Avoid Figment Cablesystems-Alberta/BC‏

By Internet

Avoid this Company.Sub-standard Internet service-fast dial-up is actually more reliable. As for Customer Service-check out Rip-off Reports; I agree with the analysis by another Consumer- well worded. I was disgusted by the loud mouth, argumentative receptionist when trying to resolve a problem.Don’t bother trying to call-never answer their phones and don’t return messages.I guess the Customer issues are piled up too high.AVOID!

2 Responses to “Avoid Figment Cablesystems-Alberta/BC‏”

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    Carbon says...

    Not sure what you’re talking about. I’ve had nothing but great service and awesome support from Figment. Great price too when compared to the other Internet providers in our area.

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    Jack says...

    I’ve heard a bad things about Figment. Avoided using them because of experiences of a colleague regarding customer service and billing.

    I don’t mind paying more for a reliable service provided by one of the larger firms.

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