Sears Home Store Canada - Deceitful Practice-Bad Customer Service‏

By Tanya

My husband and I went to the Sears home store in Ottawa as we are going to be purchasing a house within the next couple of months and buying things here and there. We had picked out a number of items and saw that there was a sale in the store and decided we were going to purchase 3 of the items we had on our list.

One of the items we were looking at was a cream chaise lounge. We had been in the same store a couple of months ago and were looking at getting a custom made one as the couch we wanted to purchase was red. The price (not on-sale) was $699 with the additional cost of re-upholstering it to a different colour based on what we chose. Needless to say we were very disappointed when we got into the store and the sale price on the chaise was $200 more than it previously was. Not only was that disheartening, the sales representative was one of the worst sales people I have ever dealt with.

We had already priced the chaise lounge out and we had let her know we were already in the store and the sales rep. we were dealing with showed us the swatches of other colours etc. we could have it changed to for an additional cost. We obviously knew what price it used to be and that the sale price was $200 more than the original price??. She informed us that a new style of the couch had come out in another store which brought the price up (basically the same couch in one of the other materials we could have gotten it upholstered in). She also very abruptly let us know that we could go elsewhere to try and find the same thing.

I am a small business owner and I know how the retail industry works. I did not appreciate someone talking to either myself or my husband as though we are idiots. You bought the couch in a different colour from your supplier and it brought the price up, we all know that is not true.

There was also another lounge we were looking at which was almost $250 more expensive on sale as well. Not only is this practice illegal they have not returned my phone calls or emails and it has been about 8 months.

Sears sucks and obviously does not care about their customers.

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    Andy L. says...

    Bought a refrigrator late December 2009 and have been having Humdity problems ever since. Call for service and get a waiting times of 8 in the morning to 8 at night. They say no way to narrow it down. This has happened a couple of times. At what age is Sears working ? With todays techno, that is the best they can do ? Just amazing. My frig is still not working and we are getting the run-a-round. I guess we will need to take this public. Never again will we buy similar type products from SEARS. Maybe elsewhere is worst, don’t know but SEARS has lost our trust. We bought from SEARS thinking to get some kind of service but we were miss-inform. I guess we thought SEARS was what it use to be. Bye Bye SEARS. SEARS IS NOT THE SEARS !!!!!!!!!! WILL THINK VERY HARD BEFORE BUYING FROM SEARS. I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY NOT TO BUY FROM THEM.

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    Tanys G. says...

    do not ever but at sears. bad products, terrible service. liars from beginning to end. spend hours and hours with them by person and over the phone. they come up with all kind of charges even though their products don’t work. ended up losing over $200 to return product that are not working. NEVER EVER GET NEAR THEM! YOU WILL END UP LOSING ANYWAY!

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    Robin J says...

    I feel for you and the bad deals. Fortunately there is a privately owned SEARs just outside of Ottawa in Carleton Place.
    Busy, yes… and why. City living. Country style. They pride themselves with client first initiates.
    All of your run around is unfortunate, needless and unbelievable (to an extent) I do have to agree with you tho, I would love to have a crack at Ottawa SEARs and in reorganizing their client sustainability initiatives.
    Just thought you should know tho, that it is not always the “BIG” company that gives you community service.
    You do not have to go from a brand you have trusted for years but rather find a SEARs that works … for you.

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    SCM says...

    Take the time to fight the poor service, poor quality etc. with Sears. Several years ago purchased a couch that within a year was ripping at the seams. Tried to deal with the local store, manager was a nightmare. Ended up contacting the office of the president. At the time, their mission statement indicated that “satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded”. I used this to have them return every dime I had spent on an entire living room of furniture, and had them come and pick it all up. It did take some time and effort, but at the end of the day, I was able to walk away feeling that as a consumer, I had won the battle. Most large companies count on the fact that the consumer doesn’t have enough time and will therefore, just go away quietly. As a small business owner, I would not have a business if I treated my customers with such disrespect.

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    kerry says...

    They have been very persistent phoning my elderly aunt to get her furnace cleaned every 4 months or so,at over 300 a pop.She always gives into them,and I don’t like the pushy way they do it.Noone needs they’re furnace cleaned that often

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    vbidhya says...

    I bought a range from sears and it has broken down 5 times already. I have extended warranty on it. The service technician told me not to use the stove often. I guess the stove should be just a show peice at home. The technicians are very incompetent. The customer service is horrible. They repeat the same thing again and again. They are like a machine. IT IS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. SAY NO TO SEARS. SEARS IS BAD. THEY DON’T HONOUR THEIR WARRANTY. THERE IS NO DISTRICT MANAGER TO TALK TO. DON’T GO TO SEARS. THEIR POLICIES HAVE CHANGED. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY. BEWARE OF SEARS…

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    Manon Lemaire says...

    I went to Sears @carlingwood mall yesterday to return a pair of winter boots for my baby, they did not fit, and they where never used still in box with receipt. But because I was over 30 days and that I had payed with cash they would not let me exchange them for a bigger size in the same boot. I wasn’t asking for a refund, just an exchange and they could not do it, I don’t believe in their policy about “costomer satisfaction is are main priority” and then I went to get myself a pair of boots, I went to the sales clerk to aske to get the boots I had chosen, she walked away from me and tended all her attention to an older lady, who couldn’t make up her mind on velcro or zip, well you don’t need to hold someones hand to help make a decision, in the mean time she could had just gone to the back and got me the boots and I would have been on my way. My baby was crying and I was standing beside her to get her attention and she pretended not to see me. Well I won’t buy anymore from sears. Totaly bad service…

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    Antony Joseph says...

