyday for a sitting. I ended up refusing due to price and they had no new props. Yeah having my boy (#1) dressed like a boxer or tarzan was cool but I didn’t want exact photos for my second. But I was signed up for Welcome Wagon. And they are the same photographers that are in the hospital here in Edmonton. Any connection there I don’t know.

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    Jay says...

    I too wonder where they get your phone number? Do they have someone working inside hospitals taking down the names and looking them up? They calld me a few weeks ago saying they wanted to come the next day, obviously not convinent for me so I declined, the lady before I would say thanks but no thanks told me they would call back when they were in my area again, the next time they call I am going to ask straight up where they get there information, does it not bother anyone to wonder where your photos go if you get them done and chose not to buy them, did any of you sign anything when they came? These people sound very unprofessional and Id hate to think that there could be pics of my daughter floating around out there, not to mention the idea of having a complete stranger come into my home (my husband works) when Im home alone doesnt sound appealing at all :S staying clear from this company

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    Julie says...

    I used them in 2005 with my 2nd child after disasterous results from a company called Babys R Us (not affiliated with Toys R Us) with my first child in 2003. I had a great experience with Can Babies and paid about $250 for several 8×10s, 5×7s, 3×5s and 16 wallets. All photos came with the typical brown frames that stand and the wallets came with envelopes. The photographer was fast and set up quickly, used traditional props new parents love (jungle theme with loincloth, fruit basket),and he took pics with the older sibling together and individually with their own clothes. The sales person made an appointment relatively quickly, was prompt and was not pushy. I knew what I wanted and got my photos in about 2/3 weeks. It was painfree.

    My first experience with Babys R Us (which I believe are no longer in business) was hideous. The photographer only had a backdrop with no props, blankets, rugs, etc. but I didn’t know what to expect since this was my first child. In addition, he smelled like cigarettes and did not wash his hands before handling my baby! When the sales person came, he was over an hour and half late (after 9pm!) because my husband worked late and the person booking the appointment insisted we must BOTH be present for the viewing.I was already extremely tired and sleep deprived, waiting for the sales agent for the 7:30 appointment. When he came, he appeared disheveled, and his papers were all over the place! He made us remove every item from the table so we could appreciate his “presentation”. All he did was spread out the proofs across the table! The prices were outrageous, however in your sleep deprived stupor, you do silly things and so being aware of this, they prey on your vulnerability especially if its your first child. I purchased one of the cheapest packages that still set me back over $300. After my purchase, the guy would not leave and kept giving us his CV history,etc. After repeated hints, yawns, eye-rolls, leaving the room, and “thanks” he still was not getting up! He finally left our home after 11 pm! We were told to expect the pictures 2-3 weeks, but after 5 weeks and no word, we were pissed! Finally, at the 8 week period, we called Mastercard and told them to reverse the charges since we have not received anything as promised for the charges 2 months ago. Mastercard reversed the charges pending their investigation and miraculously the “pics” arrived within a week. The photos were horrible and were on this thin paper that the sales person claimed was achive acid-free paper that would not fade for hundreds of years. It looked and felt like slightly texturized letterhead that photos should never be printed on. Luckily during my wait, I booked appointments for my first son at Walmart, Sears and Loblaws (I was a little overenthusiastic!) and got better photos during that time and was I ever thankful! If I waited, those memories would not have been captured since their features change so quickly.

    On a side note if you live in the surrounding GTA, there is a portrait shop called Magenta in Fairview Mall and I believe Vaughn Mills, that caters to kids and I’ve seen great pictures from friends. They have props, wardrobe, etc and lighting is very complementary to children. It is not cheap but nothing out there is cheap except Walmart and that portrait package price applies to “1st accepted pose” which we know the better ones come later and you still pay more for the other poses.

    So honestly, you have to be firm, know what you want, how much you can truly afford to pay and always have a cheaper backup plan (walmart, sears) and do not be afraid to say no if you’re not happy. Don’t let them get you when you are at your most vulnerable and not thinking straight. They are all businesses and out to make money while we just want beautiful baby photos and memories! Good luck!

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    peachy mama says...

