Awful Service at Dormez-Vous!‏

By Tanya

I bought 4 mattresses at Dormez-Vous, 3 of which were defective and it took 5 months… (of which my husband and I were sleeping in a kind of hole in the mattress, feeling the springs) to just open a file to exchange them and send them pictures of the mattresses,only to have customer service tell me that all my pictures in my file were taken for nothing because they could’nt understand what the pictures were of (I took exactly what photos they told me to!) how stupid. So they said now I’d have to wait another 2 months to have an inspector come to see them. Another month sleeping on those mattresses! My husband and I both developed back pain and started going to a massage therapist- when I asked the customer service manager to compensate us for the lengthy return time by giving us a better mattresses name than the ones that we currently had, they refused. then we went to dormez vous after the inspector reported that all 3 of our mattresses were defective and we payed those bastards more money to upgrade our mattresses considering we didn’t want a repeat situation with our mattresses happening all over again and besides, we now needed good mattresses for back pain!! when the delivery guy came with our new mattresses that we already paid for- the delivery man said he couldn’t take our mattresses and give us our new one now because he saw a mark on our mattresses (my husband and I couldn’t even see what he saw!and besides we got our mattresses professionally cleaned for 200$ each before they came!) I never write reviews but if you are reading this…NEVER BUY FROM DORMEZ VOUS OR THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND IF YOU NEED ANYTHING AFTER THAT, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WARRANTY- THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO MAKE SURE THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING THEY OWE YOU!!!

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    Amanda says...

    I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m on hold with customer service - go figure.
    My fiance and I have been sleeping on a defective mattress since June (5 months as well). We have both been to massage therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Us too, we sleep in a hole. For the 5 months we have been in touch with Rena Lee, Susan (I think I’ve named dropped enough) and they were all useless. We had an inspector come after the 5 months and immediately saw how defected it was and immediately signed our approval. We then got the cleaner that was included in our insurance and removed all the stains. Today our delivery came (ohh I was excited - took the day off work and everything to be there!) until he said there’s a small stain and he can not take it. He advised us to call customer service and figure out from there. Once we called customer service, she finally called the driver back to tell him to pick it up since we did everything we were told to, and of course the driver did not answer. So now we wait again. Don’t buy from dormez vous. They’re also short staffed so there’s 1 technician for all of Quebec and takes forever to make an appointment. In result, I cried a few times. Those asses.

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    Claudio says...

    I am having almost the same problem. I paid in cash 1.677.69 for a kingsdown s/p landmark matt + kings down springbox + a leather headboard + delivery. It came in time. However, the guys from delivery said that I didn’t have the metal legs needed to attach the leather headboard. In the moment that I was buying the mattress with M. Mathieu Opdekamp, at Dormez-vous 550 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, I was informed these legs were compulsory. The delivery man said he worked 4 years to the store and NEVER HEARD IT. There is no way to set the headboard without the metal frame. Anyway, I was really disappointing and didn’t accept de headboard as the delivery man advised me to do. I went to store and get part of my money back and a check of 402.40 was sent my mail to me. After ONE WEEK, the mattress had a hole in the part where I was sleeping (it is a full bed size). I started to have problems on my back and I HAD TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR TO GET TO SLEEP. I complained immediately as the hole was evident and the back pains I developed was increasing with number of the nights I used the mattress. M. Mathieu Opdekamp said to me that A LARGE NUMBER OF MATTRESS ARE DEFECTIVE. He changed my kingsdown mattress to a Searly posturedeutic. Two guys came and looked for a stain. They couldn’t find it and changed to new one CHEAPER than the Kingsdown I bought first. In the first week of sleeping, it was alright and firm. Three weeks of using the mattress and it is puff and took soft. My body gets inside it and feel like folded… I start to have back pains again. I can’t sleep more than 5 hours in the same mattress. I went today to the store and said I wanna my money back. I don’t wanna any option they shall have because I understand they do have a BAD QUALITY STUFF. M. Mathieu Opdekamp said he cannot cancel a order already delivered and he gave me the costumers service to be called. I called and none answer me. I had to leave a message and I am waiting for them to get in contact with me. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING AT DORMEZ-VOUS AND PAY THE WHOLE AMOUNT RIGHT AWAY. I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR QUEBEC COSTUMERS SERVICE TO GET MY RIGHTS GRANTED. I FEEL ILUDED. I PAID 1.258.55CND CASH TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR, TO LOOSE MY HEALTH AND TO KILL MY PRECIOUS LIFE TIME GOING BACK AND FORTH TO STORE WITH A BACK PAIN. It is very frustrating.

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    Daniel says...

    To make a story short… We got our matress and within minutes we realised it was wrong (felt like sleeping on the floor). Vendor Martin Lemire (Dormez-vous Dix30 in Brossard QC), told us we HAD to wait 30 days before exchanging the matress and he could not do anything. We waited, than find out we did not have to wait. The matress was found deffective, we changed it (2 months of bad sleep) and the new one also has a problem. We have enough of this, and want a refund to go as far as we can from this store. But instead, they offered a cheaper matress at a lower value, for the same price, yeah! Or get a more expensive one and pay the extra. What is that! You make mistake, provide false information, be rude and the customer will pay! well if that is dormez-vous, people need to know.

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