    I purchased mattresses from Sears Canada in august 2010. I paid my bill in full in September 2010. In December 2010 the mattresses were deemed substandard and we were asked to pick alternative
    mattresses. After one night the intense off-gassing from the foam used in the manufacture of the mattress severely activated my lung complaint, COPD. We informed Sears and again were asked to pick an alternative mattress. We discussed the off-gassing problem with several Sears professional sales associates who confirmed that the greater majority of todays mattresses have this problem and were unable to recommend an alternative selection. We returned the mattresses to Sears and requested a refund of the amount paid in September for the first mattresses. Up until now
    Sears are refusing to refund the credit on my account of over $2000. I am close to 80 years old and it is unlikely I will live long enough to want to spend $2000 again at Sears. Would going to Small claims court force Sears to refund this Credit on my account. Sears Guarantee of SATISFACTION GUARANTEDD OR MONEY REFUNDED IS OBVIOUSLY NOT RECOGNISED BY THE USA OWNERS

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    Mary says...

    Sears outlet sells broken down used appliances that do not work. They are not scratch and dent stuff but returned product that their incompetent service people were unable to fix. They will sell it to you without refurbishment - so now you can go through the same thing the original customer did. If you do not buy that add on insurance they will charge you to fix an appliance that they know does not work at the time of the sale to you. If you have been victim by Sears Outlet appliances then call or write MARKETPLACE CBC so that they can get this out. Perhaps if there is enough people we can start a class action against them - punitive damages extra. We must ensure that Sears will not be allowed to victimize anyone else with these illegal practices.

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    mark blundell says...

    Just had a repair done on our kenmore dryer and the bill was about $100 dollars more than my estimate. Called sears home services here in set up a service call and asked how much they charged for labour hourly (like any other place)and she told me they charge $69.98 for the visit plus parts and thats it.that is the labour so no worries (lies). sounded like a good deal so had the tech come and do the work. my invoice then had an additional $89.00 charge (labour and 1 year warranty I didn’t ask for) my bill came to $230.69 for a 17 min call and a $20.00 part..the sears dryer is only 4 years old…When I was little the only credit card my parents had was a sears card. Craftsman tools were the best. their appliances were legendary for their toughness and longevity…no longer.They have completely lost any integrity they had left. the product is garbage the service (after they get your money) is terrible. I will never buy a sears brand again.

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    George Wuilson says...

    Had an Air Conditioner installed by Sears some years ago ! It never performed satisfactorly . Every summer season I had to call Sears Home , with whom I had a maintenance contract . A technician would arrive and change a fuse , bring the conditioner back into operation and depart , Some years this would happen on more than one occasion . (Apparently it never occured to any of these technicians to discover the reason why the fuse blew so frequently .) Finally ( my last time dealing with Sears ) I had to bring in Sears Home again . On this occasion , on the day their appointment was scheduled , I had a call letting me know that the technician was not available on that day and I could now expect him a couple of days later . ( Nice to know where you stand in the Company’s estimation as a customer ! ) On this occasion , the fuse replacement trick did not work and I was advised to contact an electrician . This I did and on investigation the fault was discovered to be a carelessly wired Marr connector ,which would obviously short intermittently and blow the fuse . The rewiring cost me $600 . Obviously I lodged a complaint with Sears over their faulty installation and inadequate nmaintenance . Never did get any satisfaction and they eventually ended up by ignoring me . At this point I had had enough of Sears and never did any further business with them . It is little wonder that this company has lost so much business and now appears to be in an advanced of decline . My reccomendation .. find another store in which to spend your hard earned money and never , ever enter in to a contract with Sears Home !

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    angelachaobella says...

    Sears say they offer a 5 yr warranty but none exist

    please read my experience and make sure this never happens to anyone else. Comment and repost!!

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    angelachaobella says...

    Sears say they offer a 5 yr warranty but none exist… Read about my $1500 paperweight..

    please read my experience and make sure this never happens to anyone else. Comment and repost!!

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    Penny Auctions says...

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    sandy says...

    I have been having issues with a Samsung fridge for several months, beginning when it was 2 years old. I have had 5 or 6 service calls. They have been giving me the run around, stalling, missing appointments, and refusing so far to admit they cannot fix it. I am waiting for them to honour the promise to replace it.
    I will NEVER EVER shop at Sears again. They have too much competition to be slacking, and clearly they deserve to go out of business. I hope they do.

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    dominic vetere says...

    This complaint is on behalf of my retired ailing parents. They spent $4000 with Sears for a new furnace(toronto canada) installed last November 29th 2011. Intermittent heat problem. Temperatures getting cold.Called in complaint October 5th 2012 they inspected Oct 9th.Said they would call when the part arrived. We called them back on the 15th.and was shuffled from one person to another and told it was backordered until at least the 29th. Offering no guarantee or solution.Spent the better part of an hour today the 17th shuffling through extensions and auto attendants trying to get some answers to no avail. My parents are old school and went to Sears on reputation. Not imperessed.

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