    I had them here recently.. I’ve never had a problem with the photographers they’ve always been great and quick.. babies aren’t patient so i like that they know this.. The pictures have been wonderful ( I live outside Toronto)// They are super pricey.. Now last time i had them here i read up on them so i knew to haggle i got 12 proofs for 70$ the sales guy was almost ready to cry.. I can understand i mean $70 they have people driving here doing all this .. ok ok.. So this time around i was prepared to fork over more$$.. They did do the baby and the 18 month old together so i had 24 pictures.. they sent some manager here .. looked like a used car salesman too.. I told him i knew i could haggle the price a little.. he said well it’s good i’m here cause i can help you more then a regular rep.. Then he puts all the pictures down blah blah.. shows me the packages.. I told him i wasn’t prepared to put more then $200 down on these pictures taxes in.. He tells me he is on salary doesn’t care if i buy them and that these are the prices.. he doesn’t care if he returns them , they are destroyed never to be seen again.. I got 20 of the 24 proofs for $200 all in.. making me give him 4 pictures to throw away.. I really wanted a 8x 10 of one of them.. but i knew this guy wasn’t going to dance..\. I felt soo bullied this time. They are the best photos i’ve gotten for either of my babies but they aren’t worth a months mortgage payment..they are pictures!..

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    Ramona Babar says...

    I have had my childrens pics taken with Canadian Baby Photographers and with other places in the past. I know that they are a bit higher on the price but the quality of the pics are so much better than other places I have taken my kids. They are very nice people in the office but I guess some of the salesmen can be rude depending on who you get. Their main office is in Ontario so I assume that they dont realize the salesmen in other territories have bad manors. I just hit 0 when calling and get a friendly staff. Dont be alarmed on how they get your info. It can be that someone purchasing a shower gift signed you up at one of the stores or welcome wagon.

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    chantell says...

    THE HOSPITAL DOES NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION!!! When you sign for your baby bag through the hospital (welcome wagon) you are signing your name on Hotlists for every advertisment you get “for free” in the bag. Thats how they get you to take the bags in the hospital. When you sign your name they give every business your personal information. It has nothing to do with the hospital or their staff. Blame WELCOME WAGON

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    Lisa says...

    The photographer came to my house on time, was very gentle and professional with my daughter. He set up and took down very quickly. The pictures were adorable and great quality.

    He came back 3 weeks later with the photos and I selected my free picture. I wanted to purchase some photos for gifts but when I saw the prices on the packages I was disgusted!

    My husband and I had agreed to spend up to $60 dollars and the cheapest packaged he showed me was over $300!
    He mentioned he had a package for $70 and I said I only have $60 budgeted to spend. He said no problem, he’d give it to me for 60! And through a miscommunication I ended up getting one more photo than I was supposed to. I still found it very expensive. I ended up with 4 5×7 photos for $60 when I was only supposed to get 3 for $70!

    I think your experience is going to be dependant upon who your photographer is, and how your baby’s temperment is that day. I would suggest to shop around for better prices though if you really want your baby’s photo taken. DON’T LET THEM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. You can say no.

    I know all these phone calls from people are overwhelming when you are a new mom; they certainly were for me. I would suggest talking about it with your significant other and not saying yes right away. It’s your right to be able to call them back and if they say they HAVE to do things a certain way, get out!

    Happy baby times, everyone

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    1st Time Mom says...

    This photo company called me. They knew I just had a baby and congratulated me. I asked the lady how this company new I just had a baby, and she stated that someone bought me a photo session for my baby. She had such a convincing story about someone purchasing the photo session that I felt guilty wasting someone’s money. I gave in and accepted a photo session. Then I started to wonder who would have purchased this for me. I asked my husband, and he couldn’t think of anyone who would do so. Then I began researching this company and came up with numerous complaints against them. I immediately called them to cancel. I warned the lady I spoke with that no photographers better show up at my door.

    Waiting to see if anyone shows up or if these idiots call again…

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    Jason says...

    We had a similar experience and ended up buying a package from them for $299. With the Shipping and Handling and Taxes it came to around $380. The next day we had instant buyers remorse as it seemed like a lot of money for photos that as you said looked very similar. We called them up and asked if we could cancel our order and get a refund. They told us we had to official submit an email. We did so. They replied telling us they could cancel the order but they would still charge us $199. Ridiculous company. I highly recommend anyone thinking of dealing with these people not to.

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    Missy says...

    This Company make everything sound so good and when the pictured arrive. the sales rep came by and showed the pictures and i could not decide and he told me that why cant i decide now and i said it financial reason. I felt he was so annoyed with me that I didn’t buy any package that he practically said to me that i am only interested in the free sample. I told my younger son to take 1 of the pic and he packed the rest and walked out of my apartment. hmmm
    I am still wondering why he is so mad. I will never ever get with this company again. Still wondering how they got my information in the first place.

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    Missy says...

    I am so hurt that i didnt research this company before taking the picture and allowing them to come into my home. The good thing is that hubby was around and i didnt feel obligated to purchase. I wonder what they do with the remaing pictures they took because the sales rep told me they dont keep any picture. They need to stop this stupid thing they are doing another way to get ppl money. I will be warning everyone i know about them

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