By Brokeneck

okay… You wanna know what goes on in these joints?really? I’ve worked in one of the supercenters for two years now and I have so many things that I could expose thier business practices as incredibly poor it’s not funny!!! First off is how they tout that they are all about the environment and yet if you were to place a camera by the compactor you would watch this company throw out tons and tons and tons of reusable products, electronics, food, chemicals, paper plastic metal and everything else you can imagine!!! They don’t recycle shit!!!!! Five billion hangers get chucked in there all the time as they don’t want to spend the money to separate the metal from the plastic to have them recycled!!! Batteries, stereo components, light bulbs, kids toys, food by the full on giant bin all gets tossed in!!! They refer to it as “crunchy time” at my store as everything gets thrown in because rather than mark it down and save the consumer some money they would rather write everything off and get full credit from the manufacturer!!!! All display furniture, clothes, all kinds of things that could be donated to local charities or even be sent to disaster victims but no…. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in walkways pocket….. Not the consumer like they advertise!!! Helping canadians live better?….. How about our children and childrens children…. What about the environment that walmart is leaving behindbfor them???!!!! Who will clean up the walmart dumpsites!!!?? This company NEEDS to be fully properly thoroughly and continually investigated and SHUT DOWN!!!!! This company is the absolute death blow to ANY community that allows this giant to move in and destroy it entirely!!!! This is a travesty and the govt NEEDS to be made aware of the atrocities that this company is committing on a daily basis and from EVERY SINGLE STORE IN THE CHAIN!!!!! STAND UP!!! BE HEARD!!!! TELL THE GOVTS TO DO SOMETHING ABIUT THIS INJUSTICE TO OUR PLANET!!!!!! SHUT THE MONSTER DOWN!!!!!!!


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    Dan says...

    I am surprised to hear your front seat point of view. The supercenter near my house opened just before Christmas. The whole roof is covered with solar panels. They have me very convinced that the whole operation is cutting edge enviro minded. I don’t doubt your testimony. Either this new store is enviro advanced or I am being deceived.

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    Alex says...

    Wal-Mart workers hope to show their union the door–wal-mart-workers-hope-to-show-their-union-the-door?bn=1

    “Gregor Murray, a professor of industrial relations at the Université de Montreal, called it “a predictable event in the ongoing saga.”

    “…a “plausible scenario,” Murray said, is that Wal-Mart used the “churn and burn” technique. Churn means to use the high employee turnover to seek new employees who are less favourable to unions. “As the supervisor level it’s fully within my rights to screen employees based on their orientation,” he said. “So over a period of time the first people who signed up may no longer be at the store.”

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    christine says...

    very disturbing. sounds like you should contact someone with your information, your MLA or MP perhaps.

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    linda says...

    it is happening everywhere not just Walmart….my friend got an entire bedroom set from Bombay co. out of their dumpster…all that was missing was a few screws…so before you BASH any company look around at other companies too…

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    Alex says...

    Problem is Walmart pretends to be environmentally responsible.
    The public can’t see what they put into their large internally filled garbage containers.

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    Linda says...

    Wal-Mart, Loblaws same thing different sign. They all seem to put on a great show but behind the scenes its the same stage, same story, same B.S.

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